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The Best Baby Thermometer

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🕚 Updated October 2022

Most babies get sick a lot. That's why a reliable baby thermometer is important for all parents to have around. These trusted thermometers will help you monitor your little one's body temperature, bathwater, bottles, and more. 

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  Best Overall Best Bath Thermometer Best Medical Grade Kit Fast-Acting Best for Budget
Forehead Thermometer
Baby Bathtub Thermometer
The First Years
American Red Cross Baby Healthcare Kit
Quick-Read Digital Rectal Thermometer
Safety 1st 3-in-1
Nursery Thermometer
Our SummaryA great thermometer that offers some high-tech features but is easy to use.This toy thermometer makes bathtub time safer and more fun for you and your baby.A seven-piece baby healthcare kit to keep you prepared.A rectal thermometer with an insertion stopper for an easy 10-second read.This three-in-one thermometer is practical, accurate, and easy on the wallet.
Pros✓ Infrared technology for accurate readings
✓ For for babies and adults
✓ HD LCD changes colors according to degree of fever
✓ IPX27 waterproof
✓ LCD shows water temperature and 5-second updates
✓ Comes in fun shapes and colors
✓ Includes seven baby health essentials
✓ Comes with baby healthcare guide
✓ Zippered case included
✓ Quick 10-second reading
✓ Insertion stopper with LED light warning
✓ Flexible tip
✓ Affordable
✓ Use orally, rectally, or under the arm
✓ Over-insertion gauge and flexible tip
Cons✗ 20-30 second wait time✗ Not versatile✗ Lacks some essentials like baby sunscreen, antibiotic ointment, and bandages✗ Not everyone is comfortable using this type of thermometer✗ Takes approximately 30 seconds for thermometer to get ready
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The Best Baby Thermometer

A parent uses a digital thermometer in a baby's armpit to take their temperature.
Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Baby Thermometers

Woman's hand with an infrared thermometer measures the temperature of the water in the baby's bath.
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Why buy a baby thermometer?

Overall, you want a reliable baby thermometer to track fevers and give your baby the best care. But there are things beyond body temperature that you might want to track when caring for a baby, including bath water temperature, bottle temperature, and nursery temperature. It’s very important to have a thermometer to monitor these things at home.

What should you look for in a thermometer?

  • Intended Use: Take note of what you need in a thermometer. You may be going on a trip and are concerned you’ll need more than a thermometer. Kits can be a great solution! Perhaps you have an infant whose temperature you need to take rectally. Do you need a thermometer for the bathwater, the baby’s body, or both?
  • Functions: What do you want out of a baby thermometer? Some thermometers store as many as 50 readings, read multiple surfaces, feature HD LCD screens, and give high-fever alerts. Rectal thermometers feature over-insertion gauges and flexible tips. If you list the features you want in a thermometer, you may have an easier time deciding on a product.
  • Extras: Look for baby thermometers with a storage case. Also helpful is an included battery, so you don’t have to research the correct, tiny battery type. Beyond that, check for products with manuals. There’s not worse than having a sick baby and a new thermometer than you’re struggling to use. Some even include a safety and wellness guide; it never hurts to get more input.

Which type of baby thermometers are best?

The answer changes depending on the patient’s age. For infants, especially newborns, rectal baby thermometers will give the most accurate readings. As babies age into toddlers, digital thermometers work great used in the armpit. Modern infrared forehead thermometers still make a reliable solution, too, but are most accurate when used on older toddlers, children, and adults.

Our Picks for the Best Baby Thermometers

Best Overall

GoodBaby Forehead Thermometer

A great thermometer that offers some high-tech features but is easy to use.

Pros: The GoodBaby forehead thermometer for babies and adults has numerous desirable features for quick, no-contact temperature measurement. It uses advanced technology for highly accurate readings of body temperature and room and surface temperatures. The infrared-powered thermometer features a backlit HD LCD screen to indicate normal (green), high (orange), or very high (red) temperatures. The tool also beeps to communicate temperature range, a feature you can mute. Bonus features include memory storage for up to 35 readings, Celsius and Fahrenheit units, a battery, and a storage pouch.

Cons: It may require about 20-30 minutes for the infrared thermometer and child to acclimate to the same room temperature for an accurate reading.

Bottom Line: The GoodBaby has a lot of parents’ positive feedback behind it as a reliable and easy-to-use thermometer. It works for all ages and can be used to get a quick temperature read on bodies and objects.


Best Bath Thermometer

Famidoc Baby Bathtub Thermometer

This toy thermometer makes bath time safer and more fun for you and your baby.

Pros: This colorful toy in the tub might inspire your baby’s first smile. It makes bath time for your baby safe, too. Give it a little shake to activate the thermometer and change the bathwater temperature as needed. The toy’s LCD shows the water temperature with updates every five seconds. It will also signal COLD or HOT if the temperature reads at or below 89.6 degrees and at or above 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The Famidoc baby bathtub thermometers vary in color and shape. Choose between a blue or purple stingray, a short orange cylinder resembling a clock, and a yellow rubber duck.

Cons: It won’t work for taking body temperature, only bathwater temperature.

Bottom Line: It makes sense to combine two necessary baby items—a thermometer and a bath toy—into one. The technology behind this helpful digital thermometer makes it a winning choice for safe and comfy bath times.


Best Medical Grade Kit

The First Years American Red Cross Baby Healthcare Kit

A seven-piece baby healthcare kit to keep you prepared.

Pros: If you’ve ever had to use a first aid kit in an emergency, you probably have some appreciation for its utility. They typically come with all the items you need to treat common injuries in a compact kit. The First Years teamed up with the American Red Cross to develop this genius baby healthcare kit. It includes a nasal aspirator, a digital thermometer with a case, a medicine dropper with a cap, a medicine spoon with a cap, a hair comb, and a nail clipper together in a zippered case. The baby healthcare kit makes traveling with your young one easier, as it’s best to be prepared.

Cons: You may want to add things like antibiotic ointment, bandages, and sunscreen. 

Bottom Line: This kit performs well regarding basic baby healthcare necessities. Rather than dig around in your purse, tote, or suitcase, you’ll find all you need to monitor your baby’s temperature, administer medicine, and clip sharp nails.



FridaBaby Quick-Read Digital Rectal Thermometer

A rectal thermometer with an insertion stopper for an easy 10-second read.

Pros: While you may want to avoid using a rectal thermometer for your and your infant’s sake, it’s the approach recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). If you’re nervous about using a rectal thermometer on your infant, know you’re not alone. FridaBaby designed this quick-read tool with you and your baby in mind. It includes an insertion stopper with an LED light to prevent mishaps and a flexible tip to make the 10-second read as comfortable as possible.

Cons: Some parents feel concerned about using a rectal thermometer on their newborns. If that’s the case, consult with your pediatrician for alternatives.

Bottom Line: Have an infant? Get this FridaBaby thermometer. It’s that simple. In addition to the features we’ve mentioned, the thermometer has a large, backlit display for easy nighttime temperature checks. Also, it stores up to five readings, a detail that can come in handy if your baby is sick.


Best for Budget

Safety 1st 3-in-1 Nursery Thermometer

This three-in-one thermometer is practical, accurate, and easy on the wallet.

Pros: Here’s an affordable baby thermometer that can be used orally, rectally, or in the armpit. This three-in-one thermometer gives an accurate reading within 30 seconds and beeps when the reading is complete. Importantly, this thermometer prioritizes comfort along with accuracy. The flexible tip and over-insertion gauge assist in creating uneventful temperature-taking for both you and your baby. The included battery should last a while as the thermometer automatically shuts off.

Cons: It takes approximately 30 seconds until the thermometer can deliver an accurate reading, a short amount of time that feels like a long time to wait.

Bottom Line: What we like about the Safety 1st thermometer is its streamlined design. Safety 1st specially made the thermometer so you can use it in three ways, but its features are straightforward. 

Final Thoughts

We’ve given you our best input on our top five baby thermometers and hope you have a better idea of how to go about selecting one. The caveat: we’re not healthcare professionals. Check with your pediatrician if you have concerns about which thermometer is best for your baby, but this list can be a good start.

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