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The Best Baby Toothbrushes for Promoting Healthy Teeth

“Brush your teeth twice a day.” We all grew up hearing that phrase. For babies, it’s important to start getting them accustomed to brushing their teeth from an early age so that they learn to love it—or at the very least, tolerate it. Below are our favorite baby toothbrushes (all BPA-free) for getting an early start and teaching your little one how to have healthy teeth for life.

Purchasing Baby Toothbrushes

Here’s what you’ll want to consider:

  • Size: The smaller size of baby toothbrushes makes it easy for them to hold and ideal for fitting in the little mouths over their tiny teeth without making them gag and choke, like an adult brush might.
  • Bristles: Soft bristles are important on any baby toothbrush to make sure they don’t irritate your baby’s delicate gums.
  • Toxin-Free: Taking extra time to ensure there are no harsh chemicals in the toothbrush or handle will keep your little one healthy and give you added peace of mind.
  • Replacing: Babies and toddlers will tend to chew on their toothbrushes. At the first sign of any breaking, it is best to replace the brush before small pieces become a choking hazard. It is also more hygienic to replace toothbrushes every 3 months, as dentists suggest for all those with teeth.

Best Overall: Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush

This adorable little toothbrush is shaped like a giraffe for added fun to promote brushing and is made of durable yet soft material that is gentle on your little one’s sensitive teeth and gums while cleaning. It also offers easy-grip handles that make it easy for little hands to hold while brushing. When brushing is finished, this little toothbrush can stand up on its four little legs to ensure it is always clean and safe from touching any germy bathroom surface.

Best Overall

Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Training Toothbrush, Giraffe, 0-3 years

A cute giraffe design with standing legs to keep the toothbrush germ-free, this soft and durable brush cleans your baby's teeth without irritating sensitive gums.

Best First Toothbrush: FridaBaby Baby’s First Toothbrush with Case


This first toothbrush is triple-angled silicone with a double-sided brush that will not only clean but massage babies’ gums while they’re teething. This silicone brush can clean along the gumline while developing good oral hygiene for babies as they get used to brushing sensation. This specially designed brush is bacteria resistant and works with or without infant toothpaste. It is safe to clean, and the design makes sure to protect your finger if (and when) your little one decides to bite. It also comes with a convenient little case to keep the brush clean at home or during travel.

Best First Toothbrush

Frida Baby Baby's First Toothbrush with Case, 3 Months , Pack of 1

Triple-angled and designed to soothe teething babies while cleaning teeth, it also protects parent's fingers during brushing.

Best Double-Sided: GRABEASE Double Sided Toothbrush

This unique little toothbrush is designed to inspire independence. The double-sided and tapered bristles allow your child to easily reach all of their teeth. The brush offers gentle bristles for teething babies when their gums are sore and sensitive, so they can clean without irritating their mouth any further. This brush will also prevent any choking, thanks to an added anti-choke barrier. This toothbrush also comes with a finger-brush so that you can start brushing early.

Best Double-Sided

grabease Baby Toothbrush Finger Toothbrush for Toddler Toothbrush Baby Finger Toothbrush, BPA-Free & Phthalate-Free for Baby & Toddler, 1 Pack, Teal

With two sides full of soft bristles to clean those sensitive gums and new teeth without irritating, tapered bristles to reach every tooth, and an anti-choke guard, this little brush is loaded with design features.

Best Training Set: FridaBaby Grow-With-Me Training Toothbrush Set

This set comes equipped with two manual toothbrushes for your little one to learn and grow with. The Training Toothbrush for Babies has triple-angled silicone bristles that will not only clean a baby’s teeth but also massage sore gums associated with teething.  The Training Toothbrush for Toddlers also has triple-angled bristles to effectively clean and polish teeth from all sides at once.

These little brushes are designed with tiny hands in mind and have easy-grip BPA-free silicone handles. Each brush also has a toss indicator: when the bristles turn from blue to white, it is time for a fresh brush!

Best Training Set

Frida Baby Grow-with-Me Training Toothbrush Set | Infant to Toddler Toothbrush Oral Care for Sensitive Gums

With two toothbrushes to grow with your baby and their clean teeth and gums, this little set will be a great investment.

Best Multi-Pack: AllSett 6 Pack – Baby Toothbrushes

These little toothbrushes come with easy-to-grip handles and a small brush head that make it easy for babies or toddlers to grip and brush their teeth. The soft and flexible handles can also double as a relieving teether. These brushes are made without BPA or phthalates and are completely safe for all chewing and brushing associated with new teeth. The short neck and oval-shaped handle ring help prevent swallowing and choking as your little one learns to brush. Included with the set is an animal toothbrush holder that suctions to glass or mirrors to keep the toothbrush germ-free and clean.

Best Multi-Pack

AllSett Health 6 Pack - Baby Toothbrush, 0-2 Years, Soft Bristles, BPA Free | Toddler Toothbrush, Infant Toothbrush, Training Toothbrush, Includes Free Toothbrush Holder

Specially designed with an oval-shaped teether handle and a short neck to prevent choking, these toothbrushes will help your little soothe their gums and teach your toddler to brush.

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