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The Best Bachelorette Party Favors

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🕚 Updated March 2022

Celebrate your bridal squad with fun, thoughtful party favors that will add to the fun of your bachelorette party. Enjoy your big hurrah in style and celebrate responsibly with some of our favorite bachelorette party favors.

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  Best for the Pool Best Game for the Gals Best Temporary Tattoos Best Traditional Set Packs for Your Pack
Inflatable Diamond Ring Pool Floatie
Printed Party Store
Bachelorette Scratch-Off Dare Cards
xo, Fetti
Metallic Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos
Bride-to-Be Accessory Pack
xo, Fetti
Bachelorette Bride Tribe Fanny Packs
Our SummaryA must-have for a poolside bachelorette---makes for great photos.Get wild with these dare cards and keep the party going all night long.Let the whole world know who's in your bride squad with gold metallic temporary tattoos.You're the queen of the night---dress accordingly with this veil, tiara, and sash set.Keep all the essentials on hand in these metallic fanny packs.
ProsCute photo op, functional pool toy, easy to pack.Ice breaker, compact size, can screen questions in advance.Works on variety of skin tones, durable, shimmery finish.Classic bachelorette accessories, solid metal headband.Convenient, reusable, doubles as wedding day preparedness kit.
ConsCan crowd the pool, expensive for large parties.Not suitable for bachelorette nights in.Hard to remove, may irritate skin.Can't get wet or leave out in the sun or material will warp.
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The Best Bachelorette Party Favors

Girls celebrating a bachelorette party together with balloons and confetti.
Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Bachelorette Party Favors

Party attributes in the style of the bride's bachelorette party: bouquet, flower headbands, glasses, plates, veil, stickers.

Why buy bachelorette party favors? 

You and your girls have probably had plenty of nights out, but this one is special. Your bachelorette needs a little flare, and party favors are awesome mementos that can add a cheeky twist to your big night. Party favors make for fun keepsakes, and let your bridesmaid crew know you appreciate and love them and can get the party started.

What should you consider when buying bachelorette party favors?

  • Cost Per Person: Weddings are already expensive, so you probably don’t want to roll down to the jewelry store, no matter how many Real Housewives may have done it. But luckily, bachelorette gifts don’t have to cost a fortune. Set a budget and stick with it—the most important thing is having something for your squad.
  • Party Venue: This probably goes without saying, but you do not want to be lugging anything from bar to bar on your pub crawl, so keep mobility in mind. Additionally, if you’re having a pool party, it’s probably best to cancel the bridesmaid turtlenecks. No matter what you order, make sure it’s something you can use with ease during the bachelorette party.
  • Usability: As sustainability becomes a bigger part of our lives, it’s important to think through what your party people will do with their favors after the big night. Consumables, such as temporary tattoos, candies, or games for the night of, are great options but so are accessories like clutches, fanny packs, hats, and customized wine glasses.

Are there options to buy family-friendly bachelorette accessories?

Absolutely. All of the party favors in this list are appropriate for adult ages. Even your mom will have a blast with the bachelorette gifts we have collected.

Our Picks for the Best Bachelorette Party Favors

Best for the Pool

Jasonwell Inflatable Diamond Ring Pool Floatie

A must-have for a poolside bachelorette---makes for great photos.

Pros: If you’re hosting a pool party bash for your bachelorette, you cannot miss out on this buoytiful floaty. It makes for a great photo op, and oversized pool floaties are on trend in a big way. It’s also a toy that can help make a splash and get the party started. Because you don’t need to fill them until the day of the party, you can easily pack several for a bachelorette getaway.

Cons: One of the issues with the oversized pool floaty trend is that they take up a lot of room in the pool, so if you are working with a small pool, it may not work to have one for each gal at the party.

Bottom Line: We love this for a pool party extravaganza or weekend getaway to the beach. It works as a lounger for sun tanning and champagne sipping and a photo op that will let everyone know your special someone put a ring on it.


Best Game for the Gals

Printed Party Store Bachelorette Scratch-Off Dare Cards

Get wild with these dare cards and keep the party going all night long.

Pros: This game of bachelorette dares can break the ice and add a cheeky twist to the evening. These dares are also relatively tame, offer an opt-out (buy the bride a drink to get out of the dare!), and you can even preselect the cards in advance so nobody will be uncomfortable. Extra bonus? The cards are small enough to fit into most purses.

Cons: These cards are best used for a pub crawl or night at a club and probably won’t work quite well for a cozy cabin getaway, so keep your venue in mind before ordering.

Bottom Line: For lovers of the classic truth or dare game, these cards can quickly get conversation and laughs started. The cards are fun, fairly innocent, and great for a big night out.


Best Temporary Tattoos

xo, Fetti Metallic Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos

Let the whole world know who's in your bride squad with gold metallic temporary tattoos.

Pros: Looking for a bachelorette party favor that can go anywhere? Temporary tattoos are a great solution, and this metallic set from xo, Fetti, isn’t your typical vending machine variety. The gold metallic finish looks great on all skin tones and adds sass and glam to your bride squad. It offers a variety of phrases such as “Bride Tribe” and “Sip Sip Hooray” and cute shapes like champagne bottles and diamond rings.

Cons: We do not recommend trying this out on your bachelorette if it’s the last night before your wedding. Try to see if they come off easily or save for bachelorettes that happen at least a week in advance.

Bottom Line: These temporary tattoos add flash and sass to your big night out or pool party. We love them on their own or as part of a bridesmaid gift box.


Best Traditional Set

Delphinus Bride-to-Be Accessory Pack

You're the queen of the night---dress accordingly with this veil, tiara, and sash set.

Pros: This set is for the bride herself and will allow her to feel like the belle of the ball. The veil, headband, and sash are a cliche for a reason. Whether you’re having a pajama party or pulling an all-nighter in Vegas, you can’t leave this bachelorette party set off the list. We also love that the headband is made from actual metal, not plastic or paper, making it sturdier and shinier.

Cons: We’re pretty hard-pressed to find a flaw here. This set is exactly what it looks like–an affordable veil, tiara, and sash that should last beautifully through one night of bachelorette shenanigans.

Bottom Line: Even if you think this bachelorette veil, sash, and tiara set might be a little on the cheesy side, you won’t regret ordering it, we promise.


Packs for Your Pack

xo, Fetti Bachelorette Bride Tribe Fanny Packs

Keep all the essentials on hand in these metallic fanny packs.

Pros: This is a perfect, reusable gift for your crew with 1 “bride” and 7 “tribe” bags. The rose gold and white will go with any outfit and can keep your cell phone, lip gloss, and ID on-hand and accessible, no matter how wild the night gets. Bonus: these make for an excellent wedding day emergency kit. Fill them with tissues, mints, sewing kits, and essentials.

Cons: As with any vinyl product, the material does not always hold up beautifully. These bags should not be left in wet conditions, so maybe hold off on buying if you’re hosting a pool party.

Bottom Line: These are great for bridal scavenger hunts, bar crawls, and any other bachelorette frolics you may get yourself into. Keep the essentials on hand and leave the tote bags at home with ease.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re the bride or the “I Do” crew planning the event, bachelorette parties are meant to be fun, cheeky, and very silly. Party favors are the perfect addition to any event and work double-time as mementos of the big night out, so be sure not to leave them off your wedding planning list.

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