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The Best Back-to-School Binder Clips

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When you need to hold a stack of papers together securely, reach for a binder clip. They’re sturdier and hold more than typical paper clips or staples, so check out these binder clips for your school papers or work documents.

Binder clips are a more durable alternative to paper clips. They come in various sizes and have various uses. Here we’ve gathered together the best binder clips so that you don’t have to worry about losing any important papers!

Purchasing Binder Clips

When it comes to purchasing binder clips, it’s hard to make a case for being better than the other. As long as a clip is durable and sturdy, you’ll be good to go. Even still, you can consider a few things:

  • Size: If there are a lot of papers to keep together or thicker papers, then it’s best to choose a larger binder clip.
  • Variety: If you typically have a range of sized things to keep together, then a variety pack with lots of sized clips to choose from can be a great idea
  • Design: some binder clips have fun prints or even designs. It doesn’t make them any better, but it might make them more fun to use!
  • Clamp: the clamp should be durable and strong with good elasticity.
  • Handles: part of what makes binder clips to great is that the handle easily folds back to open them or to use them to hang things. A clip doesn’t need to have this, but it is convenient!

Best Overall: DSTELIN Binder Clips

six multi sized black binder clips displayed in line

Coming in a pack of 100 with multiple sizes, these clips are designed to not rust on paper and are great for use around offices, homes, schools, restaurants, or even just for crafts. They can secure a variety of paper thicknesses and are reusable with strong metal clamps and an opaque black finish for an extra-strong hold.

Best Overall

DSTELIN Binder Clips

Durable and sturdy with a tempered steel and iron design, these are great for a range of uses.

Most Fun: Coideal Medium Metal Colored Binder Clips

multi colored smiley face binder clips inside and outside jar

These uplifting binder clips are available in a range of colors and styles and feature a strong, classic spring frame. The colorful designs help make organization easier, and each features a cute smiley face with varying designs. They are made of quality steel with great elasticity to clamp firmly onto papers. The pack includes 48 clips.

Most Fun

Coideal Medium Metal Colored Binder Clips

Strong and made of quality steel, these clamp firmly onto paper, are color-coded for easier organization, and have an uplifting design.

Best Decorative: Lifeturn Cute Decorative Binder Clips

colorful printed binder clips displayed standing up in line

With a design that makes organizing paperwork fun and personal, these decorative reusable binder clips are great for both students and teachers and are made of sturdy metal. The handles easily fold, and they come with a convenient box for storing. They are great for organizing papers and wires to even for keeping food bags closed.

Best Decorative

Lifeturn Cute Decorative Binder Clips

Bring a bit of personal style to paperwork with these durable and reusable clamps.

Best Sizes: VICNOVA Binder Clips

multi sized and colored binder clips displayed on white background

Great for both the home and office, this 188-piece binder clip set offers six assorted sizes of colorful binder clips. These clips are made of anti-rust metal and have strong reusable clamps for an extra-strong and durable hold. The handles also fold for easy hanging, and the assorted sizes mean you always have the size you need with colors that help with reference and organization.

Best Sizes

VICNOVA Binder Clips

Durable and reusable, these clips come in assorted sizes and are color-coded for an easier organization with handles that fold easily.

Best Extra-Large: DSTELIN Binder Clips

four large black binder clips displayed by pens

Equipped with a 2-inch width, these clips are made of strong tempered steel that is also rust-resistant. There is a tight spring for a sturdier clamp to keep whatever you need to be fastened together. They’re great for using just about anywhere, from home to school to the office.

Best Extra Large

DSTELIN Binder Clips

Made of tempered steel that won't rust, these have a 2-inch diameter and durable clamp.

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