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The Best Back-to-School Necklaces

🕚 Updated July 2022

A necklace can be the perfect touch to an outfit for your first day back to school. Check out our top selections to show off your style with an understated, simple one, or rock the hallways with a layered look.

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  For the Trendy Teen Best Choker Set Adorable Three-Piece Set Funky Pearl Necklace Classic for Friends
Dainty Layered Initial Necklace
Layering Gold Chain Choker
Mother Daughter Necklace Set
Miss Pink
Beaded Choker Necklace
Best Friends Necklace
Our SummaryWear your initial around your neck with this classy, chain-layered necklace.With nine pieces in this necklace collection, you'll stay inspired to create new looks.You can support your daughter on her first day back to school with this sweet, comforting heart necklace.This fun beaded necklace is a versatile piece that will make you stand out from the rest of your peers.Celebrate the new school year with your best friend by gifting her the other half of the heart necklace.
ProsTwo necklaces can be worn together or separately, made of high-quality gold-plated brass, nickel- and lead-free, included jewelry box.Set of nine, simple and dainty, offered in various styles, comes with an extended chain.Made of high-quality stainless steel, come with an extender and durable lobster clasp.Trendy style, made with various beads and freshwater pearls, handmade and unique for each customer.Sentimental, made with hypoallergenic gold-plated stainless steel, outlined with rhinestones.
ConsPaperclip chain necklace may run small.May tarnish.Size of the hearts may be smaller than expected.Pearls may get damaged if they get wet.May tarnish.
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The Best Back-to-School Necklaces

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Buying Guide for Back-to-School Necklaces

A pair of hands holding up a gold necklace.
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Why buy a back-to-school necklace?

Depending on your school’s regulations and dress code for wearing jewelry, a necklace can be a great addition to your middle schooler or high schooler’s outfit and bring a sense of flair and personality. It can be a fun conversation starter between friends or, even better, a way to make new ones.

What should you consider in a back-to-school necklace?

  • Style: You could go for a simple gold pendant necklace or a silver chain for a more subtle look. These are sometimes sold in a layered batch so that you can wear them individually or together for a more sophisticated style. There are also more colorful, bright beaded options that scream fun with smiley-face, heart, and floral designs. It may be best to choose one that is choker-style or 16 to 18 inches in length to keep it from getting caught or tangled in a rush to your next class.
  • Value: Be mindful of how much you’ll spend on a necklace you wear to school where things can be easily lost, broken, or taken—especially if you are involved with sports or extracurricular activities. You’ll want to keep the fine jewelry at home and for special occasions.
  • Material: There’s gold, silver, stainless steel, pearls, rhinestones, diamonds—you name it, but be sure you are not allergic to it. There are plenty of hypoallergenic jewelry pieces out there, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check before making a purchase.

What is the best way to clean your necklace at home?

Your gold and silver necklaces can be soaked in a solution of warm water with a few pumps of mild dish soap. Let them soak for about five minutes and move them around gently in the solution. Remove them, lay them on a soft cloth, and use a soft toothbrush to scrape away the dirt and grime in the hard-to-reach crevices. Once done, run them under water for a clean finish and then wipe with a dry, soft cloth. For your pieces with gemstones, you’ll repeat the exact directions for gold and silver, but switch out the plain water for seltzer water. Alternatively, there are some specialized jewelry cleaners out there that can make for simple and impressive cleaning.

Our Picks for the Best Back-to-School Necklaces

For the Trendy Teen

M MOOHAM Dainty Layered Initial Necklace

Wear your initial around your neck with this classy, chain-layered necklace.

Pros: Your class won’t be able to forget your name, especially if you wear this initial necklace all the time. The paperclip chain necklace and the initial necklace are high-quality gold-plated brass and nickel- and lead-free. You can wear them together or separately, depending on your taste for the day. The hexagon-shaped pendant can be engraved with the initial of your choosing, while the back displays a heart design. A jewelry box is included with your purchase as well.

Cons: The chain necklace may sit too high or run slightly small, depending on your neck size.

Bottom Line: Keep it simple but personal. With this beautiful chain and initial necklace set, you’ll truly feel like yourself.


Best Choker Set

BBTO Layering Gold Chain Choker

With nine pieces in this necklace collection, you'll stay inspired to create new looks.

Pros: This set of nine necklaces will provide you with a year’s worth (and more) of various ways to style them. Because of how simple and dainty they are, you can layer them without feeling overwhelmed. Some are adorned with gold stars, half moons, and hearts, while others have simple beading in black, light blue, and white. Each is made of alloy and hangs at about 30 to 40 centimeters with a chain extending to 6 centimeters if needed.

Cons: These are not made with the highest quality material and may tarnish quickly.

Bottom Line: This is a great set to get you started or add to your growing collection if you’re new to or already into the choker scene. Because of their neutral style, you’ll be able to throw one of these on without worrying it won’t match your outfit.


Adorable Three-Piece Set

UNGENT THEM Mother Daughter Necklace Set

You can support your daughter on her first day back to school with this sweet, comforting heart necklace.

Pros: The first day back to school can be nerve-wracking and emotional for most teen girls, so any chance to show that they are cared for will set them up for success. All three pieces are hypoallergenic, high-quality stainless steel that can be worn daily without tarnishing. They come with an extender and also a durable lobster clasp. The bigger pendant meant for a mom has two heart-shaped cutouts, while the two smaller pendants intended for a daughter(s) are both in the shape of a heart.

Cons: The size of the heart pendants may be smaller than expected in the photos.

Bottom Line: Gift a young girl or your daughter with this three-piece set that is just as beautiful in meaning as it is as jewelry. This necklace reminds her that you’re with her no matter what the day brings.


Funky Pearl Necklace

Miss Pink Beaded Choker Necklace

This fun beaded necklace is a versatile piece that will make you stand out from the rest of your peers.

Pros: Make your way as a trendsetter with this super bright and colorful beaded necklace made with freshwater pearls and various charms. Each necklace is handmade, and none are made the same, so you will get a unique piece that represents you. The gold-plated threaded necklaces are strung mostly with pearls, while beads are sprinkled throughout and vary from smiley faces to flowers to solid colors.

Cons: Be careful to keep the pearls dry and away from water.

Bottom Line: This adorable happy necklace can freshen up your most basic outfit. With so much personality, it will keep you smiling even in your most boring class.


Classic for Friends

ODETOJOY Best Friends Necklace

Celebrate the new school year with your best friend by gifting her the other half of the heart necklace.

Pros: Sharing a heart-shaped puzzle necklace with your best friend will make your school year even sweeter as you make new memories. Both pieces are made with gold-plated stainless steel and are hypoallergenic and nickel-free. The halves of the heart are outlined with clear rhinestones with the engraved phrase “BEST FRIENDS” in the middle. Whether together or apart, these necklaces symbolize an unbreakable bond.

Cons: These may tarnish over time.

Bottom Line: Friendship necklaces are a tradition that is still around, and for a good reason. They show that appreciation and sentimentalism for close loved ones can go a long way.

Final Thoughts

Who says you can’t be cool for school? These necklaces help an outfit look more put together, whether you go for casual and laid-back or want to add a bit of sparkle. Finding the right style and fit can be fun and allow you to express yourself and the confidence that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

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