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The Best Back-to-School Supply Kits

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🕚 Updated August 2023

Whether your child is excited or nervous about going back to school, prepping with the right supplies can calm those jitters. Choose one of our fun and comprehensive school supply kits to start them off right.

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  Top Choice Best Pen and Marker Set Most Pieces Best for Budget Also Great
  School Supply Boxes
Grades K-5
School Supplies Kit
School Supply Boxes
Ultimate High School and College Essentials Kit
Trail maker
45 Piece School Supply Kit
Back to School Supplies Bundle Kit
Our SummaryA kit with a ton of markers, pens, paper, and more for students K-5.An array of markers, pens, pencils, and more for all ages.This is the ultimate upper-grade-level supply kit.An all-inclusive school supply kit for your favorite K-6 kiddo.This school supplies bundle makes an excellent gift for your kid, grandkids, and the kid in you.
Pros✓ Contains writing instruments, notebooks, safety scissors, ruler, etc
✓ Comes in one box
✓ For students K-5
✓ 32 pieces
✓ Wonderful for writers and artists
✓ Includes several types of markers, pencils, pens, erasers, and glue sticks
✓ Name brand and high quality
✓ 38 pieces
✓ Supplies for upper-grade level students
✓ Multiple notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, sticky notes and more
✓ 92 pieces
✓ Basic back-to-school kit with pencils, pens, notebooks, erasers, folders, scissors, highlighters, crayons, and glue sticks, etc
✓ Safe for kids
✓ Colorful
✓ 45 pieces
✓ For younger kids
✓ Includes pencils, pens, erasers, crayons, glue, notebooks, folders, and even a supply bag
✓ 56 pieces
Cons✗ Your young kid may not need all these items✗ Not geared for all classes like math and science✗ More expensive than others✗ Only generic and not brand-name supplies✗ Quality isn't the best
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The Best Back-to-School Supply Kits

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Buying Guide for Back-to-School Supply Kits

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Why buy a back-to-school supply kit?

Students don’t always get the supplies they need at school, even fundamental items like notebooks and pencils. A supply kit that includes the stuff they’ll need for the grade they’re enrolled in can only help.

What should you look for in a school supplies kit?

  • Grade Level: You’ll want to make sure the supplies are appropriate for their grade level. A junior high or high schooler would probably not appreciate a kit with blunt-tip safety scissors, for example. Older students will need index cards for memorization, a variety of notebooks for different subjects, high-quality fine-tip pens, and maybe a dry-erase marker. On the other hand, elementary students need their crayons, 12-inch rulers, pencils, and classic pink erasers.
  • Quality: Your kid may prefer the brand of crayons they’re used to. High-quality supplies tend to include brand names, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. You also want to consider the quality of the kit overall. Does it contain the items your kid will need? Are they built to last?
  • Looks: Most kids care, at least to an extent, about the look of their back-to-school items. It’s not just because they seek acceptance from their peers; they want the kit that gets them excited and motivated for that first day. Think of their favorite colors or your favorite colors if you’re buying for yourself.

Who else might want a back-to-school kit?

Teachers, home-school teachers, and tutors would probably hug you if you presented them with one of these kits. They work so hard and often without all the supplies they need to furnish their classroom. Keep your eye open for different charities or school supply drives as the start of school nears.

Our Picks for the Best Back-to-School Supply Kits

Top Choice

School Supply Boxes Grades K-5

This is a solid kit with a ton of markers, pens, paper, and more for students K-5.

Pros: Some kids might feel a bit anxious on the first day back, but they could feel more up for the challenge with a school supply box with all the items they need. This school supply kit contains writing instruments like markers, crayons, colored pencils, #2 pencils, and a plastic pencil box. Of course, they’ll need paper, too. There’s a wide-ruled spiral notebook and composition book. Other items include blunt-tip scissors and a sturdy 12-inch ruler. Everything they need comes in one box, ready to slip into a backpack.

Cons: If anything, your kid may not need all these items. You can always put them aside for crafts at home or your art projects.

Bottom Line: Described as a massive school supply kit, this will contain almost everything students K-5 will need. And if the kit fails to meet its promises, you can find a use for it at home for art projects.


Best Pen and Marker Set

Sharpie School Supplies Kit

An array of makers, pens, pencils, and more for all ages

Pros: Make your back-to-school shopping hassle-free with this comprehensive 38-count school supplies pack that ticks off nearly everything on your list. Yep, even with all the electronic gadgetry out there for notetaking and drawing, many of us still need old-fashioned pens and pencils. This kit has writing tools students K-12 may frequently need, though it’s also suitable for home and office use. Embrace trusted writing brands and a diverse array of classroom favorites, including Sharpie’s three pocket highlighters, three fine point and two ultra-fine point permanent markers, and two tank highlighters; Paper Mate’s Write Bros. Comfort mechanical pencils, one lead refill, six Everstrong woodcase pencils, two Pink Pearl erasers, five InkJoy 300RT ballpoint pens, and two Profile gel pens; Expo’s two chisel tip and one ultra-fine tip low odor markers; and Elmer’s contribution of one bottle of liquid school glue and two disappearing purple glue sticks. This all-inclusive pack equips you with the essentials you need for a successful school year.

Cons: If you or your student will be taking geometry or another math or science class where protractors, compasses, and graph paper are must-haves, you may need to consider a different product or buy the implements you need separately.

Bottom Line: You don’t need to be a creative writer to enjoy these markers and pencils! The Sharpie kit is an excellent bundle that offers great savings.


Most Pieces

School Supply Boxes Ultimate High School and College Essentials Kit

This is the ultimate upper-grade-level supply kit.

Pros: Aptly named, this ultimate school supply kit covers everything for students in the upper grade levels, even college students. It makes more sense to look at the product page to get a detailed list of all the supplies included in this gargantuan back-to-school kit. Let’s just say that there are multiple notebooks, mechanical pencils, colored pens and pencils, and lots of office-type supplies like sticky notes. Purchase this kit and save yourself the headache of buying items individually.

Cons: If you compare the other back-to-school kits we review here, you’ll see this one is the most expensive. Our research indicates the bundle is worth the price, but some may find it too expensive.

Bottom Line: If you want to save time and money, this School Supply Boxes kit makes a lot of sense. Avoid the long lines and multiple store trips!


Best for Budget

Trail maker 45 Piece School Supply Kit

An all-inclusive school supply kit for your favorite K-6 kiddo.

Pros: Embrace the convenience and preparedness of this 45-piece set, tailored to meet the organizational needs of K-12 students and kickstart a successful school year. This bulk pack takes the guesswork out of back-to-school shopping, providing an all-encompassing solution for students at various grade levels. Inside this comprehensive set, you’ll find a wide array of essential items, including pencils, a pencil sharpener, a pencil case, pens, highlighters, crayons, scissors, notebooks, a composition book, glue sticks, and more. The beauty lies in the simplicity of this offering; rather than shopping and paying separately for individual essentials, this conveniently packaged set covers all the bases. Safety compliance and kid-friendly design are central to this collection, with water-based highlighters, shavings-collecting pencil sharpener, scissors crafted for little hands, graphite pencils, ruler measuring both inches and centimeters, and erasers suited for artwork or correcting mistakes. The included zipper pencil holder keeps all accessories secure and organized.

Cons: You may be disappointed that the writing utensils, paper, crayons, and so forth are generic. If you’re looking for brand-name items, you may want to look elsewhere. In addition, some were disappointed in the quality of some of these items.

Bottom Line: It’s a fabulous buy for you and your child. This kit provides all the goodies an elementary student wants and needs at a low cost to you.


Also Great

VEEBOOST Back to School Supplies Bundle Kit

This school supplies bundle makes an excellent gift for your kid, grandkids, and the kid in you.

Pros: There’s something for nearly everyone here. The VEEBOOST kit has pencils, pens, erasers, crayons, glue, notebooks, folders, and even a supply bag. A few back-to-school kits come with pencil cases, but most don’t include supply bags. That’s a major plus because crayons and erasers won’t get lost in your children’s backpacks! While this kit may be designed with K-12 in mind, anybody who likes to doodle, do art, and write can enjoy it.

Cons: Some users say the quality of the items is poorer than they would like. Some items didn’t work or fell apart after normal use. Some users had to quickly buy replacements for many of these items.

Bottom Line: You get 34 supplies in this kit. That’s quite a lot for an affordable back-to-school elementary-age kit. If the kit turns out to be too little or too much for your kid, don’t worry! Keep it at home for a rainy day.

Final Thoughts

The big first day of school is likely drawing near! No matter how old, your child or young adult needs school supplies. And now you have some ideas for making that happen.

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