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The Best Backgrounds for Your Aquarium

The best way to spruce up your scaled roommate’s living quarters is with a unique adhesive background. Aquarium backgrounds add an extra layer of welcome depth to its dimensions, in addition to a few other benefits for your fish. So, if you’re in the market for a way to jazz up your underwater friend’s living arrangement, then here are a few aquarium backgrounds we think you ought to check out.

What You Want Out of Your Aquarium Background

Consider these factors when making a selection:

  • Measurements: Before all else, you’d be wise to consider an option that accommodates your fish tank’s size. Consider backgrounds that provide a strong catalog of measurement choices, or even those that can be easily cut and shaped to your ideal dimensions.
  • Spectacle or Convenience: This factor comes down to a bit of push-and-pull for you and your fish. Surely, you would like an extra level of excitement not only for your fish but for your viewing pleasure, too. But while a vibrant background is always a treat, don’t rule out the simplicity. A dark background places a fish at ease, as it limits the amount of glare in the tank and how often a fish will see their reflection (a sight that can agitate them).
  • Safety: Additionally, it’s important that you are only shopping with your pet’s health and safety in mind. Most quality aquarium backgrounds will go out of their way to specify how they cater to fish, particularly through a means of nontoxic construction that will not affect the environment with discoloration or odors.

Best Ocean View: Filfeel Underwater World Backdrop

Designed from a dependably durable polyvinyl chloride material, this Filfeel Underwater World Backdrop satisfies everything you need for it to be the right aquarium backdrop. Naturally, this is a waterproof background. However, the material itself is self-adhesive, so it’s an easy stick-and-peel item that isn’t easily tampered with. Additionally, that vast sea of ocean blue won’t fade anytime soon, thanks to its thicker and glossy PVC design.

Best Ocean View

Best Land View: Tianhaik 3D Rainforest Background

Available in four measurements while also capable of being cut to your tank’s exact dimensions, this Tianhaik 3D Rainforest Background provides ample wonder to your underwater environment. You’re bringing the land below sea level with a purchase here, granting your fish a break from the blues and reeling them in with a view that’s always greener on the other side. Additionally, this background is a self-adhesive, easy-to-paste option that’s nontoxic and odorless.

Best Land View

Fish Tank 3D Rainforest Background, PVC Adhesive Underwater World Aquarium Decor Backdrop Poster Wallpaper Landscape Sticker

This aquarium background brings dry land down below for a welcome sight for your fish.

Best Dual-Sided Bundle: HITOP Double-Sided Aquarium Background Picture

A multilayered aquarium background that knows how to shake up the scenery whenever you think your fish are ready for a move, these HITOP Double-Sided Aquarium Background Pictures offer an immense variety of above and below water sights. In total, there are three aquarium backgrounds, each with its own double-sided alternative. That makes six options to switch out as you please. From a sandy shoreline view to a high-definition picture of the expansive ocean floor and everything in between, you’re getting an unparalleled bang for your buck here.

Best Dual-Sided Bundle

Hitop L31.5'' x H15.7'' 3pcs Double Sides Aquarium Background Picture,3 Different pcs with Total 6 Options Patterns for Fish Tank Decoration

This variety pack includes an assortment of gorgeous sights, from sandy shorelines to coral beds.

Best Premium View: Universal Rocks Ledge Flexible Aquarium Background

If you’re looking to shell out in a big way, this Universal Rocks Ledge Flexible Aquarium Background is the only appropriate way to go. Rather than just cling to the back of your aquarium, this background becomes an extension of it, expanding on the environment and creating a unique and interactive lifestyle. This background features realistic rock ledges reminiscent of the stones and coral beds fish are used to calling home. Despite its rocky image, this background is still flexible and can be cut down to size if needed.

Best Premium View

Universal Rocks 48-Inch by 20-Inch Ledge Flexible Aquarium Background

This aquarium background expands on the tank environment with realistic rock material for fish to explore.

Best Simple Design: SPORN Aquarium Background

A classic option that knows how to step aside and let the real hidden treasure sparkle, this SPORN Aquarium Background comes in a pitch-black shade that won’t distract from your fish or your aquarium accessories. This option is ideal for owners who want the spotlight squarely on what’s moving while hiding the hosing and tubes on the other side of the glass. However, the black background can also do wonders when paired with different shades of LED lighting and vibrantly colored add-ons, allowing them to shine even brighter without a noticeable background getting in the way.

Best Simple Design

SPORN Aquarium Background, Static Cling, Classic Black, 24" x 12"

This aquarium background may not look like a lot, but it provides plenty of help if you're trying to hide something or make it shine.

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