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The Best Badminton Sets for Backyard Games

On a beautiful sunny day, getting outdoors and spending time with family or friends is ideal for creating memories. If you are looking for a fun group activity, pick up a few racquets and head to the backyard for some badminton. Adults and children alike can enjoy a recreational game of badminton without difficult assembly. The lightweight racquets and shuttlecocks are ideal for a range of ages and skill levels, while the net system can be easily set up in various environments. Here are some fantastic badminton sets we recommend.

Choosing a Badminton Set That’s Right for You

Here’s what to look for:

  • Stability: Lightweight poles are ideal for travel but don’t hold up well under windy conditions. Look for poles made of PVC or steel for a long-lasting net that will keep its shape during use. Additional stakes or poles also support the net.
  • Materials: Steel rackets will provide durability for users with strong swings. Aluminum rackets travel well due to the lightweight material but are less durable in the long-run.
  • Storage: Badminton sets should easily disassemble after use for proper storage. While stiff poles offer stability, they are not conducive to small spaces. Look for a badminton net system that folds into a carrying case.

Best for Easy Setup: Zume Games Portable Badminton Set

If you are eager to play your next badminton game, the quick and easy setup of Zume Games Portable Badminton Set will have you ready to go in no time. No tools are needed to assemble this net, users simply extend the poles and attach the nets. The base of the poles is also a carrying case for the four rackets, net, and two shuttlecocks. No stakes are required for setup, so you can take this set to the beach, park, and tailgates to create fun memories with friends and family wherever you travel.

Best for Easy Setup

Best for Families: Franklin Sports Badminton

Add some fun to your backyard with the family edition of the Franklin Sports Badminton set. This classic set includes a pole system made of PVC and steel rackets for extra durability that will last your family years. The stakes and ropes require minimal setup to create a sturdy net. When you are all done for the day, the entire badminton set can be easily tucked away in the carrying case.

Best for Families

Franklin Sports Badminton Set - Backyard + Beach Badminton Net Set - Rackets and Birdies Included - Portable 4 Player Badminton Game - Family

With four rackets and two nylon birdies, the entire family can take a swing at playing badminton.

Best for Professionals: Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set


To players looking for a serious game of badminton, elevate your play with the Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set. The poles made of powder-coated aluminum remain steady during use. The four aluminum rackets are lightweight but durable for heavy hits. The nylon net features waterproof tarpaulin tapes to retain shape and decrease chances of damage over time. The set is completed with game boundary lines with stakes to create sharp, well-defined corners.

Best for Professionals

Best for Travel: Bogalen Height Adjustable Badminton

Take fun wherever you go with this light and sturdy set built for travel. Bogalen created this set with a semiautomatic net stand that is joined together by a string, so all the pieces assemble perfectly every time. The stand is also resistant to rust due to its painted steel construction. An additional pole at the base of the stand ensures the net is stable under different conditions. The four lightweight rackets and nylon shuttlecock are ready for gameplay and are easy to pack away when you are finished.

Best for Travel

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