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The Best Bag Clips to Keep Your Snacks Fresh

three bags of chips being held closed by bag clips

Bag clips are a great way to keep your favorite pantry or freezer items fresh longer. Suitable for chip, pretzel, chocolate chip, or veggie bags, they are easy to use and take up little space in your kitchen cabinet. We recommend checking out these options when selecting your next bag clips.

Choosing Bag Clips

There are several types of bag clips you can choose from. Consider some of these factors when selecting yours:

  • Size: If you have a variety of snacks in your kitchen, make sure that your clip is not too big or small for your bags. Some options come in multi-size packs, and others can be ordered in extra-large to fit any need.
  • Material: Bag clips can have steel, plastic, rubber, or silicone tips to ensure safety and ease of use. Depending on which family members will be using your bag clips, you may opt for a particular choice.
  • Application: Some bag clips can be suitable for other household needs. See if your bag clips are strong enough to hold files together or if they can be used to hang items on your clothesline for extra versatility. Some clips even come with a magnetic backing so you can display artwork and notes on your fridge.

Best Overall: House Again Clips

Three stainless steel bag clips with yellow, blue, and red rubber tips are shown against a white background.

House Again clips come in a pack of 12 standard-sized clips. Since this set includes four clips in each color (orange, blue, and red), it is perfect for those who like to organize and color coordinate. The clips are made of heavy-duty stainless steel to ensure quality, but they also have silicone edges that are secured tightly so that there are no sharp edges on the clips and therefore safe to use for every member of the family.

Best Overall

Best Assorted Size: UNIYO Clips

Three plastic bag clips of varying sizes with nonslip grips are shown closing brown paper lunch bags against a kitchen counter backdrop.

This set of assorted clips comes in two sizes and three colors (rose red, light green, and blue) for a total of nine clips, two smaller and one larger in size. They are made of PVC and have rubber edges to ensure safety in use and security for your food. The clips keep your bags closed and airtight with ribbed teeth and nonslip grips.

Best Assorted Size

9Pack Large Chip Bag Clips - Assorted Sizes Food Bag Clips Plastic Heavy Seal Grip

These ABS clips have an advanced design that save you money.

Best Magnetic: Kizmos Clips

Magnetic bag clips in assorted colors are shown hanging in star shapes on a steel fridge in a kitchen setting.

With a magnetic backing, these clips not only keep food fresh but also serve as useful hangers. Available in a pack of seven assorted colors, these clips measure 1.5 inches long but have strong springs and nonslip grips to ensure durability and ease of use.

Best Magnetic

Kizmos Magnetic Multipurpose Bag Clips, Set of 7, Multicolored

These multicolored clips feature pads that keep bags tightly sealed.

Best Multi-Pack: Yansanido Clips

Bag clips in assorted colors are shown being applied for a variety of uses including hanging pictures and socks.

The multipurpose colorful pack of 30 clips from Yansanido has clips made of metal and coated with vinyl plastic. They are reusable and nonslip. Ideal for travel, laundry hanging, document holding, and more, they are a great addition to any household.

Best Large: Chef Craft Clips

Four Chef Craft large bag clips are shown closing snack bags that are resting on top of each other.

Chef Craft has created four 6-inch plastic clips with rubber grips and handles for securing extra-large snack bags. The clips come in four shades: blue, green, orange, and purple, so they will add a pop of color to your pantry.

Best Large

Chef Craft Vibrant Plastic 4 Piece Large Bag Clip Set, 4-Pack, Green/Blue/Orange/Purple

This set is also available in a pack of 16 assorted sizes and colors to ensure a perfect clip for every household need.

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