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The Best Bag Packaging for Jewelry Makers

When selling or gifting jewelry, the packaging is an important part of the presentation. Items that are packed creatively and with care are a great way to satisfy customers and complete the aesthetic you’re going for. But how do you decide which packaging to purchase? Since jewelry packaging comes in various sizes, shapes, and materials, forget the trite jewelry box and consider one of these bag options. Any one of these options will protect and present your creations beautifully.

Choosing Jewelry Bag Packaging

Here is what you’ll want to consider when purchasing jewelry bags:

  • Size: It’s important to make sure the bag is big enough to accommodate the jewelry that needs to go inside.
  • Fabric: Determine which fabric, whether it’s cotton, plastic or other, is the best fit for your jewelry and keeping the item protected in shipping or transport.
  • Security: Consider if the bag’s closure method is secure enough to keep the item in place. There are drawstring bags, glue tabs, zippers, and other methods to keep your jewelry secure.

Most Durable: 100Pcs Cotton Drawstring Bags

These durable and soft muslin bags are made of high-quality cotton and are lightweight and washable. The drawstring bag is suitable for jewelry storage and more. The string can be tightened to keep items safe. Perfect for slipping into your purse for on the go, the bags are 4 inches by 6 inches, and you get 100 of them in this purchase. You could even customize them with a stamp if desired.

Best Plastic Option: Spartan Industrial – Crystal Clear Resealable Polypropylene Poly Bags for Jewelry

These clear plastic bags add a glossy presentation to any item. The bags are made from thick polypropylene and measure 3 inches in width and 5 inches in length. They have a self-sealing glue flap on top, and the sides are reinforced for shipping and mailing. The bags are food grade and non-toxic. If you want to buy in bulk, these are a great option.

Best Plastic Option

Spartan Industrial - 3" X 5" (200 Count) Crystal Clear Resealable Polypropylene Poly Bags for Jewelry, Treats, Party Favors - Self Seal & Reinforced

Crystal-clear bags made from thick polypropylene plastic that are reinforced on the side, have a glue closure flap, and are food safe.

Best Anti-Tarnish Option: Premium Silver Jewelry Tarnish Prevention Bags

For tarnish protection, these jewelry bags prevent tarnish, corrosion, and oxidation for fine goods. Keep jewelry shiny and bright with advanced, patented technology that is non-abrasive and safe. This set comes with different sized bags and includes 20 anti-tarnish tabs to further help your jewelry shine.

Best Anti-Tarnish Option

Premium Silver Jewelry Tarnish Prevention Bags Anti-Tarnish Strips 10 Bags 20 1" Tabs Corrosion Protector

Thin and shiny bags that are non-abrasive and come with anti-tarnish tabs.

Best Zippered Option: MorTime Jewellery Jewelry Silk Purse Pouch Gift Bags

For a classic and beautiful jewelry bag option, choose this set of small bags. Made from 60% polyester and 40% cotton, they are soft enough to hold jewelry, pendants, stones, and more. These high-quality bags fasten securely with a snap and zipper and look great in your purse or on your dresser. They’d also make a great way to wrap a small gift.

Best Zippered Option

MorTime Jewellery Jewelry Silk Purse Pouch Gift Bags, Multiple Colors, Pack of 12 (Small)

Classic small jewelry bags that secure with a zipper and snap.

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