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The Best Balance Balls

🕚 Updated December 2022

A balance ball can help you strengthen your muscles and improve your balance from the comfort of your home. If you're shopping for new workout equipment, try one of these balance balls.

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  Top Choice Premium Choice Highest Weight Capacity Most Affordable Best with Exercise Chart Also Great
Home Gym Equipment The Original Balance Trainer
Pro Balance Trainer
Half Ball Balance Trainer
Half Ball Balance Trainer
Balance Ball Trainer
Nice C
Half Ball, Balance Ball, Exercise Workout Trainer
Our SummaryGive yourself an extra challenge with this tried and true balance ball.A high-quality balance ball from a well-known brand.A durable, industrial-grade balance ball that comes with resistance bands.Add more to your workouts with this balance ball and resistance band set.Know exactly how to utilize this versatile piece of equipment with the inclusion of the exercise chart.Add variety to your workouts with this affordable balance ball that doesn’t skimp on features.
Pros✓ Durable, non-toxic PVC dome and durable base
✓ Grooved handles
✓ Workout variety
✓ 350-pound weight capacity
✓ Non-toxic and latex-free
✓ Suitable for heavy-duty use
✓ Supports plenty of weight
✓ Multiple color options
✓ Optimal burst resistance,
✓ High weight capacity
✓ Lightweight and versatile
✓ Non-toxic, durable PVC
✓ 12 surface rings for extra grip
✓ Comes with resistance bands
✓ Base has texture for better grip and stability
✓ 330-pound weight capacity
✓ Non-toxic PVC
✓ Comes with resistance bands
✓ Comes with workout guide on paper and app
✓ Highest weight capacity at 660 pounds
✓ Great for a multitude of workouts
✓ Made of non-toxic PVC material
✓ Non-skid base and grippy surface
Cons✗ Not easy to travel with✗ Lower-quality pump✗ It's not as comfortable to use with the ball side down✗ Resistance bands are weak
✗ Dome is tall and may make some exercises less safe to use
✗ Resistance bands are weak
✗ Plastic "feet" on base make it hard to use upside down like other balance ball trainers
✗ Low-quality pump
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The Best Balance Balls

a young woman holds herself up with her arms on a balance ball.

Balance balls, also known as balance trainers, are basically exercise balls cut in half with flat platforms added to the bottom. They’re great for a wide range of workouts to help you strengthen and condition your arms, core, and legs.

Buying Guide for Balance Balls

Unrecognizable man in gym standing on a balance ball.
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Why buy a balance ball?

Is your fitness routine starting to get a little stale? Freshen it up with a balance ball. They provide a lot of versatility and convenience. You can use them for elevated push-ups, sit-ups, step-ups, mountain climbers, lunges, burpees, and more. Plus, you can use them with the ball side up or down for different exercises.

What should you look for in a balance ball?

  • Weight Capacity: Balance balls can sustain a lot of weight without deflating or losing their structure. They’re often made with anti-burst properties, and many of them have impressive weight capacities.
  • Portability: One of the main benefits of a balance ball is that you can take it with you almost anywhere. You can even deflate/re-inflate it to take it with you on a trip.
  • Versatility: Balance balls allow you to perform a wide range of workouts to strengthen various muscles throughout your body. Why limit yourself? Consider your specific needs and fitness goals before picking one.

How do you inflate a balance ball?

Some balance balls come with pumps to inflate them, whether they’re hand-operated or electric. If your balance ball doesn’t come with a pump, you can use a trusty ball pump or bike pump that you probably already have lying around.

Our Picks for the Best Balance Balls

Top Choice

Bosu Home Gym Equipment The Original Balance Trainer

Give yourself an extra challenge with this tried and true balance ball.

Pros: The Bosu ball has been around for years and has been enjoyed by professional athletes and beginners alike. As a versatile piece of training equipment, you can use this during cardio, flexibility, and strength workouts. It can also be great for rehabilitative and physical therapy exercises. The durable and wide surface of the ball and its base support up to 350 lbs.

Cons: While this is easy to move to use, it’s not as travel-friendly or portable because of the 26-inch hard base.

Bottom Line: This trusted and loved balance ball can add versatility for just about anyone in their fitness journey, from professional athletes looking to add extra intensity to beginners looking for a way to better engage their core to those needing rehabilitative exercises. The dual surface allows for great variety, and its durability supports up to 350 pounds. The only downside is that it is not travel-friendly.


Premium Choice

BOSU Pro Balance Trainer

A high-quality balance ball from a well-known brand.

Pros: With incredible durability and burst resistance, this balance ball is a perfect addition to your home gym. It can sustain up to 350 pounds, and you can use it for building strength and cardiovascular endurance. It’s great for home or commercial gyms since it’s so high-quality.

Cons: The pump isn’t the best.

Bottom Line: This balance ball is the ultimate training and exercise device for fitness enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves. You can use it at home or take it with you to the gym, physical therapy appointments, or yoga sessions. It can help whip you into shape in no time!


Highest Weight Capacity

Ativafit Half-Ball Balance Trainer

A balance ball that you can use for a wide range of workouts.

Pros: This versatile, anti-burst balance ball features an anti-slip rubber base that remains securely in place while you use it. It’s incredibly lightweight, and it can also sustain up to 660 pounds of weight at a time. The ball is also made of non-toxic and eco-friendly PVC material that is incredibly durable and safe to use.

Cons: The anti-slip knobs on the base make it difficult to use with the ball side down.

Bottom Line: You can use this balance ball to perform a wide range of workouts, such as push-ups, crunches, squats, planks, and much more. Diversify your fitness routine and strengthen your entire body with this balance ball.


Most Affordable

EVERYMILE Half Ball Balance Trainer

Add more to your workouts with this balance ball and resistance band set.

Pros: The ball’s surface is made of non-toxic PVC, making it safe for sensitive users. The surface also features 12 rings to help create a safe grip and lessen the chance of slipping off the ball. To add greater variety to your workouts, this balance ball comes with resistance bands. The flat base features a textured surface for greater grip and stability. This durable balance ball can accommodate 330 lbs.

Cons: This ball has a taller dome, making it less stable. For beginners, it will be important to understand how this limits exercise variety to avoid injury. The resistance bands are very weak.

Bottom Line: This balance ball is another great option for cardio, strength, and flexibility workouts. The additional resistance bands offer greater workout variety, however they are very weak and only suited for beginners. The taller dome makes this balance ball more challenging in some regards, but also a little unsafe if you don’t understand how to engage your supporting muscles properly.


Best with Exercise Chart

RitFit Balance Ball Trainer

Know exactly how to utilize this versatile piece of equipment with the inclusion of the exercise chart.

Pros: This balance ball system includes resistance bands for more workout variety. The ball’s dome is made of high-quality, non-toxic PVC and features rings for greater grip. To make the most of this versatile piece of equipment, you can use the paper chart that is included or the digital chart available on the FitBanx app. This durable balance ball can support 660 lbs, making it a great and safe way for anyone to make fitness more integrated into their lifestyle.

Cons: The resistance bands are weak so some people may not find them useful. The flat base of this balance ball includes “feet” which makes it harder to use for other exercises than other options on the list.

Bottom Line: This is another more affordable option for a half-ball. The resistance bands offer greater workout variety. The workout guides that are available both on paper and digitally can be a great tool to make the most of this versatile piece of equipment. With the highest weight capacity on the list, it can safely support just about anyone beginning their fitness journey.


Also Great

Nice C Half Ball, Balance Ball, Exercise Workout Trainer

Add variety to your workouts with this affordable balance ball that doesn't skimp on features.

Pros: With dual resistance bands and a secure, anti-slip design, this balance ball is a sweet option. It’s built with industrial-grade PVC material and offers you a safe and sturdy workout experience. The upgraded textured surface is super grippy, which will help prevent potential accidents or injuries.

Cons: The product doesn’t come with a training manual, and the included pump isn’t great.

Bottom Line: This balance ball serves as a comprehensive exercise set, and you can use it to improve endurance, strength, and agility. Whatever your fitness goals, this balance ball can likely help.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right balance ball for you will require a little research, but the products listed in this article are all quality options. Check them out and pick one that fits your preferences and routine.

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