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The Best Balance Beams for At-Home Practice

A woman wearing a pink tank top and purple leggings balances on a purple floor beam.

Whether you are learning your first gymnastics skills or looking for a way to hone your moves away from the gym, a personal balance beam can help you achieve your goals. Gymnasts can stretch, flip, and dance across a beam to perfect their routine in the comfort of their own homes. Or, if you are just starting your gymnastics journey, a personal beam can help you familiarize yourself with the feeling of stepping and turning on the narrow bar. After some practice, you will be stepping onto the beam with confidence. Here are some fantastic balance beams we recommend.

Purchasing a Balance Beam

When searching for the perfect at-home balance beam, consider these factors:

  • Type: Most will recognize the traditional adjustable beam as the bar used for Olympic and professional competitions. This type of beam can be adjusted for specific heights so that both intermediate and advanced gymnasts can practice. Beginners and children should use a floor beam, as they allow them to learn the basics without a high risk of injury.
  • Material: For the core of the balance beam, foam padding is key. Floor beams will be made of 100% foam for a comfortable and safe experience. More traditional beams feature wood or steel cores to create added durability. Many beams will have a simple plastic or vinyl cover, but faux suede provides the ideal amount of stability.
  • Height: For beginners, lower is better. Young gymnasts will need an ample amount of security, making floor beams a great choice. As you progress in your balance and skills, adjustable beams will come in handy. They allow you to stay close to the floor or reach up to 2 feet tall. Select a product with an appropriate height for your skill level to avoid injury.

Top Choice: Tumbl Trak Sectional Training Floor Balance Beam

A floor beam with a brown suede cover and blue sides.

This beam from Tumbl Trak strikes the ideal balance between functionality and convenience. Measuring 4 feet long, this beam allows you to practice fundamental skills. The faux suede cover keeps your feet from slipping, while the two layers of high-density EVA foam provide firm comfort during practice. On its own, this beam weighs only 4 pounds, making it great for quick storage. If you do want to extend the length of this beam, the Velcro connectors allow you to seamlessly connect additional foam beams.

Top Choice

Tumbl Trak 4ft Sectional Gymnastics Training Floor Balance Beam, colors may vary

The suede cover of this beam provides optimal stability and grip.

Best for Kids: edxeducation Step-a-Logs

A young child walking across two log balance beams.

Test the waters of your child’s interest in gymnastic sports with these safe and entertaining balance beam logs. These six colorful logs have rope connectors to help you create a path for your child to walk across. Each log is slanted to improve your child’s motor skills and balance as they step from one to the other. Your child will even feel safe while playing in soft socks with the added security of the log’s ribbed tops. When playtime is over, these logs can be stacked and stored in compact spaces.

Best for Kids

Best for Adults: Springee 8ft Adjustable Balance Beam

A adjustable balance beam with a purple bar and metal legs against a pink background.

If you are looking for a balance beam that will help you to advance your gymnastics skills, this height-adjustable beam will provide you with an easy way to challenge yourself. This beam can be set as low as 7 inches above the ground or up to 24 inches tall. The metal legs feature two locking bolts for added stability while you practice. The beam is 4 inches wide and 8 feet long to provide you with ample room to walk, turn, and flip. With its durable metal legs and long length, this bar can handle up to 140 pounds.

Longest Beam: We Sell Mats 9 ft Folding Foam Balance Beam Bar

A long purple floor beam.

For some gymnasts, the 4-foot length of floor beams isn’t enough to perform higher-level moves. If you need some extra space on your at-home beam, this foam balance bar from We Sell Mats is the answer to your problem. The beam is 9 feet long and provides 4 inches of surface area and 2.5 inches of cushioning. The long length doesn’t stop this product from being convenient, as it can be easily folded in half for compact storage. For great support and stability, this beam is made from crosslink polyethylene foam and heavy-duty vinyl.

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