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The Best Ball Pit Balls You Can Buy

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If you are looking to give your kids hours of stimulating fun, you should invest in a high-quality set of ball pit balls. With no technology required, ball pits are a refreshing way to encourage your kids to explore their creativity and imagination. Ball pit balls come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so you’ll never have trouble finding a set that fits the needs of you and your kids. Here are some ball pit balls that we highly recommend!

Buying Ball Pit Balls

Here’s what you’ll want to look for:

  • Materials: To make sure that your ball pit balls are safe for play, you need to look for balls that are made with high-quality materials. Your play balls should be crafted with non-toxic, lead-free plastic that can withstand up to at least 80 pounds of pressure to make them a good option for children of all ages. The balls should have polished edges that are soft enough to use on small, delicate hands.
  • Count: Figuring out how many balls you’ll need for your ball pit can be tricky. An average-sized ball pit usually needs about 400 balls, but larger pits might require over 1,000 balls. If you are looking for extra balls to mix into an already existent ball pit, you will be fine purchasing a lower quantity of pit balls. However, if you are just getting started with your ball pit, we recommend purchasing your balls in bulk to make sure that you have enough balls to fill your pit.

Best Bulk Buy: BalanceFrom 1,000-Count Play Balls

large pile of pink, red, blue, green, and yellow plastic balls

If you’re looking for a set of play balls that’ll give you the most bang for your buck, this set is perfect for you: it comes with 1,000 balls in a range of bright, attractive colors that are sure to catch your eye. The balls are crafted from nontoxic, lead-free plastic that is safe for small hands. They feature a crush-proof design that can withstand up to 100 pounds, making them a great choice for both adults and kids. The balls come with a mesh carrying bag that makes for easy cleanup and storage. This value set of play balls is sure to provide hours of fun for you and your family.

Unique Shape: Seanrui 80-Piece Ocean Balls

pile of pink, yellow, and blue plastic star-shaped balls

These play balls are unique in that they are shaped like tiny stars! The balls come in a pack of 80 and are crafted from nontoxic, non-PVC plastic that is crush-proof and can withstand up to 150 pounds of pressure. The pack features shades of pastel pink, yellow, blue, and green that are super soft and pleasing to the eye. The balls are turbo-polished around the edges to create a clean, soft finish that’ll protect your child’s hands. They are wonderful to play with on their own, but they can also be mixed into a pack of regular play balls to create textural difference.

Unique Shape

Most Color Options: Thenese 200-Piece Pit Balls

woven basket filled with white, gray, and clear plastic balls with a potted plant to the right and a white alarm clock to the left

These play balls come in over ten color combinations that range from soft neutrals to bright greens. Each pack comes with 200 balls that have been crafted with nontoxic, lead-free plastic that is safe for immediate play; the seams of each ball have also been softened for added protection. The balls require no air and are soft enough to squeeze with a little give, making them a great choice for sensory stimulation.

Also Great: Click N’ Play Crush-Proof Pit Balls

large pile of yellow, green, blue, orange, red, and pink plastic balls

These play balls will make a great addition to any party or playtime! They come in a pack of 200 and feature a spectacular color range of blue, red, orange, pink, green, and yellow balls designed to create an eye-catching ball pit. The balls are made with non-recycled plastic that can withstand over 90 pounds of pressure. Each ball measures roughly 2.3 inches in diameter, making them the perfect size for small hands. As a cherry on top, this pack also comes with a reusable storage bag that is great for storing the balls while not in use.

Also Great

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