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The Best Ball Pumps

🕚 Updated August 2022

Sports balls tend to deflate after extended use or when exposed to weather changes. Buy a trusty ball pump to ensure your soccer ball, football, volleyball, basketball, or whatever else you're playing with lasts when it counts.

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  Best Overall Most Compact Best Electric Option Best Budget Best Multi-Pack
Ball Pump with 5 needles
Ball Pump with 5 Needles
Electric Ball Pump
Ball Pump with Pressure Gauge
Ball Pump 3-Pack
Our SummaryThis ball pump has an ergonomic design for better ease of use.A ball pump that's incredibly lightweight and great for traveling.An electric ball pump that provides accurate air pressure.A ball pump with a pressure release valve that prevents over-inflation.Three ball pumps that feature an ergonomically shaped handle and a compact design.
ProsErgonomic design, push-pull system, five needles, won't bend or break.Lightweight and easy to use, fast inflation times, five extra needles.Detects air pressure, finishes inflating in a matter of minutes, high-capacity battery.Compatible with most athletic balls, durable and long-lasting, great gift for athletes.Comfortable and lightweight, compact design, ideal for several inflatable items.
ConsNot the most accurate in terms of air pressure.Doesn't have a pressure gauge.Needs to be charged periodically.Only comes with three needles.More pumps than most people need.
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The Best Ball Pumps

Two male soccer players pump air into a soccer ball on the edge of a soccer field.

You can participate in athletic and recreational activities without worrying about equipment malfunctions when you have a ball pump around. Ball pumps are affordable, user-friendly, and prevent you from constantly having to buy new sports balls. They’re also incredibly portable, so you can take them with you while traveling to basketball, volleyball, soccer, and football tournaments. Here are some great ball pumps we recommend.

Buying Guide for Ball Pumps

A soccer player uses an electric pump to fill a soccer ball with air.

Why buy a ball pump?

Imagine you’re at the park with your friends playing a pick-up game of basketball, having a great time together. The competition is intense, and you could win it all with one final shot. However, your basketball unexpectedly deflates, and no one brought an extra basketball. The best way to avoid such a debacle is by investing in a trusty and portable ball pump.

What should you look for in a ball pump?

  • Simple Design: When searching for the right ball pump, you want to ensure it offers an easy-to-use, ergonomic design. This way, if you’re someone who’s often on the go, you can quickly and efficiently inflate your sports balls before heading out or add some air if it deflates mid-game.
  • Air Delivery System: Ultimately, you’ll want to invest in a ball pump that features an efficient and dependable air delivery system. You have your traditional push-pull inflation method, but you also have the choice of investing in an electric ball pump. Whatever system you decide on, ensure that it will offer consistency and ease of use.
  • Quality: No matter which ball pump you decide on purchasing, you should ensure it’s a product that will last. Every component of your ball pump should provide you with durability, from the valve to the pump’s outer casing.

Do you need to worry about air pressure?

Most ball pumps are now incredibly accurate and precise when it comes to air pressure. This way, you can properly inflate your basketball, soccer ball, or volleyball with greater efficiency. Certain ball pumps come with a pressure gauge, allowing you to read and adjust your pressure levels and thus eliminating potential difficulties.

Our Picks for the Best Ball Pumps

Best Overall


This ball pump has an ergonomic design for better ease of use.

Pros: This ball pump is the best overall option because it features an ergonomic design that allows you to inflate your sports balls with ease. It comes with five different needles that you can easily swap out in case you accidentally bend or lose one of them. It features a simple push-pull delivery system that you can use on many different sports balls, including volleyballs, basketballs, and soccer balls.

Cons: In terms of the accuracy when measuring air pressure, there are better options available. Also, the traditional push-pull delivery system is somewhat antiquated.

Bottom Line: This ball pump is conveniently sized, affordable, and you can bring it along with you to your local gym or park. You don’t have to spend a lot of time inflating balls because the pump is incredibly efficient and easy to use. It also works twice as fast as normal ball pumps, providing you with greater convenience.


Most Compact

REVIVL Air Pump for Inflatables

A ball pump that's incredibly lightweight and great for traveling.

Pros: With a lightweight and portable design, this ball pump fits right into your sports bag so that you can take it with you to the field or court. It inflates quickly, and it comes with five extra needles that you can attach to your pump in case you lose one. The flexible hose of the pump also ensures that you won’t cause unnecessary damage to your sports ball.

Cons: This ball pump doesn’t come with an air release valve, which helps prevent over-inflation. It also doesn’t come equipped with a gauge, so it’ll be more prone to over-inflation.

Bottom Line: This popular product offers incredible ease of use, allowing you to inflate your sports balls quickly and without delay. This way, you and your friends can get right back to the game. The complete kit includes a flexible extension hose, an inflation gauge, several needles, and a case to organize them.


Best Electric Option

Pumteck&1&kids Electric Ball Pump

An electric ball pump that provides accurate air pressure and an automatic stop/start function.

Pros: This electric ball pump has several intuitive design features, including a detection system that has an automatic stop and start for when you reach the ideal pressure. The device also comes with a digital display screen so that you can accurately monitor your psi levels. This way, you won’t waste time and energy when it comes to inflating your sports balls.

Cons: This is an electric device, which means that you’ll need to recharge it periodically. It comes equipped with a lithium battery that can inflate up to 30 sports balls before you need to recharge it. Recharging the device also takes about two hours to complete.

Bottom Line: This electric ball pump is incredibly reliable to use on weekly basis, especially if you are often at the gym or consistently playing sports. The device is compatible with pretty much any kind of sports ball, including footballs, volleyballs, basketballs, and even rugby balls. You can also store it just about anywhere, like your sports bag or the glove compartment in your car.


Best Budget

Franklin Sports Perfect Pump

A ball pump with a pressure release valve that prevents over-inflation.

Pros: This ball pump features a pressure gauge that allows you to inflate your sports balls with speed and efficiency. It’s also incredibly lightweight and durable, plus you can optimize your air pressure, thanks to a particular gauge and deflation valve. The pump also features an ergonomic handle, making it much easier to use and store away.

Cons: The pump only comes with three inflation needles, which means that you need to keep track of them more carefully. Also, although the device itself is affordable, you can find several less expensive options.

Bottom Line: If you want better accuracy, this is the ball pump you should consider purchasing. The gauge is incredibly accurate at reading air pressure, ensuring you won’t over-inflate your sports balls. You can take it with you to sports tournaments and competitions that are far away from home.


Best Multi-Pack

MINGRU Ball Pump 3-Pack

Three ball pumps that feature an ergonomically shaped handle and a compact design.

Pro: The entire package comes with three different pumps, six plastic nozzles, 12 inflating needles, and three flexible rubber hoses. The pump itself is made of polypropylene material, making it incredibly durable and lightweight at the same time. You can pump the needles at different angles, and the tapered plastic nozzle allows you to inflate toys and balloons in addition to sports balls.

Cons: You’ll likely only need to buy multiple ball pumps at a time if you’re a gym owner or if you help run and organize a private sports league. If you’re the average athlete, you probably won’t need this many ball pumps for personal use.

Bottom Line: Why limit yourself? Having multiple ball pumps will ensure that you can inflate volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs, yoga balls, airbeds, pool floaties, and other inflatable items around your home. The entire package is also incredibly affordable, ensuring you don’t have to break the bank to purchase multiple high-quality ball pumps for your team.

Final Thoughts

Ball pumps offer you a straightforward approach to inflating sports balls so that they’re ready for another game. Pumps provide you with the right amount of air pressure for greater efficiency and precision, and they’re convenient to have around.

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