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The Best Ballet Barres for Training Perfection

A woman helping younger girl in ballet dresses on barre.

Extensively used in ballet warmups and training, ballet barres are ideally used for a range of workouts, warmups, and exercises. Whether you are looking for a fixed bar that is typically stationary or designed to be disassembled and moved for convenience, ballet barres are a great addition to almost any workout space. Here are some fantastic ballet barres we recommend.

What to Consider When Purchasing Ballet Barres

When it comes to purchasing sports equipment, your comfort is one of the most important things to consider, along with these extra points:

  • Weight: If there is a stationary place to leave this bar, or you have help to move it, weight is not as big of a deal. However, if you will be working alone to move and set up the barre, it might be wise to opt for a lightweight style.
  • Size: From large wall-mounts to smaller personal-sized barres, choose one that best suits how many people will be using this barre. For smaller kiddos, it’s best to have a shorter barre, while adults or older kids will better enjoy a taller one or an adjustable barre that will offer multiple heights. If there is limited space or the barre has to come to practices, choose a barre that can easily be disassembled for storage or travel.
  • Construction: Steel and wood are a great combination for sturdiness, although they may be a little heavier. Aluminum is a great lightweight component, however, it may not offer the strength of the former. There should also be multiple locking points and anti-slip feet for additional stability. This barre has the potential to have countless hours of stretching and leaning, so make sure it offers a sturdy place with extra support.

 Most Popular: Lovinouse Upgraded Ballet Barre

pink ballet barre with black adjustable locks and feet

Available in three colors — blue, pink, and silver — this barre is suitable for all levels of dancers at home, in the studio, or even in school. This free-standing barre can hold up to 220 pounds. It includes a leg stretching band to help warm up as well as a great place for practicing gymnastics and stretching. The barre also has rotating feet that allow it to be stored against the wall to save space, while the high-friction rubber foot covers eliminate slipping, prevent tipping, and protect your floors.

Most Sturdy: PreGymnastic Updated Freestanding Ballet Barre

A ballet barre with a black from and two wooden bars.

Featuring bigger triangle deadlocking knobs, PreGymnastic’s ballet barre is meant to stay put. The barre offers anti-slip rubber feet and smooth solid beech wood, as well as two soft EVA pads. The adjustable height makes it great for dancers of all ages. This barre is also fairly light despite the sturdy construction, making it easy to move and store.

Most Sturdy

PreGymnastic Updated 5ft Adjustable & Portable Freestanding Ballet Barre with Carrying Bag for Dancing Stretch (Color1(Black 5ft))

Deadlocking support and adjustable height on a lightweight yet sturdy barre that has non-slip feet.

Best for Workouts: Booty Kicker — Home Fitness Exercise Barre

A white workout barre with a wooden bar on top and weight slats on the bottom.
Booty Kicker

With a foldable and sturdy construction, this barre is specially designed for adult workouts. The classic wooden bar is supported by a narrow frame and offers steel weight racks to hold your favorite weights, gripping feet for added stability, and rolling wheels to help you easily move it wherever it needs to go. The design is accented by the white paint as well as nickel-plated accents to make this barre an almost decorative addition to your workout space while offering a strong place to work out your thighs, abs, core, and more.

Best for Workouts

Best Wall Mounted: Vita Vibe Single Bar Traditional Wood Barre

A wooden wall-mounted barre with black mounts.
Vita Vibe

Available in a range of sizes — from 3 feet all the way up to 40 feet — this barre is ideal for ballet dancers as well as barre fitness, either commercial or home use. The natural ash hardwood bars are sanded smooth, and the brackets can be placed anywhere along the barre while mounting. Designed with both small and large dancers in mind, this barre is great for all ages and features rounded edges for a classic look that is sure to inspire.

Best Wall Mounted

Vita Vibe Classic WB15 Ash Wood - Single Bar Wall Mount Ballet Barre System (Black, 5 FT)

Made of ash hardwood that is sanded smooth with rounded edges for a classic finish suitable for commercial or in-home use.

Best Lightweight: ElevFit Ballet Barre

A white barre stand with two wooden bars.

This barre features a powder-coated aluminum frame and a smooth hardwood vinyl bar with a reliable locking system. The curved leg bases allow for increased stability as well as a better place for stretching, making this barre suitable for all sorts of exercises, from balance and strengthening to developing flexibility and stretching to training and practicing dance. Suitable for all age ranges, this barre has heavy-duty support and quality construction while maintaining a lightweight for easy movability.

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