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The Best Balloon Arch Kits

🕚 Updated July 2021

Balloon arches are great decorations for various events, parties, and major life milestones. Check out these kits to create a snazzy balloon centerpiece for your next celebration.

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  Top Choice Best Design Best Color Options Most Versatile Also Great
12ft Table Balloon Arch Kit
Balloon Arch & Garland Kit
DIY Balloon Arch & Garland Kit
Balloon Decorating Strip Kit for Arch Garland
Olive Green Balloon Garland Arch Kit
Our SummaryA balloon arch kit that's ideal for many different special events.An affordable balloon arch kit with an intuitive design.This DIY kit provides you with an array of color options so that you can create a unique layout.A decorative balloon arch kit that you can use for many different events and celebrations.A DIY balloon arch kit that's beautiful and easy to assemble.
ProsDurable and easy to assemble, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.Safe to use with child-friendly features, comes with 120 latex balloons.Multiple color options along with confetti balloons, good for many different celebrations.User-friendly and elegant, offers a variety of styles, comes with flower clips.High-quality materials and equipment, sturdy and durable, easy assembly.
ConsCould take a while to assemble.Confetti can only stick to the balloons through static electricity.Requires you to set aside some time to assemble.You'll have to punch out the holes in the arch.Not ideal for outdoor use.
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The Best Balloon Arch Kits

large balloon arch made out of white, black, gold, and clear glittery balloons at a birthday party

Weddings, baby and bridal showers, graduations, retirement parties, birthdays, holidays; you name it, a balloon arch will fit right in. They’re more versatile decorations than you might imagine. Depending on the design and color of the arch and balloons, they can be used to add flair, class, elegance, fun, whimsy, or atmosphere to the environment and celebration. The shape and size of the arch and balloons can vary by kit, preference, and what the event calls for as well. Best of all, balloon arches tend to require very little in the way of supplies, can be assembled quickly and easily, and are highly customizable to fit a specific event or theme. Balloon arches are pretty long-lasting too, 12 to 20 hours on average, and can even last several days if they’re enhanced with the right materials. This means they can be prepared in advance of the actual celebration to save you time on the day of the event. And they won’t wilt in a matter of a few hours like fresh flower arrangements. There are many advantages to balloon arches as a decoration, so if you’re considering one for your next party or celebration, don’t be afraid to go for it. Here are some balloon arch kits we recommend to create a festive addition to your event.

Buying Guide for Balloon Arch Kits

A curvy balloon arch made with pink, gold, and white balloons and flowers is set up above a table with refreshments.

Why buy a balloon arch kit?

When you’re planning a special event, such as a wedding or graduation party, you want to add more flair and excitement to the occasion. A balloon arch is an amazing decorative solution that will transform your guests’ experience and make your special event a lot more memorable. They work well for many different occasions, including football games, festivals, birthday parties, dances, and other more formal gatherings. They’ll look good over a doorway, next to a refreshment table, in front of a backdrop, or almost anywhere else you want to add visual interest to your celebration’s setup.

What should you look for in a balloon arch kit?

  • Size: You can find balloon arch kits that create displays that are small and subtle, larger than life, or somewhere in between. Try to have a length picked out, or at least a ballpark figure in mind, before you buy one. If you’re unable to determine how long you want your arch to be or are otherwise uncertain, look for a kit that includes tape backing, as this will allow you more versatility than a balloon arch kit with a pre-set length. For kits that include the balloons, there may be some variation in their sizes as well. Some of this variation will depend on how much or little you inflate them, but there is some disparity in their maximum size.
  • Colors: Balloons are available in just about every color known to humanity, and this extends to balloon arch kits. You can find a kit with multiple colored balloons, specific holiday color combinations, balloons in various shades of the same color, balloons with designs on them like hearts or stars, and much more. You should have no problem finding a balloon arch kit with unique colors and a design that perfectly aligns with your theme and space.

Do balloon arch kits come with special backing or supports?

Many, if not all, balloon arch kits will come with some sort of backing to provide the arch with shape and stability. There are two main types of backing: a curved pole or tape. Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Poles are more solid and provide better stability than tape; they give you a structure to work with, which you may find helpful. But this also makes them more rigid and less adaptable than tape. The tape gives you more variety in the size and shape of your balloon arch and can even allow you to make more than one arch at a time if there are enough balloons. However, arches made with tape might not hold their shape as well and are less sturdy than those made with poles. Consider what you want out of your balloon arch, and choose your backing accordingly.

Our Picks for the Best Ballon Arch Kits

Top Choice

LANGXUN 12ft Balloon Arch Kit

A balloon arch kit that's ideal for many different special events.

Pros: This kit includes a pole made of 10 high-strength glass fiber rods to affix the balloons to in order to form the arch, two C-shaped plastic clips, 25 balloon rings, and an instruction manual to help you with the setup. The 12-foot pole can fit about 120 5- to 10-inch balloons (the actual number may vary depending on how tightly the balloons are fitted together). The pole’s length can be adjusted for those occasions that call for a shorter or smaller arch. It is built to bend into whatever angle you want it to without breaking. You can either fix the poles to tables with the clamps or use a weighted item to place them on the floor. The clamps will fit on most tables, even those less than 2 inches thick. The plastic ring clips fit four balloons at a time, making it easier and quicker for you to put the arch together.

Cons: The arch doesn’t come pre-assembled, so you’ll need to set it all up on your own. However, the kit comes with an instruction manual that will help simplify the process.

Bottom Line: This is a classic balloon arch set that’s reusable, big, and sturdy enough to stay in place in and out of doors, even in breezy weather. If you want a balloon arch for your next party or event, use this kit to build your own to save yourself time and money. Best of all, the kit can be reused time and time again with other balloons to fit the occasion.


Best Design

Whaline Balloon Arch & Garland Kit

An affordable balloon arch kit with an intuitive design and fun gold confetti.

Pros: Each of the 120 balloons is made of safe, high-quality latex and ribbons. They come in two sizes; 25 of the balloons are 5 inches in size, while the other 95 measure 12 inches. Besides the balloons, this kit comes with 16 feet of balloon tape, a balloon tying tool, and one roll of 100 balloon glue points. The balloon tape provides the backing for the arch and allows you to make different balloon arches and garlands of varying lengths and styles. The entire kit is easy to use. All you have to do is inflate the balloons, slip the knots into the tape strip’s holes or put them into grooves on clips, and peel the button off the adhesive sheet to stick the garland wherever you wish. The included balloon-tying tool will help you to tie the balloons without getting your fingers stuck for a faster and simpler setup. Don’t be afraid to use it with balloons of other colors and play around with inflating the balloons to different sizes for more unique and dazzling looks.

Cons: You have to make the confetti stick to the balloons through static electricity, which will require you to rub a blanket on your inflated balloons. This is a somewhat labor-intensive and tedious process.

Bottom Line: Here’s a balloon arch kit that includes a set of lovely, glittery balloons sure to suit almost any event. Whether you want a balloon arch for a birthday party, graduation celebration, holiday party, or more, these white, gold, and black balloons with confetti will add a touch of elegance and shine to your event.


Best Color Options

LZVPL Balloon Arch & Garland Kit

Take your special celebration to the next level with this unique balloon arch.

Pros: No matter what assortment of colors you’re looking for, there’s bound to be a choice here that suits your occasion. Each balloon maxes out at 10 inches in size. You can use your balloon pump to blow them up to full size or inflate different balloons to different sizes for more variety. In addition to the balloons, the kit comes with a 16-foot roll of balloon tape to shape and fasten your arch, plus a balloon tying tool and a roll of glue dots for fixing the balloons to the arch. You can experiment and mix and match the different colors of the balloons for a lovely, eye-catching party decoration.

Cons: This particular balloon arch takes 30 minutes to assemble, so you’ll need to take some time out of your day to set it up. The kit also doesn’t include instructions on how to assemble the arch.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to build a colorful, bright, or even multicolored balloon arch, this kit will be right up your alley. It comes with 100 latex balloons in multiple colors, plus 10 gold confetti balloons, with six different color combinations available. Whether you’re looking for a pink and blue arch for a baby shower or rose gold, champagne, pink, burgundy, and white for a wedding, you can buy this kit in all of these combos and more.


Most Versatile

Coogam Balloon Decorating Strip Kit

A decorative balloon arch kit that you can use for many different events and celebrations.

Pros: Each kit includes two rolls of balloon tape strips, two tie tools, two glue craft points, a balloon tying tool, and 20 holder clips. Each balloon tape strip is 16 feet long and can hold up to 220 balloons each, with more than one balloon able to fit per hole, and each glue craft point has 100 pieces, which makes this kit as economical as it is versatile. The holder clips allow you to hook balloons into flower shapes and stack them along the tape-backed arch for a unique touch and extra decoration. You can also string together latex balloons of varying sizes and colors for a nearly endless variety of styles. The tape allows you to determine the shape and length of the arch you want for further versatility. The kit is easy to use as well; all you have to do is inflate the balloons in the manner of your choosing, insert the tied knots into the tape’s holes or grooves of the clips, and then peel off the adhesive sheet of the tape to stick it in place. The tape is designed to stick as long as you need without detaching or leaving behind marks or glue on your ceiling, floor, or walls when you take it down after the party.

Cons: You will have to punch in the holes on the arch yourself, which can be tedious and time-consuming. This can be very tiring for your fingertips and cause delays in setting up decorative displays.

Bottom Line: This is a multifunctional balloon arch kit that offers you a nice range of equally beautiful, unique, and stunning arches and garlands. Whether you’re decorating for a party, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, or another major occasion, this balloon arch kit will allow you to shape and design the arch or garland you want.


Also Great

GIHOO Balloon Garland Arch Kit

A DIY balloon arch kit that's beautiful and easy to assemble.

Pros: Each kit comes with 127 shiny latex balloons in four different colors, plus white and gold confetti balloons. Different balloons can inflate to different sizes from 5 inches up to 18 inches, providing a sophisticated, dynamic look. The latex material is stretchy and easy to inflate, which a thick skin that won’t pop or deflate easily. A 16-foot garland strip, with holes to tie the inflated balloons into, and an extra bag of gold confetti also come included.

Cons: This metallic balloon arch, while it will work just fine outdoors, is best equipped for shade or indoor venues to prevent the shiny sheen from oxidizing. In other words, this isn’t a great option for outdoor celebrations.

Bottom Line: Though a common feature of outdoor weddings and other similar celebrations, balloon arches are equally suitable for indoor parties and events. Despite the range of sizes, you can arrange the balloons as you see fit by color and size in order to achieve the aesthetic you seek. Take this opportunity to beautify and add more extravagance to your wedding, graduation party, banquets, and other special events.

Final Thoughts

Each of these balloon kits comes with unique colors and other decorative components that can transform your special celebration and make the entire event more memorable. Keep in mind that you can use them for a wide range of celebrations, and they’re great for indoor and outdoor use. Just make sure you get a kit that comes with the ideal number of balloons as well as adhesive strips or clamps that allow you to customize the layout of your arch.

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