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The Best Bamboo Cutting Boards

🕚 Updated October 2022

If you're looking for a new cutting board, go with the best and most sustainable cutting board out there---bamboo! It's strong but has some give, so your knives won't dull, even with regular use. Here are some bamboo cutting boards we recommend.

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  Best Extra-Large Best Set Best with Storage Best with Compartments Also Great
Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board
Bamboo Cutting Set
Extensible Bamboo Cutting Board Set
Large Bamboo Cutting Board
Greener Chef
Organic Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board
Our SummaryThis striking extra-large bamboo cutting board offers ample space for slicing, dicing, filleting, chopping, etc.This bamboo cutting board set makes time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable and organized.A cutting board set with exterior food containers that hang securely from built-in steel racks.This set of three stunning bamboo cutting boards features a cutting board rack for kitchen organization.A versatile bamboo cutting board that works as a lovely serving tray or butcher's block for large slabs of meat.
Pros✓ 100% organic bamboo
✓ Built-in juice groove
✓ Nonporous structure
✓ Anti-slipping
✓ Three different sizes
✓ Each is reversible
✓ Can buy with or without handles
✓ Pull-out stainless-steel racks
✓ Added plastic board for phone or tablet
✓ Non-slip silicone feet
✓ Built-in compartments
✓ Several sizes available
✓ Handle
✓ Juice groove
Resilient to splinters
✓ Pure Moso bamboo
✓ Extra-large size
✓ Deep grooves catch juice
✓ Board won't warp or split
Cons✗ Might split after time✗ May crack and splinter if not cleaned and oiled as recommended✗ You may find this product thinner than expected✗ Only one handle✗ You may find this product thinner than expected
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The Best Bamboo Cutting Boards

A wooden cutting board with veggies and a knife resting nearby.

Buying Guide for Bamboo Cutting Boards

Man's hands cutting fresh vegetables in the kitchen, preparing a meal for lunch.

Why buy a bamboo cutting board?

Bamboo is scratch-resistant, sustainable, renewable, and requires no pesticides or insecticides. It’s an all-around better option for the planet compared to other hardwoods. In addition to being strong and soft, bamboo is lightweight, so your cutting board will be easy to store and grab when you’re ready to start cooking.

What should you look for in a bamboo cutting board?

  • Size: You’ll want to look for a bamboo cutting board sized to fit your counter space and your needs as the cook. If you like to make meals for the whole family or ensure you have leftovers, you may want to check out larger-sized cutting boards. Conversely, a small cutting board might be perfect for quick snacks or smaller portions.
  • Design: A good design makes a world of difference. Look for bamboo cutting boards with a built-in groove that catches juices from the food items you’ll be working with. Some options have handles; others don’t. If you want to hang your bamboo cutting board or use it as a serving tray or charcuterie board, built-in handles make it much more manageable. While you’re at it, keep an eye out for cutting boards you like to look at. There are so many lovely variations!
  • Extra Features: It pays to keep an open mind, even when shopping for a simple bamboo cutting board. If you do, you’ll discover products with the little extra bonuses that make them unique. Such features may include silicone pads to add extra security, well-hidden handles to give a simple and elegant appearance, and built-in sections to hold ingredients.
  • Price: Prices vary by special features, sizes, and sets. Even the fanciest bamboo cutting board options with sets and appealing designs cost around $50. If you’re going for a simple, single cutting board, you can spend as little as $15. Since they’re so affordable, there’s bound to be one for almost every chef.

How do you clean and care for a bamboo cutting board?

Never put a bamboo (or other wooden) cutting board in the dishwasher or soak it in a sink full of soapy water. Long exposure to heat and moisture can lead to warps and cracks. Instead, wash it with dish soap and hot water and then dry it with a towel. You can leave it standing up to let it completely dry overnight. If your board has absorbed a weird smell, you can use a cut lemon and salt to scrub stains and smells from the wood. Lastly, mineral oil is a great product to rub into your bamboo board about once a month to keep it looking its best.

Our Picks for the Best Bamboo Cutting Boards

Top Choice

Royal Craft Extra-Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

This striking extra-large bamboo cutting board offers ample space for slicing, dicing, filleting, chopping, etc.

Pros: Use this 100% organic bamboo cutting board for everyday food preparation and even specialty foods for the holidays. Thanks to the built-in groove, you can chop colorful, juicy veggies and fruits without making a mess. Place a slab of meat, fish, or a block of tofu down and have the same mess-free experience. This double-sided cutting board also delivers safety features. Its strong and flexible surface prevents knives from slipping and growing dull, and the nonporous structure keeps the board from slipping.


Cons: A few users found that the board split after time, even with proper care.


Bottom Line: This extra-large bamboo cutting board has so much surface space for chopping veggies to your heart’s content. It’s a wonderful option for those with large families or those who like to meal prep.


Best Set

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Bamboo Cutting Set

This bamboo cutting board set makes time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable and organized.

Pros: This handsome bamboo cutting board set makes hosting guests easier on you and more pleasurable. Use the three-sized portable boards with side handles to prep ingredients and serve appetizers. For example, you could use the board solely to cut meats, another for fruits and veggies, and the third for serving.


Cons: If you forget to clean and oil the boards as recommended, your new set may begin to crack and splinter.  


Bottom Line: They’re made of quality bamboo, come in three rectangular sizes, and feature a deep grooved edge for catching meat and fruit juices before they run onto the counter. Buy them for yourself to add order to food preparation or give them to your favorite chef. 


Best with Storage

FISHSUNDAY Extensible Bamboo Cutting Board Set

A cutting board set with exterior food containers that hang securely from built-in steel racks.

Pros: This FISHSUNDAY bamboo cutting board caught our eye with its unique extensible container design. Pull out the built-in stainless steel racks on either long side of the cutting board. Place the two stainless steel and two plastic containers as you like them, but two can rest above the board and hold whole vegetables, and two can rest below it to catch the chopped vegetables or discards. What a convenient system! The bamboo board has a plastic board on which you can place a phone or tablet to follow a recipe. Everything—the board, the containers, and your tablet—will stay in place thanks to the non-slip silicone feet on the bottom.


Cons: The plastic board is not large enough to hold a recipe book, just devices.


Bottom Line: If you like to be organized in the kitchen, this is the cutting board for you. Its built-in racks with food containers for holding chopped ingredients will clear up space on the board for you to keep chopping away.


Best with Compartments

HHXRISE Large Bamboo Cutting Board

This attractive, large cutting board has three built-in compartments for efficient cooking.

Pros: This cutting board is very spacious and features three built-in compartments. Use them to separate ingredients until you’re ready to use them. There’s one cut-in handle to steady the board as you dice and chop, serve guests, then hang it up to store. And the 100% organic bamboo board has the all-important cut-in narrow grooves to catch meat, veggie, or fruit juice from spilling off and making a mess.

Cons: The cutting board has only one handle. One on each side of the board would offer more stability as you serve guests.

Bottom Line: This bamboo board may suit your needs if you prefer an ample cutting board surface. The built-in compartments help consolidate the process as well, making extra bowls for various ingredients unnecessary. Space-saving tools are the best!


Also Great

Greener Chef Organic Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

A two-toned extra-large cutting board made of super durable Moso bamboo.

Pros: Yep, bamboo is soft and, therefore, gentler on kitchen knives. The Greener Chef board, however, is made of pure Moso bamboo, a type that’s more durable than other bamboo and grows fast, like a weed, so it’s the most sustainable bamboo. The extra-large size allows you to prepare more food at once, streamlining the cooking process. Of course, its value is found not just in size but also in design. The deep grooves catch juice from fruit, vegetables, and meat. Your knives won’t grow dull over time, and the board won’t warp or split.


Cons: You may find this product thinner than expected.


Bottom Line: This bamboo cutting board is natural, easy to maintain, longer-lasting than other materials, and better for the environment. It also adds a nice decorative touch that complements a kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Bamboo is an inherently valuable material for cutting boards. It’s strong, durable, attractive, and lightweight. Find a bamboo cutting board you like, and don’t let it go. It will last a long time if you take care of it.

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