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The Best Bandanas for Your Dog

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🕚 Updated July 2023

Your dog has a unique and special personality that needs to be shown off to the world. What better way to let your family, friends, and neighbors get to know your pet than through a cute, decorative bandana?

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  Best Personalized Best Holiday Designs Best Variety Pack Best Design Most Patterns
Personalized Dog Bandana
Reversible Dog Bandanas
Reversible Dog Bandanas - 6PCS
Dog Bandanas - 4 Pack | Rubi Set
Unique Styles
Paws Cotton Dog Bandana
Our SummaryEmbroider your contact information or other message of your choosing onto this dog bandana-collar.Dress up your pup for your favorite holidays with these festive bandanas.Whether you own multiple dogs or love to switch up your pup's outfits frequently, this six-pack of bandanas provides great bang for your buck.Upgrade your pet's style with these trendy prints that contour your dog's neck size and shape.With over 20 colors and patterns to choose from, this dog bandana has a design that'll suit any pup.
Pros✓ Customizable text option
✓ Four different colors and sizes
✓ Adjustable, quick release buckle
✓ Soft yet strong fabric
✓ 12 embroidery color options
✓ Charming holiday-themed designs
✓ Multiple holidays available
✓ Well-crafted and high quality
✓ Hold up to multiple washes
✓ Available in several sizes
✓ Value two-pack
✓ Six-pack
✓ No repeat colors
✓ Reversible design
✓ Soft, durable, and comfortable fabric
✓ High-quality and long-lasting
✓ Maintains color after washes
✓ Specially curved neckline for comfort
✓ Three sizes available
✓ Double-layered material
✓ Resistant to wrinkles and stains
✓ Pretty, colorful patterns
✓ Four-pack
✓ Lots of colors and prints
✓ Long and easy to fold, roll, or otherwise adjust
✓ Large or small sizes
✓ Ties securely
Cons✗ May bunch or scrunch during play
✗ Colors may differ slightly from photos
✗ Potential sizing issues
✗ Sizing may be off for very large and very small dogs
✗ Care instructions not included
✗ Bandanas may stretch or roll over time
✗ One size option
✗ Thinner material
✗ Pricier
✗ Ties may come undone
✗ Long ends may get in the way or encourage chewing
✗ Hand wash recommended to avoid wrinkles and frays
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The Best Bandanas for Your Dog

A white Retriever mixed breed dog with brown markings wearing a red and white checkered bandana and relaxing in the grass.
Mary Swift/Shutterstock

Owners can print their names and phone numbers onto the bandana fabric in case their pup gets lost, dress their pups up for the latest holiday, use the accessory to make a bold statement, and more. Whatever your reasons for wanting to buy one, here are some fantastic dog bandanas.

Buying Guide for Dog Bandanas

Mixed breed black dog wearing a pink bandana collar.

Why buy a dog bandana?

There are many reasons why a dog owner might invest in a bandana for their pup—the first and foremost being, of course, cuteness and style. Dog bandanas come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs, allowing pet owners to dress up their dogs to showcase their personality or match their collar and/or harness. Many dog owners enjoy accessorizing their pets and seeing them look adorable in a bandana, both on a daily basis or for holidays, parades, or special events like birthdays, weddings, Pride parades, or adoption anniversaries. Some dog owners also use bandanas to easily identify their dog(s), especially in group settings like dog parks or events; this can be achieved through a unique pattern or even a personalized bandana with the dog’s name on it.

Bandanas can serve more functional purposes as well. They can help keep a dog’s neck warm in colder weather or provide protection from the sun in hot climates. Some bandanas even come with built-in cooling properties and/or are moisture-wicking to help keep dogs cool during warmer summer months.

What should you look for in dog bandanas?

  • Sizing: If the bandana doesn’t have a collar or buckle, look for long necklines for the ultimate neck comfort. These are also great for growing puppies, as the fabric allows you to tie the fabric in larger and larger increments. Collars are more likely to come in special sizes for extra-small or extra-large dogs and typically feature room for adjustment. When looking for the perfect size for your dog, always refer to the sizing guide provided. Your pup’s comfort and safety should always be prioritized, so ensure that the bandana fits properly, doesn’t restrict movement or breathing, and is made of safe, preferably soft, materials. And be sure to always supervise your dog when they’re wearing a bandana to prevent any potential choking hazards.
  • Material: Dogs are magnets for dirt and debris, as any dog owner can attest, so any fabric is likely to take on stains while they are playing or going on walks. Cotton bandanas are durable and breathable but tend to absorb water. Look for washable cotton bandanas to strike the perfect balance of comfort and convenience. Polyester is also a great choice as it is strong, wrinkle-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. Avoid delicate fabrics like silk so your dog can still run, play, and roll around without destroying its new accessory.
  • Closure System: Buckle collar bandanas are best for extremely playful or young dogs as they are durable and difficult for pets to take off. Fabric bandanas are less secure but are highly adjustable and less restrictive. Plastic quick-release buckles are great for short-term wear if your dog will only be wearing the bandana for a play date or photoshoot. Metal buckles with a loop are great for all-day use on dogs that are comfortable with the standard collar.

How do you tie a dog bandana?

Start by folding the bandana into a triangle, aligning the opposite corners to create a straight edge along the top, then roll the bandana from the long side towards the pointed end, creating a narrow strip. Next, gently place the center of the strip at the front of your dog’s neck, allowing the ends to hang down on either side. Bring the ends around the back of the neck and tie them together in a secure knot. Take a moment to adjust the bandana, ensuring that it sits flat against your dog’s neck without any bunching or discomfort. Also be sure to double- and triple-check that the bandana isn’t so snug that it’s restricting your pup’s movement or breathing or impeding their vision. If necessary, loosen or tighten the knot slightly to achieve the perfect fit.

Remember to monitor your dog while they are wearing the bandana to ensure they are comfortable and safe. Some dogs may need time to get used to wearing a bandana, so it’s a good idea to introduce it gradually and supervise them until you are confident that they are comfortable with it. And try not to leave your pup unattended while they’re wearing their new bandana due to the risk of entanglement. It’s best to reserve bandanas for short periods of time, such as during walks, outings, or special occasions, and remove them when your dog is unsupervised or sleeping.

Our Picks for the Best Dog Bandanas

Best Personalized

Pros: Give your best friend a gift that is as unique as they are with this customizable banana that can display his or her name, your phone number, or any message that’s special to you. Every type of dog can wear and look stylish in this bandana, thanks to the four different colors, sizes, and adjustable buckles for a more personalized fit for your pup’s comfort. Pair the cotton bandana’s hues with one of 12 embroidery thread colors, with options ranging from black to yellow to several shades of blue and beyond. The fabric is soft, strong, and non-irritating, so your pet stays comfortable all day. The collar-like band also features a quick-release buckle to ensure that the bandana can be taken on and off without any hassle, and you don’t have to worry about it coming undone and needing to be re-tied multiple times a day. And when this bandana gets dirty, a quick wash with cold water will easily remove mud, dirt, and grass.

Cons: The fabric part of this bandana collar has a tendency to bunch or get scrunched up when your dog plays while wearing it, especially if wrestling or rough-housing with other dogs. The colors of the cloth and/or embroidery may look slightly different in person than in the photos, and be sure to measure your dog’s neck and pay close attention to the sizing chart to ensure that the bandana isn’t too big or too small for your pup.

Bottom Line: Though some dog bandanas come with cute messages or sayings already printed on them, there’s no guarantee you’ll find the exact text you’re looking for. Take the guesswork out with this easily customizable dog bandana that also doubles as a collar for extra convenience.


Best Holiday Designs

Realeaf Reversible Dog Bandanas

Dress up your pup for your favorite holidays with these festive bandanas.

Pros: From charming holiday-themed designs to eye-catching patterns for all seasons, this pair of reversible dog bandanas come in a wide range of options to suit every occasion. Choose from Halloween, Christmas, Pride, Valentine’s Day, and beyond to elevate your dog’s style game. They’re made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use, so they’ll withstand playtime and romping from even the most energetic dogs. And say goodbye to faded and frayed bandanas as they’re designed to retain their vibrant colors and impeccable prints, even after multiple washes. Not only are these bandanas well made, but they come in several different sizes to fit a wider range of dog breeds and neck sizes. Best of all, these bandanas come at an affordable price, ensuring you can indulge your furry friend without breaking the bank. And since you get two bandanas per order, you’re covered if you own two pups, or if you only have one, your dog can always wear a bandana while the other one is in the wash.

Cons: Even if you measure your dog’s neck, you’ll want to be careful with the sizing of these bandanas. The XL might be too small for big dogs with thicker necks, while the proportions aren’t ideal for very small dogs and might require some extra finagling on your end to fit them properly. Care instructions also don’t come included with these bandanas, so you’ll have to figure out the best way to clean them on your own.

Bottom Line: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your dog’s seasonal wardrobe with these cute, festive bandanas. With their exceptional quality and unbeatable style, these bandanas are a must-have for any dog owner who likes to dress their pup with a little festive flair.


Best Variety Pack

Remifa Reversible Dog Bandanas - 6PCS

Whether you own multiple dogs or love to switch up your pup's outfits frequently, this six-pack of bandanas provides great bang for your buck.

Pros: If you want a variety of different bandanas to dress up your pup, rather than switch between the same one or two all the time, this set will be right up your alley. You get a six-pack of bandanas for one low price, each in a different color, so it’s much easier to mix things up or even match your pet to your own outfits. Whether you’re aiming for a playful and vibrant vibe or a more sophisticated and elegant appearance, these bandanas have you covered. Especially since all six are reversible. The soft, durable, and comfortable fabric of each kerchief ensures maximum comfort for your canine companion. The cloth is also high-quality, ensuring long-lasting use and color even after numerous washes. You can trust that they’ll withstand the test of time, providing your furry friend with stylish accessories for years to come.

Cons: These bandanas have a tendency to stretch or roll after prolonged use, and they may be a bit too small for some larger dog breeds or those with thicker necks, as they unfortunately only come in one size. You might also find the material is a bit thinner than you like.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a bulk pack of dog bandanas, this six-piece set is well worth a look as they offer both value and variety. They’re especially perfect if you have more than one or two pups at home or if you like to change your dog’s bandana on a daily or regular basis.


Best Design

Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas - 4 Pack | Rubi Set | Premium Durable Fabric | Unique Shape | Adjustable Fit | Multiple Sizes Offered | (Large)

Upgrade your pet's style with these trendy prints that contour your dog's neck size and shape.

Pros: The Remy+Roo bandanas were made with your dog’s comfort in mind, as the specially cut design ensures the fabric does not restrict their neck. The bandana features two long ends and a curved neckline, so the owners can make the perfect fit around their dog. And with three sizes to choose from, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a set of kerchiefs that perfectly fit your pup. The polyester material is double-layered and features a small Remy+Roo patch that makes this bandana look designer. Remy+Roo’s polyester design is also wrinkle- and stain-resistant, making it ideal for dogs that enjoy rough play. The line patterns, architectural imagery, and floral patterns are striking on your pet and beautiful for the owner to see. And with four different bandanas per pack, you can mix and match and switch out different colors and patterns however and whenever you want.

Cons: Though you do get four bandanas in the set, they’re still pricier than the other models on this list. And while the long ties are great for making these bandanas more comfortable for your dog to wear, they do have a tendency to come untied or get in the way at times, and your dog may chew on them.

Bottom Line: The main reason to buy a bandana for your dog is to make sure they look as cute as possible, a goal that’s easier than ever to achieve with this four-pack of cute, colorful dog bandanas. And even with the higher price tag, the extra comfort they provide your pup is well worth the extra cost.


Most Patterns

Unique Style Paws Cotton Dog Bandana

With over 20 colors and patterns to choose from, this dog bandana has a design that'll suit any pup.

Pros: When picking a dog bandana, you want something that’ll look good on your pup and fit the occasion, and this particular kerchief has a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from (22 in total). There are plain, solid shades, cute patterns like watermelons or flowers, multicolored plaids, and more. This bandana comes in lovely, eye-catching colors that will look great around your dog’s neck. It’s nice and long, making it easy to fold, roll, or otherwise adjust in order to better fit your pup, whether you pick the large or small size. And even though this is a tie-on bandana, it should stay securely tied and in place and not come undone easily, even during rough play.

Cons: Note that with certain patterns, this bandana isn’t reversible; it won’t be visible on both sides of the bandana. You may also want to consider carefully handwashing it rather than in the washing machine, as the fabric is prone to issues like crinkling or fraying after washing.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking for a dog bandana in your favorite shade or a new cute seasonal pattern for your pup to sport, this bandana has you covered. Not only does it offer a variety of different designs to choose from but you’ll appreciate the longer ties and adjustable fit that prevent you from have to re-tie a bandana on your dog every five minutes.

Final Thoughts

Dog bandanas are a popular and stylish accessory for our furry companions and for good reason. They come in various sizes, patterns, and materials, making them one of the cutest, most affordable, and overall easiest ways for pet owners to personalize their dog’s style, no matter the size, breed, color, and age of the pup in question.

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