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The Best Bandeau Bras

🕚 Updated March 2022

There's nothing worse than wearing a strapless outfit and dealing with bra straps. Try out one of these bandeau bra selections when you're ready to elevate your undergarments and make that fashion faux pas a thing of the past.

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  Top Choice Best Lace Choice Best Stick-On Choice Best with Underwire Also Consider
3 - 4 Packs Women's Seamless Bandeau Bra
3 Pieces Women's Floral Lace Bandeau Bra
Fashion Forms
Silicone Skin Bandeau Sticky Bra
Women's Jacquard Bandeau Underwire Bra
Elissa Women's Full Bust and Full Figure Strapless Longline Bra
Our SummaryA simple bandeau that works for almost any strapless style.A smart convertible bra with stylish lace upgrades.A bandeau that's perfect for backless and open-back styles.A strapless bra with a wide size range that's ideal for women with larger busts.A structured longline bandeau perfect for formal wear.
ProsEconomical 3-pack, breathable material, removable cups.Lace details, economical 3-pack, can convert to traditional strap bra.Ideal for backless or open-back styles, reusable with up to 25 wears.Relies on traditional bra sizes, underwire for enhanced support, neutral colors.Structured design ideal for formal wear, sweetheart neckline compatible with most necklines, larger size range.
ConsMay shift with wear, not as supportive for larger busts.Straps aren't included, minimal support, no removable cups.Learning curve for applying, removing and caring for bra, may not be ideal for larger busts.Antislip band is fabric rather than silicone.Not a full longline, size conversion from US to UK can be inconsistent.
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The Best Bandeau Bras


Buying Guide for Bandeau Bras


Why buy a bandeau bra?

Bandeau bras are a type of strapless bra and are essential if you want to wear sleeveless or strapless tops and dresses. They provide necessary support while ensuring that your strapless neckline isn’t broken by the unsightly look of bra straps. Even if you don’t wear strapless tops or dresses that often, a bandeau bra is much more comfortable than traditional bras because you don’t have to deal with straps digging into or slipping off your shoulders.

What should you look for in a bandeau bra?

  • Design: Bandeau bras come in a variety of designs and configurations. While a traditional model is similar to a regular bra minus the straps, you can also find longline bandeaus suited for more formal attire like wedding dresses, evening gowns, or cocktail dresses where you want tummy control and bra support. Additionally, you can find convertible bras that feature removable straps or accessory back straps that can be worn in various configurations to work with backless clothing. This can be a practical solution for people who rarely wear sleeveless styles but occasionally need a bandeau for select clothing items.
  • Support: Similar to standard bras, bandeaus come with a range of support needs. At a minimum, you want a bra that won’t shift. You can also opt for styles that offer built-in or removable padding, which can be ideal if you like a smoother look or want a bandeau that provides a push-up effect.
  • Fit: Of equal importance is finding a bra that’s comfortable. Ideally, a good strapless bra should fit close to the body but not so tight as to dig into your sides or under your bust. Additionally, you should be able to comfortably wear the bra with the closures on the farthest setting. Typically strapless bras are sized similar to regular models with a cup and band size; however, some bandeaus are sold in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Material: This factor is going to depend on your preference. Some people prefer a smooth fabric like spandex, while others might want lace.

Should you pick a stick-on bandeau bra?

Stick-on bras and stick-on bra tape continue to rise in popularity. Thankfully, there are plenty of circumstances where either version might be an excellent upgrade for your undergarment collection. In particular, many women with fuller busts appreciate bra tape as it helps to hold the breasts in place and provides a lift for an enhanced profile. Similarly, stick-on bandeau bras allow you to wear backless clothing and often have the option to increase cleavage thanks to an adjustable tie-front.

Our Picks for the Best Bandeau Bras

Top Choice

Venbond 3-4 Packs Women's Seamless Bandeau Bra

A simple bandeau that works for almost any strapless style.

Pros: The Venbond seamless bandeaus are a solid choice that’s comfortable, practical, and functional. Available in three- and four-packs, you’ll get the option of removable padding and soft, breathable fabric with plenty of stretch. Note that these are sized like clothing rather than bras.

Cons: The lack of built-in silicone backing, which would keep the bra in place, means anyone with a fuller chest may find themselves adjusting this bra throughout the day. Likewise, regular sizing rather than specific bra sizing can cause a bit of trial and error.

Bottom Line: If comfort is your priority, these stretchy and breathable bandeau bras are a solid choice. With a range of color choices and washable machine construction, these are great for the girl on the go who likes the option of wearing strapless styles without the discomfort usually associated with traditional bandeau bras.


Best Lace Choice

Boao 3 Pices Women's Floral Bandeau Bra

A smart convertible bra with stylish lace upgrades.

Pros: If the utilitarian stretch bandeau bra is a bit too basic for you, you might appreciate the upgrade that the Boao offers. You’ll like that this three-pack set features a convertible design that offers built-in loops to accommodate bra straps. And the lacy design allows you to wear this under lower-cut tops when you prefer a little modesty.

Cons: While this bra can be worn with straps, they aren’t included in the purchase. Also, note that this pick lacks support or removable cups, meaning that women with larger bra sizes may experience sagging.

Bottom Line: For smaller cup sizes who want the option to convert a strapless bra into a traditional style, this is an excellent solution since you’ll get a total of three bras.


Best Stick-On Choice

Fashion Forms Silicone Skin Bandeau Sticky Bra

A bandeau that's perfect for backless and open-back styles.

Pro: Traditional bandeau bras are great for most standard strapless clothing. But once you start shifting into the world of backless or open back (think keyhole) styles, your regular strapless bra might not be up to the challenge. The Fashion Forms bandeau is a sticky, backless option that provides support exactly where you need it and leaves your sides and back free for a flawless effect. Better still, it can be worn up to 25 times.

Cons: Specific steps must be followed to ensure that the bra adheres to your skin properly. And likewise, when it’s time to take it off, you need to focus on bra aftercare if you’re going to reach the touted 25 wears. Additionally, sizing is limited to small through extra-large, which may not be sufficient for fuller busts.

Bottom Line: Women with smaller busts will like this straightforward bandeau bra that can be more comfortable than a traditional strapless model and offers a truly backless experience.


Best with Underwire

DELIMIRA Jacquard Bandeau Underwire Minimizer Strapless Bra for Large Bust

A strapless bra with a wide size range that's ideal for women with larger busts.

Pros: The DELIMIRA bandeau contains underwire but, more important, offers a wider side range from A to G cups. This makes it easier to find your correct size since you can use your standard bra size. You’ll also appreciate the built-in antislip band for added security.

Cons: Although there is a built-in antislip band, since it’s not silicone or more textured material, the bra won’t stay put—especially for women with larger bra sizes.

Bottom Line: A more traditional bra size and a form-fitting bandeau design make this a popular option for those who prefer a more structured bra.


Also Consider

Parfait Elissa Women's Full Bust and Full Figure Strapless Longline Bra

A structured longline bandeau perfect for formal wear.

Pros: When it’s time to get dressed for a formal affair, and your dress is strappy or strapless, you want something with structure. The Parfait Elissa Strapless Longline Bra features a sleek, seamless silhouette with a sweetheart neckline that incorporates silicon elastic, so the bra stays put. Available in three colors, you’ll also get a structured design that smooths your back and upper abdomen for a smoother look in your clothing. Parfait’s sizing is more inclusive, covering everything from 28A to 44K (44O for U.S. sizes).

Cons: While this bra does feature significant structure, it doesn’t offer full abdominal coverage.  Additionally, while the brand does provide a conversion chart for the U.S. to UK sizes, the conversions for cup size may not always be accurate.

Bottom Line: When you’re wearing more formal attire, you want a sleek silhouette underneath, which this longline bandeau bra can provide. The sweetheart neckline makes it compatible with most garments as well.

Final Word

Bandeau bras are versatile for most women. Whether you routinely wear strapless clothing or need a bra for those special occasions, you want something supportive, anti-slip, and long-lasting, which is what a bandeau bra can do.

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