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The Best Bands for Your Apple Watch

an Apple watch on a dark gray metal wristband

Watchbands are not indestructible. No matter how delicately you think you are caring for your Apple device, its band—typical of every watchband—will bend, snap, deteriorate or fray over time. Odds are you may end up having to replace your watchband well before the battery even dies out. However, rest assured, this is an entirely normal cycle. The subsequent hunt for your new wristband, which may be an exact copy of the one you’re replacing if not a completely new approach, can be just as fun as the day you received that iPhone for your wrist. For those seeking a new band to strap onto their Apple Watch, here are some we recommend.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Watchband

Remember these three factors when picking out the next band for your Apple Watch:

  • Material: There are a variety of options at your behest when it comes to selecting your next watchband. As such, you should set aside some time to consider the material used for specific bands and what each material best satisfies. A stainless steel band may be able to withstand wear and tear for an extended period of time, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to wear something so fashion-forward and heavy if you also like to hike or run. The next watchband you choose should provide the appropriate amount of support while seeming appropriate in your common settings.
  • Size: An often overlooked facet to wristwatches is that they are designed in an assortment of sizes. The proportions of the watch face and wrist strap play off one another to provide a uniform appearance. It is important to consider how wide your next band is in relation to the watch face, or you will risk wearing a watch that appears too small or large for your wrist.
  • Style: Whatever tone or message you are hoping to achieve with your next watchband is entirely up to you. Your band is as essential to the Apple Watch as a pair of laces is to a pair of shoes. Plain and simple will get the job done and match most outfits, but a new daring color will always spice things up and add some personality.

Best Overall: ATUP Soft Silicone Band

one black, one light gray, and one white Apple watch straps in a row

If you are seeking a new watchband that doesn’t stray far from why you picked your Apple Watch, the ATUP Band bears a strong resemblance to Apple’s factory release watchband. This soft silicone band is compatible with all four Apple Watch releases, from Series 1 through Series 4, and comes in each respective watch size. At its heart, this is a sports band, so it offers users a soft silicone material to prevent possible skin irritation while exercising. However, you don’t need to be a mountain climber to enjoy its all-around comfort. This band also comes in a variety of popular colors, so if you are buying a three-pack, you’ll definitely be able to modify your Apple Watch to fit whichever occasion you need.

Most Versatile: YC YANCH Sport Loop

texture black Apple watch strap

With over 20 band colors to choose from for each size and release in the Apple Watch series, this band is as versatile as any watchband can get. First and foremost, this is a wristband constructed with durability in mind. Its high-quality nylon fabric does not scuff or tear as easily as other watch materials may, so if you are on the hunt for a band that can endure a few jogs and tumbles along the rocky trail, this should be among your top choices. However, while this is best used for exercising, its visual appeal and multi-color options allow any user the freedom to personalize their daily wardrobe. It’ll look just as good during a jog as it will at work or at home. Above all else, this watchband is also a pretty easy installation; it utilizes a dependable hook-and-loop fastener for quick and consistent adjustment.

Most Fashionable: iiteeology Solid Stainless Steel Band

classic gray metal Apple watch strap

It should be criminal to attach a stainless steel band onto your Apple Watch; that is just too much luxury in one package. Joking aside, a stainless steel band does offer a really formal appearance for users, and if they are considering it, they should look no further than this wrist strap. Compatible with every size and series in the Apple Watch collection, this band offers users a great look without the rigid feel of having a chunk of metal on your wrist. Its ultra-thin design, measuring 2 millimeters in thickness, provides a comfortably lighter experience than its previous models. Among other updates, this watchband offers an upgraded adapter and strap system which cuts out the need for screws. This design feature minimizes the potential for band-breaking, allowing you to strut comfortably knowing your watch isn’t coming apart anytime soon.

Most Fashionable

Also Consider: SKYLET Sport Bands

two perforated black rubber Apple watch straps, one with blue accents and one with lighter green accents

Another sporty option that comes in an affordably priced two-pack, this band has a look that would bring out the outdoorsy person in anyone. Like some of the best watchbands you can buy, this one is made from soft silicone, so you won’t risk irritating the skin on your wrist with excessive movement. However, this band increases the comfort with its unique design feature: holes. I know, you’re probably wondering, “Why should I pay for less product?” Well, that’s because this design feature single-handedly makes the product. Its holes provide breathability and ensure its claim to being a waterproof, sweatproof, and comfortable wristband experience.

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