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The Best Barbell Racks for Your Home Gym

woman doing squats in a barbell rack beside a man lifting in another barbell rack

Commonly, the barbell rack is the core of the typical home gym—and with good reason. As unexpected as it may seem to some, a simple barbell can effectively hit almost every major muscle in the human body with the right exercises. The versatility a barbell rack brings makes it a critical component in overall strength training.

If you’re on the hunt for a barbell rack for your home gym, here are four great ones we recommend for you.

What to Look for in a Barbell Rack

Here are some aspects to consider before buying a barbell rack:

  • Dimensions: Take the height and weight of your barbell rack into consideration, especially if it’s going to be assembled in a low-ceiling, small-space room. You’ll want to make sure you have enough space in your designated room for the rack, as well as enough space for yourself to perform your exercises.
  • Weight Capacity: If you want to handle a lot of weight, make sure your rack can do the same.
  • Accessories: Barbell racks aren’t just for barbells. These racks will often come with pull-up bars, plate storage, and more, which will increase the effectiveness of your workout.
  • Safety: The spotting arms prevent you from injury if you’re unable to bring up the weight. When set up correctly, these arms will catch your barbell and allow you to bail.

Top Choice: Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand

woman doing squats inside a black and red barbell rack

This is an overall solid rack to have in your home gym. It’s made out of durable powder-coated steel, which allows the rack to support a generous 805 pounds of weight. It’s 87 inches tall and has a 52.8-inch by 37.6-inch base.

With this barbell rack, you’ll get a set of 18-point adjustable hooks and spotting arms, along with an adjustable pull-up bar and six resistance band anchors. Along with these accessories, you get two weight storage posts on each side with clips as well.

Top Choice

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand Power Rack Cage - SF-XF9931

This rack comes with a 805-pound capacity and a number of additional accessories.

Best Budget: Topeakmart Adjustable Squat Rack

black barbell rack with a white barbell

You won’t need to put your strength progress on hold if you’re working with a smaller budget. This rack from Topeakmart is relatively affordable yet still effective. This is a steel-framed rack that can hold a maximum load of 441 pounds. Its feet have anti-skid pads that prevent slipping, and it has 14 adjustable points for height from 45 inches to 70.5 inches. Other racks have a fixed height, while this one is adjustable through safety pins. This rack is also disconnected and is set up as two individual poles.

But, if you’re looking to lift as heavy as possible, this rack may not be the best choice for you. The spotting arms are only 6.8 inches long, and the disconnected poles must be aligned properly, so relying on the spotting arms to fully protect you from injury won’t be enough—you’ll want to have a workout partner spot you with this rack.

However, those in for a casual, lighter-weight workout session with a friend or significant other can definitely benefit from this affordable rack. If you have a lower ceiling in your room, this may be favorable for you, too.

Best Budget

Safest Option: Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

chrome barbell rack with black feet and ceiling and bars

With barbell racks, safety is incredibly important when lifting. Most racks come with spotter arms that aid in the case of a failed lift, but none beat the safety of a power cage. Along with a structurally sound base, this cage can handle 800 pounds of weight and provides high-level safety with its two adjustable spotter bars secured on both ends.

As well as being super safe, it’s versatile as well. It comes with a multi-grip pull-up bar, 19 points of height adjustment, and room for more accessories. It’s 83.5 inches tall, with a 50.5-inch by 46.5-inch base.

Safest Option

Also Consider: Fitness Reality Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack

open chrome barbell rack with long black feet and bars

This is a versatile rack that you should definitely consider if on the hunt for a good barbell rack. It has a maximum height of 81 inches and can support 800 pounds of weight. This rack comes with deep hooks and spotter arms for safety and rubber padding on each hook to protect the knurling on the barbell.

This rack comes with several accessories: a pull-up bar, 19 height levels, a post for resistance band exercises, and weight horns that’ll store your plates and your barbell. It also comes with a landmine attachment, which further expands the range of exercises possible. With this rack, you’ll have no trouble building strength in every muscle.

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