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The Best Baseball Gloves

🕚 Updated August 2022

From Tee Ball to recreational baseball, ballplayers of every age need a reliable glove to play well through every inning. Complete that perfect catch or scoop up a grounder with one of these fantastic baseball gloves.

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  Top Choice Best Zero-Shock Catches Best for Kids Best for Tee Ball Also Great
  Franklin Sports
Field Master
Player Preferred Baseball Glove
Franklin Sports
Tee Ball Gloves & Ball Combo
Franklin Sports
Kids Meshtek Baseball Glove and Ball Set
RSB Slow Pitch Softball Glove
Our SummaryThis affordable, synthetic leather baseball glove offers comfort and style.This baseball glove's webbed design allows athletes of any skill level to play positions across the field.This set comes in several color combinations for your kid to start their adventures with baseball right.This 9.5-inch glove adds color and comforts the Tee Ball newbie.A flexible but firm glove with a deep pocket and basket web design.
ProsWorks for all positions, customizable fit, lightweight synthetic leather, available in multiple sizes and colors, left-hand and right-hand fit.Palm padding, Velcro strap for perfect fit, ambidextrous design, full-grain oiled leather.DigiTek microfiber interior for better grip, PVC covering for comfort, soft foam ball for safe practice.Fun colors, made of lightweight Meshtek, easier to squeeze hand around the ball.Tail-made pocket, suitable for all positions, better control, index finger pads and fingers lining, Neo-Flex back adds stretch for custom fit.
ConsNot made of genuine leather.A few users say the glove is too small.Subpar ball.Sizing can be tricky.Leather-synthetic combo material.
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The Best Baseball Gloves

A boy wears a baseball glove and holds a baseball inside. He reaches to grab the ball.

Buying Guide for Baseball Gloves

Old baseball and glove on field with base and outfield in background.
Danny E Hooks/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a baseball glove?

Like the bat and ball, the glove is a must-have for playing baseball, plain and simple. But if you dig into the gloves needed for each position—catcher, infielder, outfielder, and first base—you run into a much more complex search for a baseball glove. We’re looking at hybrid baseball gloves for adults and children and laid-back play here. While you don’t play for MLB, you still deserve a great mitt that will break the impact of an incoming ball. Catching a baseball or softball with bare hands is not a great idea. Even if you’re playing with a foam ball, you’ll be grateful to have a mitt to give you control.

What should you look for in a baseball glove?

  • Customization: Finding the ideal mitt can take some time, but baseball gloves designed with Velcro wrist straps and thumb adjustments will be helpful to get the right fit. Soft leather also allows a small amount of stretching without creating a loose fit.
  • Protection: Baseball gloves with palm padding will prevent shock from fast throws and reduce damage to the user’s hand. Advanced players should consider a glove with padding explicitly designed for impact reduction to avoid long-term problems.
  • Webbing: Different glove constructions feature key advantages. Athletes poised for fast-pitched games or players changing positions require the strength of a basketweave. I-web and H-web designs allow the ball to align in a specific area when catching, giving the players the advantage of consistency and control.

What should you do once you’ve purchased a glove?

Just like shoes, baseball gloves need to be broken in to create the perfect fit. Some manufacturers go the extra mile by softening the mitt before purchase so that it will be game-ready upon arrival, but others don’t. So once your baseball glove arrives, you may be surprised that it’s stiff and even awkward to wear at first. Give it time!

Our Picks for the Best Baseball Gloves

Top Choice

Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove - Field Master - Baseball and Softball Mitt , 12" - Trapeze Web, Tan

This affordable baseball glove gives a premium feel with its synthetic leather and adjustable strap.

Pros: It’s suggested as a fielder’s glove, but it provides a comfortable and durable mitt for every player. This glove features an adjustable wrist strap, hand-formed pocket, and a customized thumb adjustment that allows each unique user to enjoy a perfect fit. Once the user is ready to play, they’ll soon break in the glove, thanks to its lightweight and durable material. This soft, synthetic leather material feels great. This baseball glove comes in multiple sizes and colors for both right- and left-handed players, making it the ideal mitt for players who want a customizable look.

Cons: The Field Master is not made of genuine leather, which may be a source of disappointment.

Bottom Line: Most users say this baseball glove fits and does the job very well, making it a great choice, especially for the price.


Best Zero-Shock Catches

Rawling Player Preferred Baseball Glove

This baseball glove's webbed design allows athletes of any skill level to play positions across the field.

Pros: The Rawling Player Preferred Baseball Glove features a unique palm padding that provides a zero-shock experience during play. A Velcro strap allows for additional comfort as users can adjust it to create the perfect fit. The glove enables players to be versatile on the field as both right- and left-handed users can utilize the basket webbing for any position. The full-grain oiled leather and 80% factory 20% player break-in ratio means it shouldn’t take long to make it game-ready.

Cons: A few users say the glove is too small.

Bottom Line: This full-grain leather baseball glove is a real beauty. It’s a premium glove that takes a bit of getting used to, but we think you’ll be very pleased once you’ve made it your own.


Best for Kids

Franklin Sports Tee Ball Gloves & Ball Combo

This set comes in several color combinations for each unique child to start their baseball career off right.

Pros: What a fun glove and ball set to get your young one excited about Tee Ball. This pairing comes in several colors and designs to fit every kid’s personality. The glove is constructed with DigiTek, a digitally etched PVC microfiber interior for better grip and PVC covering for hand comfort and getting used to holding the mitt up. The accompanying ball is made of a soft foam material that makes it safe for practice at home or on the field. This glove and ball are ideal for young players stepping onto the baseball field for the first time.

Cons: Because the ball is pure foam, not weighted with a cork and rubber core, it’s difficult to catch it with predictable control.

Bottom Line: This serious-looking, bright-colored Tee Ball glove and ball will entice kids that are dying to play and encourage those who are hesitant. A quality, attractive piece of sports equipment like the Franklin Sports combo may be perfect for your little tyke.


Best for Tee Ball

Franklin Sports Kids Meshtek Baseball Glove and Ball Set

This 9.5-inch glove adds color and welcomes the Tee Ball newbie.

Pros: This wildly colorful mitt and ball set is a great back-to-school gift made just for young Tee Ball players. The 9.5-inch glove is made of lightweight Meshtek, an innovative technical mesh shell construction molded to fit the contours of kids’ hands. The soft material makes catching and squeezing simultaneously much easier as your kid learns the game. Play catch regularly and watch your youngster’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination improve.

Cons: Be sure to consult the size chart before purchase, as sizing can be tricky.

Bottom Line: This vibrant glove is a fun and welcoming pick for young ballplayers. If your child is not so interested in loud, attention-grabbing colors, there are subtler color schemes.


Pros: This adult 13-inch baseball glove serves as a utility glove for any position in baseball or softball. However, it’s highlighted as a slow-pitch glove for softball. It’s larger to accommodate the larger size of a softball with tailor-made pockets for catching softballs. Its 100% leather palm adapts to the contours of your hand and retains that shape. The basket web design will help you catch balls with superior control. Of course, you need more than a clam-like ball pocket to get the most out of your glove. It features index finger pads and finger linings for comfort and balance too. Neo-Flex lines the back side of the glove to add some stretch for a custom fit. 

Cons: For players who prefer the performance of 100% leather gloves, the leather-synthetic combo material may be disappointing.

Bottom Line: The Rawlings slow pitch glove makes a sound purchase for players interested in a comfortable, deep-pocket design for softball. There’s no softball-only rule, so try it out with baseballs, too, if you’re sold on the specs.

Final Thoughts

Baseball season is here, and it’s time to replace your old glove. The gloves we’ve highlighted are great options.

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