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The Best Basting Brushes for Your Kitchen

closeup of a chrome and orange brush basting a turkey

A great basting brush can be used to apply an egg wash on a pastry, baste grilled meat with a delicious marinade, or coat bread with melted butter. However, with so many basting brush options available today, it can be tricky to find the perfect basting brush for you. We made this guide to spotlight the best basting brushes on Amazon to help you find a product that exceeds all of your expectations.

What to Look for in a Basting Brush

Heat resistance is critical, especially if you will be using your basting brush inside the grill or oven. If you prefer basting food in a hot environment, you may also want to consider purchasing a basting brush with a long handle for added protection. Durability is another important factor, so be sure to choose a basting brush that does not shed bristles easily. Finally, some basting brushes are much easier to clean than others, so going with a dishwasher-safe or easy-to-clean design can be a real timesaver.

Top Pick: RWM Basting Brushes

two differently sized chrome basting brushes with black bristles with replaceable orange bristles

The RWM Basting Brushes feature polished stainless steel construction and a bristle-free design that ensures these basting brushes will not shed on your food. These basting brushes are very durable and rust-resistant for added longevity and are heat resistant up to an impressive 500 degrees Fahrenheit. For those seeking durable, dishwasher-safe basting brushes that can withstand extreme heat, look no further.

Top Pick

Rwm Basting Brush - Grilling BBQ Baking, Pastry and Oil Stainless Steel Brushes with Back up Silicone Brush Heads(Orange) for Kitchen Cooking & Marinating, Dishwasher

This silicone basting brush features removable brush heads and a non-shedding, one-piece brush head design that will stay intact for frustration-free basting.

Best Value: M KITCHEN WORLD Silicone Basting Brushes

two differently sized white basting brushes with orange bristles

The M KITCHEN WORLD Silicone Basting Brushes are heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and feature removable, dishwasher-safe heads for easy cleaning. These basting brushes are great at efficiently spreading generous amounts of butter, sauces, or any other liquids you choose to baste your food with. These also feature a lightweight, ergonomic design and durable bristles that do not break or shed, making them an excellent value for their low price.

Best Value

M KITCHEN WORLD Silicone Pastry Brush for Cooking 2 Pieces - Rubber Basting Brush with Grid, Kitchen Brushes Utensils for Food Sauce Butter Oil BBQ Spreading - Orange

This affordable basting brush set has four rows of shed-resistant silicone bristles that are great at holding and spreading generous amounts of sauce.

Best for Grilling: GRILLHOGS BBQ Basting Mop with Wooden Handle

wooden mop-like basting brush

The GRILLHOGS BBQ Basting Mop is adept at efficiently spreading thin sauces (like vinegar-based barbecue sauces) that other brushes tend to struggle with. This basting mop features a removable head with two replacement heads to ensure it can be used with numerous sauces without constantly cleaning in between. It also features an 18-inch wooden handle to keep your hands safe from extreme heat while basting meat on the grill and is super absorbent for easy spreading.

Best for Grilling

GRILLHOGS 18" Basting Mop - BBQ Mop Brushes for Sauce, Extra-Absorbent Double Head, Ergonomic Durable Natural Oak Handle, BBQ Grill Brush & Sauce Brush

This basting mop is ideal for thick and thin sauces alike and sports an extra-long wooden handle to keep your hands away from extreme heat while grilling.

Best for Baking: Boao Pastry Brushes, 4 Pieces

four wooden basting brushes in different sizes with brown heads and beige bristles

The Boao Pastry Brushes are adept at gently spreading butter or egg washes on baked goods and feature solid wood handles with water-resistant boar bristles. These versatile pastry and basting brushes are equipped to handle a wide range of applications, from basting meats to glazing baked goods. These brushes are also hangable for easy storage and retain their bristles well, making them a great choice for baking enthusiasts.

Best for Baking

4 Pieces Pastry Brushes Basting Oil Brush with Boar Bristles and Beech Hardwood Handles Barbecue Oil Brush for Spreading Butter Cooking Baking Brush (1 Inch, 1 1/2 Inch)

This pastry and basting brush set features hangable solid wood handles and is ideal for gently applying butter onto baked goods or spreading sauce on meat.

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