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The Best Bathrobes for Men

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🕚 Updated February 2023

There's nothing like slipping into a cozy bathrobe---it can make all the difference at the end or the beginning of a long day. Want a taste of the luxury life? Here are some bathrobes that we recommend.

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  Best Overall Most Lightweight Best with Shorts Best with a Hood Best Full-Length Option
  NY Threads
Fleece Bathrobe
Men's Lightweight Cotton Woven Robe
Men's Luxurious Kimono Sleepwear Set
NY Threads
Men's Hooded Fleece Robe
Ross Michaels
Big and Tall Men's Robe
Our SummaryThis fleece robe with a shawl collar is soft and cozy and comes in a variety of different colors.This lightweight bathrobe oozes masculine appeal and is rugged enough for everyday wear.This funky bathrobe stands out for its unique style and sexy design.This men's hooded fleece bathrobe is warm, snug, and comes in a variety of colors.This lightweight bathrobe offers a great variety of sizes and warm, plush fabric.
Pros✓ Soft and fluffy
✓ Luxurious shawl collar
✓ Has two front pockets
✓ Fashionable choice
✓ Masculine appeal
✓ Linen-like feel
✓ Original style
✓ Unique patterns
✓ Lightweight and breathable
✓ Soft, thick fabric
✓ Machine washable
✓ Comfy and warm
✓ Affordable price
✓ Warm yet lightweight
✓ Quality tie belt
Cons✗ May shed✗ Pricey
✗ May be too thin
✗ Limited size selection
✗ Less warm and plush✗ Produces a lot of lint✗ Not as thick as expected
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The Best Bathrobes for Men

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Buying Guide for Men’s Bathrobes

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Why buy a bathrobe?

Whether it’s your day off of work or you like to relax after a hot shower, slipping into your favorite bathrobe is the best way to pass your time in comfort. Read a book, catch up on the news, or make the trek to the mailbox to retrieve that important letter; a bathrobe keeps you covered without hampering your comfort in the slightest. In fact, you’ll find a great bathrobe to be considerably more luxurious than your favorite sweatpants or joggers. So put on your favorite slippers and relax the day away like the king you are. You deserve it!

What should you look for in a bathrobe?

  • Material: Quality fabric in a men’s bathrobe is important for comfort and durability. If you’re looking for something more stylish and lightweight, then maybe silk is your cup of tea. If you’re looking for something warmer, then fleece or polyester would be ideal. More absorbent options will be cotton or terry cloth.
  • Size and Length: Choosing the right size for a new bathrobe is important for both comfort and practicality. A bathrobe that is too small will restrict movement and not keep you warm, while a bathrobe that is too large will be bulky and cumbersome. So be sure to check the product’s size chart carefully, and consider whether it is full-length or designed to reach above the knee.
  • Warmth: Do you like to keep things light and breezy, or do you prefer a bathrobe that allows you to break a sweat? Whichever preference is more to your liking, be sure you pick a product that offers a fabric that’s perfectly suited for you.

What are some nice “extras” that a bathrobe should offer?

Most (but not all) men’s bathrobes come with a waist belt to help hold the robe in place and pockets to stash your phone and other belongings. Also, be on the lookout for features such as a plush shawl collar or a luxurious hood, as these can make your robe even more comfortable to wear. In terms of style, a unique pattern or Sherpa lining can add a dimension of flair to even the most utilitarian robe.

Our Picks for the Best Men’s Bathrobes

Best Overall

NY Threads Fleece Bathrobe

This fleece robe with a shawl collar is soft and cozy and comes in a variety of different colors.

Pros: Featuring a nice variety of masculine colors and patterns, the NY Threads Fleece Bathrobe stands out for its soft, fluffy material and luxurious shawl collar. It’s also a convenient option for lounging around the house, thanks to its dual front pockets. And, with sizes ranging from small to 3XL, it should be easy to find an option that fits you perfectly.

Cons: This bathrobe is apt to shed, so be sure to follow its care instructions and mind your clothes dryer’s lint trap after it dries.

Bottom Line: While this bathrobe doesn’t have the thickest material on the market, it’s soft and fluffy enough to justify the reasonable price tag. Also, despite the fact that it may shed a little, it holds up pretty well with frequent use, making it a stellar value overall.


Most Lightweight

Nautica Men's Lightweight Cotton Woven Robe

This lightweight bathrobe oozes masculine appeal and is rugged enough for everyday wear.

Pros: Seeking a lightweight bathrobe for the warmer months? This one from Nautica is well worth a look. Featuring a comfortable, linen-like feel and some pale, masculine color options, this is the bathrobe you’ll want after taking a long, hot shower. In fact, if your body tends to run hot, you’ll probably prefer this robe’s lightweight fabric over the fluffy, warm material that other products tout.

Cons: This robe is definitely on the expensive side and won’t appeal to everyone due to its limited size selection and lightweight fabric.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a lightweight, hotel-quality bathrobe, Nautica really hit the jackpot with this product. That being said, if you’re taller or shorter than average, it may be wise to research and be sure that one of the size offerings will be a great fit for your body type.


Best with Shorts

Haseil Men's Luxurious Kimono Sleepwear Set

This funky bathrobe stands out for its unique style and sexy design.

Pros: Men looking for something a little sexy and funky should check out this kimono-style robe from Haseil, which definitely scores points in terms of its originality and unique patterns. Unlike most men’s robes, this one uses a light and breathable fabric instead of a thick, warm one. Also, the material has a bit of a luxurious luster to it that is perfect for putting your partner in a romantic mood.

Cons: Unfortunately, these bathrobes aren’t quite as rugged as some of the other products featured in this guide. As such, if you expect your purchase to last for years before it begins to show its age, you’ll likely be disappointed.

Bottom Line: Although this robe’s fabric isn’t as impressive as the above products, it’s still a great option for a romantic night in with your significant other or a relaxing weekend at home while living your best life. However, some buyers noted that paying close attention to the size chart is imperative in order to achieve a perfect fit.


Best with a Hood

NY Threads Men's Hooded Fleece Robe

This men's hooded fleece bathrobe is warm, snug, and comes in a variety of colors.

Pros: Featuring soft, fluffy polyester fabric, two front pockets, and a wrap belt to help you achieve the perfect fit, the bathrobe is just about as comfortable as it gets. Its fabric is softer and thicker than many bathrobes, making it a nice option to wear on chilly mornings. It’s also machine washable, although it’s recommended to wash it on your machine’s “gentle” setting.

Cons: This robe may produce a whole lot of lint. As such, it may be wise to wash it separately from other clothes or wash and dry it using the “gentle” setting on your washer and dryer.

Bottom Line: Thanks to its soft, thick fabric, this warm bathrobe is the perfect option for chilly mornings that cause you to want to stay in bed. However, extra fuzziness usually leads to a little lint; we’d say this is an even trade, but others might disagree.


Best Full-Length Option

Ross Michaels Big and Tall Men's Robe

This lightweight bathrobe offers a great variety of sizes and warm, plush fabric.

Pros: If you’re over six feet tall, chances are you have a hard time finding a bathrobe that reaches anywhere close to your feet. Thankfully, Ross Michaels comes in clutch with big and tall size offerings up to 3XL. It’s also not a slouch in terms of comfort and stands out due to its warm yet lightweight fabric and soft, cozy design. Factor in the quality tie belt closure and affordable price point compared to other big and tall robes, and you have a surefire hit.

Cons: While an excellent choice for taller or larger men, the material isn’t as fluffy and thick as expected.

Bottom Line: While this isn’t the thickest bathrobe you’ll find, it’s definitely warm enough to keep you comfortable and cozy during a chilly autumn morning. Its long belt length, deep pockets, and surprisingly plush fabric also shows an attention to detail that many competing products lack.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to be dressed to impressed 24/7. In fact, finding a bathrobe that makes you feel comfortable and happy will probably make for a better investment than stylish new shoes or a fancy shirt that you’ll only wear once a year. However, be sure to do your research to find the ideal bathrobe for your lifestyle.

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