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The Best Bathrobes for Women

🕚 Updated May 2022

Are you ready to upgrade that tired and tattered robe you've been rocking for the past few years? Bathrobes can range from practical and functional to fun and luxurious. Here are our recommendations for your new replacement.

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  Best Cotton Lightweight Best Satin Robe Warmest Robe Best Terry Cotton The Showstopper
Long Women's Cotton Robe
Women's Women's Satin Kimono Robe
Long Hooded Robe for Women
Unisex Terrycloth Robe
Sexy Illusion Sexy Illusion Long Nightgown Robe
Our SummaryPerfect for everyday use and cozy enough for lounging.A luxurious silk robe that's perfect for bachelorette parties and pre-wedding prep.A plush robe that's perfect for chilly days and nights with a cozy hood too.A classic choice that works in most settings.A robe that's perfect for a photoshoot.
ProsFull length, XXS to 3XL size range, wide color/pattern options.Knee length, wide color range, customizable.Full length, hooded, front pockets, tie closure and interior tie.Unisex sizing to fit wider range of body types, mid-calf length.Wide size range S to 4XL, perfect for photoshoots.
ConsDoesn't hold up well in the wash.May not be practical for daily use, not true long sleeves.May be too long for petite women, limited size and color range.Sizing may be too large for petite women, only available in three sizes.Not practical for every day use, expensive.
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The Best Bathrobes for Women

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Buying Guide for Bathrobes for Women

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Why buy a bathrobe?

In theory, you don’t need a bathrobe. You can easily switch between outside clothes and lounge clothes without the middle step of a bathrobe. Similarly, you can get dressed immediately after bathing. However, a bathrobe can be a cozy middle option while you get ready so that you don’t get your clothes wet or covered in makeup by accident. A robe can also serve as a comfortable cover-up when lounging around the house. Or, if you want to give yourself a facial immediately after showering but aren’t ready to get dressed, a robe can be a great intermediary option.

What should you consider when shopping for a bathrobe?

  • Materials: Bathrobes come in heavier materials such as terry cloth, medium jersey knits, and light fabrics like silk or satin. Consider the climate where you live, whether your bathroom is climate controlled, how you plan on using your bathrobe, and the frequency. A plush fabric like terry, velvet, fleece, or jersey knit is more practical for daily use, while silk and satin might be better reserved for special uses.
  • Length: Robes come in a variety of lengths. Knee-length tends to be a standard option as it offers the right amount of modesty but isn’t so long as to make it difficult for you to walk. Still, you can find mid-calf and full-length options and those that reach mid-thigh or shorter if you prefer.
  • Closure: The most common closure option for bathrobes is an open front with a waist tie design. But it is possible to find robes that button-down as well.
  • Pockets: While not a necessity, having pockets can be ideal if you’re the type that spends significant amounts of time in your robe. You can usually opt for a front or side-slit pockets.

Which material has the best absorbency for water?

If you will be wearing your bathrobe after taking a shower or swimming in the pool, it’s recommended to have a bathrobe with high absorbency for water. Cotton terry, microfiber, and Turkish cotton are great material options that will absorb water well, while silk and satin are better for special occasions where moisture is not present.

Our Picks for the Best Bathrobes for Women

Best Cotton Lightweight

PajamaGram Long Women's Cotton Robe

Perfect for everyday use and cozy enough for lounging.

Pros: If you’re focused on a practical choice ideal for daily use, this full-length robe from PajamaGram is the perfect addition to your bathing or lounging routine. Available in a wide array of colors and patterns, it features a classic open-front design with a tie closure. There are two roomy front pockets, and the XXS to 3XL size range makes it a comfortable option for a broader range of shoppers.

Cons: While this pick offers a wide range of sizes, this robe doesn’t hold its shape as well after being laundered.

Bottom Line: If concerns over puckered cuffs and pockets don’t bother you, then the longer length, wider size range, and comprehensive color and pattern selection make this a solid choice.


Best Satin Robe

Sioro Women's Satin Kimono Robe

A luxurious silk robe that's perfect for bachelorette parties and pre-wedding prep.

Pros: If you prefer silky robes, you’ll likely appreciate this mid-thigh-length silk kimono-style robe. It’s available in a wide range of colors, so there’s something for nearly everyone. You can even customize them and gift them to your bridesmaids at an affordable price point.

Cons: Silk isn’t always a practical material for everyday use. Common issues you might face include oil transfer from facial products or lotions and butters.

Bottom Line: This silk kimono-style robe is a solid choice for those wanting a stylized approach to bathrobes. It has a size range from XS through 2XL.


Warmest Robe

HelloMamma Long Hooded Robe for Women

A plush robe that's perfect for chilly days and nights with a cozy hood too.

Pros: For many people, the sole purpose of a robe is for lounging. This full-length, cozy fleece robe is a must-buy if you agree. It comes with a hood for added comfort, and while it features the standard tie closure, there’s also an internal tie to help keep it in place.

Cons: An obvious concern is that the length might be too long for many people, as it’s floor-length. However, this pick also has a minimal size range from medium through extra-large.

Bottom Line: Those who like to spend rainy days in their robe should love this snuggle-worthy fleece full-length hooded robe.


Best Terry Cotton

Pinzon Unisex Terrycloth Robe

A classic choice that works in most settings.

Pros: Some people prefer the classic and practical absorbency of a terrycloth robe like this one. You can hop out of the shower and rock this robe. The absorbent material is luxurious, giving you that spa-like experience.

Cons: It might be too big for some. Meanwhile, the limited color range might be a drawback for many people.

Bottom Line: This classic terrycloth bathrobe gets the job done right after you shower or take a dip in the pool.


The Showstopper

BathGown Sexy Illusion Long Nightgown Robe

A robe that's perfect for a photoshoot.

Pros: When you’re ready for a robe designed to turn heads and be seen by more than your television screen, this dressing robe from BathGown is a must-have. The tulle layers and sheer design are perfect for photoshoots like maternity sessions or bridal photo sessions. It has a wide size range from small through 4XL.

Cons: While beautiful, this is the priciest option in our roundup. Although perfect from a stylist’s perspective, it’s not practical for everyday use.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a show-stopping dressing gown that’s perfect for taking pictures, this is a solid option that will deliver on that promise. And with an extended size range that includes up to 4XL, it’s great for a broader range of body types.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like to use them to get ready every day or simply for special occasions, robes should be comfortable, functional, and beautiful, and these suggestions fit the bill.

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