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The Best Bathroom Drawer Organizers

🕚 Updated December 2022

If you're sick of sifting through the clutter in your bathroom to find the one product that you need, a bathroom drawer organizer is a great solution. Keep your makeup, skin care, and other personal products organized in these bathroom drawer organizers.

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  Top Choice Best Separate Trays Best Dividers Best for Odds and Ends Best for Cosmetics Also Great
Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers
Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer
4 Pack Drawer Dividers
2pcs Qtips Holder
Expandable Drawer Organizer
25 PCS Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers
Our SummaryThis unique storage solution is great for makeup brushes, razors, lotions, and liquid makeup.These separate and see-through organizers are versatile and valuable.Perfectly organize the drawers in your bathroom, kitchen, office, and more with the various sizes available.These pretty organizers can be used in a drawer or on a countertop or shelf for easy organization of those itty bitty items.Expandable and practical, this organizer is perfect for neatly storing cosmetics, lotions, and other small items.These clear and versatile trays are perfect for organizing any drawer in your home.
Pros✓ Stack beautifully with no gaps
✓ Dishwasher safe
✓ Sturdy
✓ Fit most drawers
✓ Don't slide around
✓ Super versatile
✓ Customizable organization
✓ Expandable
✓ Won't damage drawers
✓ Pretty
✓ Lid keeps dust and dirt out
✓ Perfect for small items
✓ Durable BPA-free plastic
✓ Seven compartment sizes
✓ Expandable
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Multi-use
✓ 25-piece set
✓ Four sizes
Cons✗ Shallow
✗ Slide around in drawer
✗ Don't lock together
✗ Smaller
✗ Do not lock tightly into place
✗ Cannot overfill drawer
✗ Not stackable✗ Shallow✗ Sloped sides
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The Best Bathroom Drawer Organizers

Makeup brushes, soap, and spray bottles organized in a bathroom drawer.

Because most bathrooms and collections of products vary, we’ve picked out different sizes and shapes of drawer organizers on our list to fit your fancy—or your drawers.

Buying Guide for Bathroom Drawer Organizers

The inside of a bathroom drawer has a clean white organizer inside separating makeup and makeup brushes and sponges.

Why buy a bathroom drawer organizer?

The feeling of zen you get when everything is in its place can be intoxicating. Bathroom drawer organizers will give your items their own places to be. They’ll organize your stuff and keep your bathroom cleaner. These great organizers also come in handy if you need to organize a desktop, a kids’ dresser, a shelf, a countertop, or a knick-knack drawer.

What should you consider in a bathroom drawer organizer?

  • Measurements: Before you purchase a set of bathroom drawer organizers, make sure you measure your ideal space—whether it’s a shelf, a drawer, a cabinet, or a corner of your vanity—so that you can be sure your new organizers will fit the way you want. The dimensions of your new bathroom drawer organizers will be listed in the product description.
  • Compartments: Consider which items you would like to put in the organizer to figure out exactly how many separate compartments you will need. You should buy a storage solution with enough compartments to tidy up your favorite bathroom essentials.
  • Stackability: If you don’t have a ton of counter space, cabinet space, or shelving, you may want to consider stackable drawer organizers. If you have deep enough drawers, you can put more of your favorite things away neatly with a stackable system.

What’s the best material for a bathroom drawer organizer?

Plastic and bamboo are great materials for a bathroom drawer organizer. Both materials won’t get damaged in a humid space like a bathroom. Plus, both materials are easy to clean and dry. Clear plastic containers will help you find your belongings faster and easier, too.

Our Picks for the Best Bathroom Drawer Organizers

Top Choice

STORi Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers

This unique storage solution is great for makeup brushes, razors, lotions, and liquid makeup.

Pros: These organizers come in two different, convenient sizes. They stack beautifully with no gaps for no wasted space. They can hold makeup brushes, makeup, skin products, and most items typically stored in a bathroom. They’re sturdy enough to last in a house with teens or toddlers and can help you find things easily on a busy morning.

Cons: Although they’re stackable, the compartments are a little shallow and won’t fit larger items when stacked. They slide a bit if they don’t fit the drawer perfectly.

Bottom Line: This mix-and-match six-piece set of sturdy bathroom drawer organizers is a sweet buy. You can store away all your little things in perfectly sized compartments.


Best Separate Trays

Backerysupply Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer

These separate and see-through organizers are versatile and valuable.

Pros: These 10 trays can fit most drawers very well and can be adjusted and re-adjusted to fit your needs. They don’t slide around as much as some other organizers due to their textured bottoms. They can be used for several organizational projects, not just bathroom drawers. And with three different sizes, you can separate them to fit your space and store your items the way you like.

Cons: They don’t lock together, so dirt, dust, or makeup can get in between the gaps. They’re not great for large items.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an affordable set of clear plastic drawer trays, here you go. They’re sturdy and waterproof, perfect for a bathroom with high usage and high humidity. Plus, they’re even great for a desk or a junk drawer.


Best Dividers

Rapturous 4 Pack Drawer Dividers

Perfectly organize the drawers in your bathroom, kitchen, or office with the various sizes available in these drawer dividers.

Pros: Want to customize your bathroom drawers just for you? These organizers may be just what you need. They come in various sizes and quantity options to suit your needs. You can use these to organize large drawers in dressers or smaller drawers in bathroom vanities, kitchens, or desks. Their expandable and adjustable design makes them perfect for cramped or messy drawers. And the heavy-duty plastic dividers are padded with soft, spongy ends, so they won’t damage the insides of your drawers.

Cons: These dividers don’t lock very tightly and can easily be knocked out of place.

Bottom Line: For drawers where you can see everything you need, these dividers are a must-have. It’s recommended not to over-fill your drawers with these, or they may fall out of place. The size and pack options are a huge plus.


Best for Odds and Ends

Tecbeauty 2pcs Qtips Holder

These pretty organizers can be used in a drawer or on a countertop or shelf for easy organization of those itty bitty items.

Pros: If you like your organization and storage to look pretty while it’s practical, these little drawer dividers may be just the thing. They’re nice enough to keep out on a shelf or countertop or in the drawer. There are three color options to complement your bathroom. And the clear lid allows you to see inside your organizer while keeping dirt and dust out. These organizers are perfect for cotton swabs, cotton balls, and small makeup essentials.

Cons: These organizers are not stackable.

Bottom Line: Do you need a small organizer to keep your petite items clean and organized? These small but pretty bathroom organizers may be just what you need. They can fit inside a drawer, but they’re stylish enough to keep out on a countertop.


Best for Cosmetics

Oubonun Expandable Drawer Organizer

Expandable and practical, this organizer is perfect for neatly storing cosmetics and other small items.

Pros: This durable and BPA-free plastic organizer is built with all your makeup needs in mind. It has seven compartments with different-sized areas to keep brushes, combs, hair ties, makeup, and other necessities organized. It’s also expandable, so it can fit a variety of drawers. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Cons: This organizer is shallow and may not fit larger items easily.

Bottom Line: For jewelry, makeup, and other small items, this drawer organizer is a lifesaver. It’s made from clear plastic, so you can easily see everything you need. And it’s made from safe materials.


Also Great

Vtopmart 25 PCS Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers

These clear and versatile trays can organize any drawer in your home.

Pros: Are you ready to get your home organized?  You can fit these organizers in all kinds of drawers around your home: vanities, bathrooms, kitchens, desks, junk drawers, etc. They’re the perfect size for organizing cosmetics, makeup tools, hair accessories, jewelry, office supplies, craft supplies, utensils, and more! Each set includes 25 pieces in four different sizes, so you can arrange them to suit your needs. They’re also non-slip, durable, stackable, and easy to clean.

Cons: The bins are sloped, not at a 90-degree angle, so there’s less room at the bottom for your items.

Bottom Line: These organizers are a great product for around the house. They can fit in just about any drawer. And the non-slip bottoms are fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom drawer organizers can transform cluttered bathrooms into organized paradises. If you want to improve your space, our top picks can help.

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