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The Best Bathroom Organizers

Aojia/Simple Houseware/Zenna Home
🕚 Updated May 2023

Since we cram so many products into it and use it so often, a bathroom can get messy quickly. These well-designed bathroom organizers will help you improve the way your bathroom looks and functions.

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  Best for Under the Sink Best for Cosmetics Best for the Shower Best for Hair Tools Best Storage Shelves
2-Tier Organizer
360 Spinning Makeup Organizer
Zenna Home
4-Tier Shower Tension Pole Caddy
Cabinet Door Styling Tools Organizer
4-Tier Utility Organizer Cart with Wheels
Our SummaryMaximize your storage space with this two-tiered organizer that slides in the cabinet under the sink.Access your makeup easily with this carousel storage solution.De-clutter your shower and keep everything clean with this adjustable shower caddy.This is a simple storage idea that makes your styling routine much easier.This shelved cart can help you organize your space in the most convenient place for your bathroom layout.
Pros✓ Two-tier organizer
✓ Sliding shelves
✓ Includes dividers
✓ Dry/erase space for labeling
✓ Spins 360 degrees
✓ Adjustable compartments to organize
✓ Sturdy plastic
✓ Easy to clean
✓ Can extend to 8 feet
✓ Four large baskets
✓ Resistant to rust
✓ Adjustable space between baskets for tall items
✓ 7.5 pounds per basket
✓ Metal holder with separate spaces for styling tools
✓ Airflow to cool down hot tools quickly
✓ Over the door or wall-mounted
✓ Four tiers
✓ Deep plastic shelves
✓ Steel frame
✓ Wheels for portability
Cons✗ Top shelf should be lightweight items to avoid tipping✗ Large organizer may be too big for countertop✗ Unclear assembly instructions✗ Large hooks for over the cabinet doors✗ Hard to move when full
✗ Should not hold heavy items
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The Best Bathroom Organizers

Three different storage solutions holding items in a bathroom.
Aojia/Simple Houseware/Zenna Home

Buying Guide for Bathroom Organizers

a bathroom with a ladder shelf and a hanging organizer for toiletries and towels.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a bathroom organizer?

Bathrooms typically have inadequate storage, especially if they’re being used by more than one person on a daily basis. Bathroom organizers add dedicated places to store personal care items in a neat and convenient way. Using an organizer will make your bathroom less cluttered and even help it stay cleaner for longer since regular disinfecting will be easier. You may also notice that with everything in its own place, you’ll be able to find things quickly, saving you time throughout the day.

What should you consider when purchasing a bathroom organizer?

  • Where to Use It: There are so many places you can put a bathroom organizer, including on the countertop, mounted on the wall, under the sink, in the shower, over the toilet, in the drawers, or on a shelf. First, decide which option or options fit your bathroom needs best.
  • What You Will Store: Once you decide where you can best utilize an organizer, you can also consider what will go there. Typically, you can fit skincare products, hair products, vitamins, cleaning products, extra toilet paper, towels, soap, and more in these types of organizers.

How do you start the process of reorganizing your bathroom?

The best way to get started on a reorganization project is to step back and look at the state of your bathroom. Consider what you like and what you wish could be different. When you realize what you’d like to improve, that can help you decide what items you want to organize neatly and which type of bathroom organizer is best for your needs. Also take inventory of the products and items you’re hanging onto and get rid of things that have expired or that you won’t actually use.

Our Picks for the Best Bathroom Organizers

Best for Under the Sink

madesmart 2-Tier Organizer

Maximize your storage space with this two-tiered organizer.

Pros: This two-tiered organizer will make any under-the-sink cabinet much more functional. This organizer features sliding bins with handles to make access to your personal care items much easier. Each bin has a space for a label. The bins also come with dividers to help you maximize your organizer even more.

Cons: It’s best to put heavier items on the bottom bin since the frame is the only stabilizer.

Bottom Line: Whether you want to clear off the counter around the sink or make your cabinet storage less haphazard, this two-tiered organizer will definitely help you store your things in a purposeful way and maximize your space. During your organizing, be sure to put heavier items in the bottom bin so as not to risk tipping when sliding out the top bin.


Best for Cosmetics

Sanipoe 360 Spinning Makeup Organizer

Access your makeup easily with this carousel storage solution.

Pros: Instead of having to move everything into drawers and bins, keep what you need within reach with this spinning carousel cosmetic organizer. It is easy to assemble and keep on the countertop, and since you’re able to adjust the sizes of each compartment, you can create the layout that’s most beneficial for your cosmetic or personal care items. The plastic is sturdy and easy to clean, and it spins smoothly, helping to keep everything in place during use.

Cons: Its 12- by 9-inch size may be great for holding your things, but it may not fit on smaller countertop areas.

Bottom Line: If you want to keep your items in sight and easily within reach, this is a great countertop carousel organizer for things like makeup and skincare products.


Best for the Shower

Zenna Home 4-Tier Shower Tension Pole Caddy

De-clutter your shower and keep everything clean with this adjustable shower caddy.

Pros: Tired of balancing bottles, loofahs, and razors on every edge in your shower? Give all your shower cleansing products a place with this tension pole shower organizer. It has four adjustable tiers that can be separated enough to hold tall bottles. You’ll have several ways to organize the shower for everyone who uses it. Each storage basket can hold 7.5 pounds, is coated to prevent rust, and has open grates to let water fall through so that soap scum doesn’t build up. The tension system can extend to fit about 8 feet tall. You don’t need any tools to install this organizer.

Cons: Installation can be a little challenging and overcomplicated for some.

Bottom Line: If your shower needs an organizer, try this four-tiered option. You’ll have an organized shower that can accommodate several different products in one unit while keeping the shower cleaner and making it feel bigger.


Best for Hair Tools

SimpleHouseware Cabinet Door Styling Tools Organizer

This is a simple storage idea that makes your styling routine much easier.

Pros: Store your flat irons, curlers,  brushes, or hairdryer in this convenient organizer that not only helps provide airflow for cooling the tools after use but is also space-saving. This organizer hangs over cabinet doors to be hidden when not in use, or it can be mounted on the wall to keep things in reach. Three circular rings help hold hair tools in place, while the basket can also hold other hair products to keep everything together and organized. The metal organizer is chrome-plated to last longer.

Cons: The hooks that go over the door are larger than most bathroom cabinet doors, which makes the organizer move when the door opens or closes.

Bottom Line: Eliminate one of the biggest frustrations of getting ready in the morning: the cords to all your hair styling tools getting tangled together. This organizer can help keep your tools tidy yet accessible.


Best Storage Shelves

LEHOM 4-Tier Utility Organizer Cart with Wheels

This shelved cart can help you organize your space in the most convenient place for your bathroom layout.

Pros: This shelved cart organizer comes with four lightweight yet durable ABS plastic shelves. The frame is made of metal, making it extra strong and stable so that you can maximize storage. It comes with wheels to move it around and find the best place in your bathroom. This cart is straightforward to assemble, too.

Cons: When the cart is filled, it’s not as easy to move around. While the plastic shelving is deep and can fit many items, it should not be expected to hold heavy items.

Bottom Line: This is a convenient shelving cart used in several areas of your bathroom. Its versatility allows you to organize whatever makes the most sense for your needs.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your bathroom is a great way to give it an upgrade! Use these bathroom organizers to help your bathroom become a more pleasant place to be.

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