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The Best Bathtub Caddy Trays

🕚 Updated April 2022

The best way to prevent a mess and enjoy bathtime is by gathering your necessities in front of you atop a bathtub caddy. This shelf is a convenient and essential bathtime tool. Here are a few options we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best Plastic Choice Beautiful Wooden Tone Best Acrylic Design Best Metal Design
Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray
Expandable Bath Shelf
Bathtub Caddy Tray
Clear Acrylic Bathtub Caddy with Rust-Proof Stainless-Steel Handles
Amazon Basics
Wire Bathtub Caddy Tray
Our SummaryThis bathtub caddy fits most tubs for one or two bathers' perfect getaway.A simple, non-slip bath caddy that expands to fit most tubs.Here's a bathtub caddy that's simple in design but offers plenty of excitement when you set it up.This luxurious and sturdy bathtub caddy features see-through acrylic and stainless-steel handles.This caddy offers a simple yet stylish steel design that's just as effective as traditional caddies.
ProsBamboo wood, protective lacquer coat, accessory slots, dual side-trays, non-slip silicone grips.BPA-free plastic, expandable, drainage holes, non-slip handles.Bamboo wood, 41 inches, glassware slot, electronic/book compartment, bath product slot.Acrylic with stainless-steel handles, reading nook, see-through, 33 inches long, 9 inches deep.Wire caddy, rust-resistant, rubber grips, good value.
ConsWood may split.Low weight limit, may collapse.May be too wide, not long lasting.Narrow, may get water spots, fits most tubs.Small.
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The Best Bathtub Caddy Trays

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Buying Guide for Bathtub Caddy Trays

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Why buy a bathtub caddy tray?

Caddies are a great option for those who like to read books or magazines, do a crossword puzzle, or drink your favorite beverage. Everything is within an arm’s reach and won’t require you to get up from your warm bath.

What should you look for in a bathtub caddy tray?

  • Size: When purchasing a bathtub caddy tray, it’s definitely essential to measure your tub space, so you know the minimum and maximum length in which a caddy will fit across your tub. Depending on the type of tub you have, there may be specific caddies for the style.
  • Material and Durability: Another key factor to look into when choosing your caddy is the kind of material it’s crafted from. It’s important that your caddy, whether it be organic bamboo or solid steel, utilizes a means to protect its material from damage with repeated use. For example, most bamboo bathtub caddies are coated in a waterproof varnish to prevent cracking or warping.
  • Extension Ability: It’s also important that you seek out a caddy capable of extending up to or beyond the necessary measurements of your bathtub. Most caddies feature a generous amount of extension to accommodate your tub because the last thing you want is to buy one under your tub’s measurements and risk losing your belongings to the bubbles below.

How should you keep your bathtub caddy clean?

Depending on the material your bathtub caddy is made of, you will want to take proper maintenance and care so that it will not grow mold and will last you for a long time. If it a bamboo, you will want to take special care to wash it with saltwater, wipe it down with a clean towel, and allow it to air-dry. You can also add flaxseed oil to maintain its durability and shine.

Our Picks for the Best Bathtub Caddy Trays

Top Choice

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

This bathtub caddy fits most tubs for one or two bathers' perfect getaway.

Pros: This bathtub caddy is built to last, thanks to quality bamboo wood and a thin yet protective coat of lacquer. The Royal Bathtub Caddy is designed to accommodate not just one bubble bath lover but two. Its versatile accessory slots and dual side-trays create a luxury experience for one person or a comfortable experience for two. It features an overall extension length of 43 inches and non-slip silicone grips to protect the caddy from sliding off most bathtubs.

Cons: The wood can be prone to splitting with heavy use.

Bottom Line: Additional perks include the tray’s waterproof design, a book or tablet holder, and a free soap holder to place on your caddy or in your bathtub.


Best Plastic Choice

madesmart Expandable Bath Shelf

A simple, non-slip bath caddy that expands to fit most tubs.

Pros: This expandable bath shelf is a great way to add space to organize your bath and shower essentials with ease. It expands to fit most bathtubs and has non-slip handles to prevent it from slipping off your tub’s edges. It is made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic.

Cons: This caddy has a lower weight limit and cannot hold too many heavy items such as multiple shampoo bottles. It may fall down since it doesn’t have any suction cups.

Bottom Line: The madesmart Expandable Bath Tray gets the job done with its drainage holes to promote quick drying.


Best Wooden Tone

XcE Bathtub Caddy Tray

Here's a bathtub caddy that's simple in design but offers plenty of excitement when you set it up.

Pros: Despite being crafted from a traditionally eye-catching 100% organic bamboo, this bath caddy is far more minimal in its approach than similar products. It’s durable and covered with a thin coat of waterproof varnish that protects all 41 inches while enticing a buyer, but it’s the simplicity of this caddy that makes it feel so personal to you. One glassware slot is located to the left, an electronics and book compartment rests in the middle, and a smaller section for your bath products is at the right. It doesn’t feel the need to oversell itself.

Cons: Make sure to measure your tub before buying this item, it may be too wide for alcove tubs.

Bottom Line: All this caddy does is give you exactly what you’re looking for, and that’s the best complement to a good soak.


Best Acrylic Design

ToiletTree Clear Acrylic Bathtub Caddy with Rust-Proof Stainless-Steel Handles

This luxurious and sturdy bathtub caddy features see-through acrylic and stainless-steel handles.

Pros: If you love reading a great book, soaking in a warm bubble bath while sipping a drink, and having a place to set your phone nearby, then this acrylic tub caddy is a great choice. The strong, see-through acrylic surface lets you enjoy your colorful bath bombs while protecting your e-reader/tablet or phone. There is room for grooming supplies, and it has two stainless-steel/rustproof handles to get it in and out of the tub with ease. The caddy is 33 inches long, nine inches deep, and fits most tubs.

Cons: This caddy has a narrow width, so if you need more space to spread out, this caddy is not for you. If water is splashed onto this caddy, it may leave spots.

Bottom Line: This caddy is easy to place into your tub and won’t scratch the bathtub’s surface.


Best Metal Design

Amazon Basics Wire Bathtub Caddy Tray

This caddy offers a simple yet stylish steel design that's just as effective as traditional caddies.

Pros: If you’re looking to get a lot of bang for your buck, check out this wired caddy from Amazon Basics. While this caddy trades in the bamboo material of other products for steel with a polished chrome finish, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of this frame faltering anytime soon, given its rust-resistant properties. It’s still the same caddy, complete with multiple compartments for storing your hair wash, skin care, and other bath products. This caddy also features rubber grips at its ends to refrain from slipping and scratching your tub.

Cons: This caddy is on the smaller side and is best for someone who only needs a few items nearby during the bath.

Bottom Line: This sturdy caddy can hold shampoo bottles with ease and even fits in clawfoot tubs.

Final Thoughts

The addition of a bathtub caddy tray to your life will make your bathtime so much easier. The caddy serves as a place to store whatever you wish to bring into the tub with you and it not get wet. It is the perfect way to unwind and have all your essentials within an arm’s reach.

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