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The Best Beach Chairs

🕚 Updated June 2022

In a world full of hustle and bustle, you deserve to relax with a comfortable and multifunctional beach chair. It's the ultimate accessory for enjoying yourself on a sunny day. Here are a few we'd recommend.

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  Best Floor Chair Classic Simple Design Best with Umbrella Best Backpack Carry Best Inflatable Choice
Beach Chairs with Back Support
Utopia Breeze Beach Chair
Beach Chair with Adjustable Umbrella
Big Boy Backpack Beach Chair
AirWedge Inflatable Beach Chairs
Our SummaryA pair of unique beach chairs perfect for anyone who likes laying in the sand but still wants some back support.This durable, foldable, low-lying beach chair is also great for hiking and camping.This beach chair comes with a collapsible umbrella that will effectively block out the sun and a footrest for maximum relaxing.A lightweight, backpack-style beach chair that is incredibly compact yet sturdy.These unique beach chairs allow you to inflate them to your liking and deflate down for extremely easy packing.
ProsAdjustable back, storage pocket, carrying strap, dirt-resistant, good value, no assembly required.Strong frame, lightweight, two storage pouches, good weight capacity, carrying bag included.Removable umbrella and footrest, highly adjustable, has carrying bag, multiple pouches, wider seat.Easy to carry, high seat, good color options, extra wide armrests, neck cushion, rustproof, high weight capacity.Unique look, can inflate to desired fullness, inexpensive, has compact storage, fast inflation, UV treated.
ConsHard to get in and out of, no padding.Nonadjustable, frame not waterproof.Less durable construction, not waterproof.Slightly heavier, flimsy cupholder, tricky to fold.No reclining option, risk of popping.
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The Best Beach Chairs

Lady sitting in beach chair next to the ocean.

Buying Guide for Beach Chairs

Pair of sun loungers and a beach umbrella on a deserted beach.
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Why buy a beach chair?

Sitting on the sand or a towel can be fun when you’re at the beach. However, some days the sand is too hot to sit directly onto. Maybe you don’t enjoy getting sand in your shorts or swimsuit, have a bad back, or enjoy burying your feet in the sand but nothing else. A good beach chair solves all of these issues. They allow you to sit out on the beach, enjoy the warm sunshine without getting sand all over yourself, and give you a firmer place to sit and lean back against. Many are padded or cushioned for extra comfort and may come with additional features like a footrest, storage pouch, cupholders, or even a canopy or umbrella to protect you from the sun. Unlike regular chairs or lawn chairs, beach chairs are designed to accommodate the less firm texture of sand and uneven terrain.

What should you look for in a beach chair?

  • Adjustable Construction: Find the right level of comfort on a chair with multiple reclining positions. This way, you can make the necessary changes and adjustments for optimal relaxation in different scenarios. Some days you want to fully recline or lie down on your beach chair and soak up the sun, while others want to sit up and read. It’s also handy for others who use the beach chair, as their height or comfort level may differ from yours.
  • Portability: Beach chairs should feature a lightweight and foldable design, allowing you to take them while traveling. Special ergonomic features help make them much easier to carry around while searching for an open spot. Some chairs even come with a carrying case or a built-in strap so you can sling them over your shoulder and easily carry them around as needed. Some backpack-style models collapse down and can be carried like an actual backpack.
  • Sturdiness: Be sure that the beach chair has a high-enough weight capacity to support you properly. A strong frame material is the best way to ensure that your beach chair is steady, sturdy, and long-lasting. Aluminum frames are often considered the best since they have all the strength and durability of metal yet are much more lightweight than steel and most other metals— make sure they’ve been treated to prevent rusting. Wood is a good choice for frame sturdiness, too, as long as it’s water-resistant or waterproof, while plastic frames are much less so even though they’re cheaper.

How tall should your beach chair be?

When it comes to determining the best height for a beach chair, you’ll want to look at the height of its seat rather than the overall height of the chair itself (though overall height is still worth considering in terms of portability and storage). Some beach chairs are very low to the ground or even rest directly on the sand, while others have the seat height of a regular dining room chair. The average beach chair has a seat height of between nine and 12 inches. If you like to stretch out and bury your feet in the sand on the beach, a beach chair with a seat height of eight inches or less will be your style. If you have mobility issues or are extremely tall, look for an extra-high seat of 13 inches. They’re much easier to get in and out of and are more forgiving for taller people.

Our Picks for the Best Beach Chairs

Best Floor Chair

UNIPRIDE Beach Chairs with Back Support

A pair of unique beach chairs perfect for anyone who likes laying in the sand but still wants some back support.

Pros: Look no further if you’re after a beach chair that sits directly on the sand. This one is lightweight, foldable, and user-friendly, and you get two of them for the same price as some single beach chairs cost. Lightweight and with a built-in (but detachable) carrying strap, these chairs fold and pack up super compactly. No tools are required to set them up—all you have to do is unfold them, adjust the metal back frame to your desired angle, and you can start relaxing immediately. There’s a handy zipper close storage pouch on the back of each chair, giving you a convenient place to stash your sunglasses, phone, keys, book, and other similar items. The cloth material is also resistant to sand, dust, dirt, and even damp soil and spills, so it won’t stain or get dirty. If one of your chairs does get dirty, simply wiping them clean should take care of the issue.

Cons: Since these beach chairs rest directly on the ground, they are harder to get in and out of than a regular chair, especially if you have mobility issues. There also isn’t any cushioning or padding on either chair.

Bottom Line: If you like laying directly on the beach but want a little extra protection from the hot, gritty sand, this pair of beach chairs should be right up your alley. They provide thicker protection and better back support than a towel or blanket alone.


Classic Simple Design

Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Chair

This durable, foldable, low-lying beach chair is also great for hiking and camping.

Pros: This is a quintessential beach chair in many ways, a great option for someone who wants something close to the ground but that won’t sit directly on the sand. The chair’s strong steel frame can sustain up to 250 pounds. Despite the metal frame, this beach chair is lightweight, weighing just over five pounds, so it won’t be a huge hassle to carry and transport, especially since it folds up nicely and comes with its carrying bag. The back has a pocket for storing things like towels or sunscreen, as well as a little cupholder for drinks that can also fit smaller items like keys or folded sunglasses.

Cons: The steel frame isn’t waterproof, so it will rust over time if it gets wet. Also, note that the back, while supportive, can’t be adjusted to a different reclining angle.

Bottom Line: This lightweight beach chair offers a low-lying profile, allowing you to enjoy the sand between your toes. You’ll receive hours upon hours of comfort, thanks to a soft and delicate backrest that provides you with optimal support.


Best with Umbrella

Sport-Brella Beach Chair with Adjustable Umbrella

This beach chair comes with a collapsible umbrella that will effectively block out the sun and a footrest for maximum relaxing.

Pros: This beach chair is as relaxing and comfy as it appears at first glance. The included umbrella features a unique UPF 50 protection lining as an extra shield against the sun, can be positioned on either the left or right side of the chair and swivels. In addition to providing you with ample coverage and protection, the umbrella is removable when you don’t need to use it. The included footrest is also detachable and adjustable. The chair itself reclines back to three different positions. Unlike most beach chairs, you can make your adjustments at the push of a button rather than needing to adjust them manually. It also features four pouches for storage and drinks, one insulated and another with a zipper and built-in bottle opener. In addition to all these great features, the steel frame has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and a wider seat than most standard beach and lawn chairs. A carrying bag also comes included with your purchase.

Cons: While the beach chair offers a wide array of useful features, it’s not the most durable model on the market. Especially since the steel frame isn’t waterproof, it’s at risk of rusting.

Bottom Line: This foldable beach chair comes with a unique umbrella that shields you from the sun on days when it’s scorching hot outside. Paired with the adjustable back and footrest, this beach chair will provide optimal comfort in more ways than one.


Best Backpack Carry

RIO BEACH Big Boy Backpack Beach Chair

A lightweight, backpack-style beach chair that is incredibly compact yet sturdy.

Pros: This is a backpack-style beach chair, a model that folds into a backpack for convenient carrying, with padded straps to protect your shoulders. You can adjust the back to four different seating positions, allowing you to optimize your comfort, and it features an adjustable, removable little neck pillow for added cushiness. Since it’s made of lightweight polyester and durable aluminum that’s been treated to prevent rusting, it’s nice and sturdy, capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of weight at a time. The molded armrests are extra wide and available in four different solid and multicolors.

Cons: This beach chair is a bit heavier at 11 pounds, though the backpack straps will still make it easier to carry. The removable cupholder is also on the flimsy side and may not be able to hold most bottles and cans. Getting the hang of folding this beach chair may be tricky at first, too; it’s slightly more complicated than the usual folding chairs.

Bottom Line: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a beach chair that offers more versatility and convenience than this one. The high weight capacity, strong frame, and higher seat also make it ideal for people on the bigger and taller side, especially if they have bad knees.


Best Inflatable Choice

GoSports AirWedge Inflatable Beach Chairs

These unique beach chairs allow you to inflate them to your liking and deflate down for extremely easy packing.

Pros: These unique beach chairs differ considerably from traditional models due to their inflatable backs. This feature allows you to inflate the chairs to your desired comfort level and makes them easier to transport—you can deflate and roll them up for easy transportation and storage, then inflate them once you arrive at the beach. This also makes them highly lightweight; even when inflated, they only weigh a single pound. You may think that inflating and deflating them all the time would be a more time-consuming process, but the included valve works extremely fast. Your chairs should be fully inflated within a minute or so. The entire chair is treated to be UV-resistant, and you get two for one extremely low price.

Cons: These aren’t ideal if you don’t want to lay directly on the ground or have mobility issues, and the inflatable backs can’t adjust or recline the way most beach chairs can. Their inflatable aspect also puts them at fairly high risk for popping or ripping.

Bottom Line: This is another excellent option for anyone who wants to lay directly on the beach or fully recline and sit on their beach chairs; these unique inflatable models are about the most lightweight beach chairs you’ll find. They’re also a great budget-friendly option for any household with tight money.

Final Thoughts

Beach chairs are beneficial investments for regular beach-goers. Even if you don’t visit the beach super often, a beach chair may still be worth your while to buy. Despite their name, they aren’t limited to beaches—you can use them poolside, at the lake, and even as makeshift lawn or camping chairs.

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