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The Best Beach Decor for your Home

🕚 Updated May 2023

Few things are more relaxing than a beautiful, carefree beach retreat. Why not bring that feeling into your home? We've found some excellent beach decor pieces to dress up your space, so read on to check them out!

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  Best Wall Art Best for the Bathroom Best Sign Best for the Bedroom Best Candles
Beach Canvas Wall Art
Locco Decor
4 Piece Bathroom Vanity Accessory Set
Wooden Beach Wall Hanging Sign
Decor Therapy
TL15453 Table Lamp
Ocean Decor Flameless Candles
Our SummaryThis four-pack of wall art featuring various sea critters will add a touch of oceanic whimsy to your decor.Make your bathroom feel spa-like with these 3D floating ocean-themed vanity accessories.Any room in your home can feel beachy with this simple and adorable hanging sign.This fun anchor-shaped lamp will brighten up your bedside in style.Add a pop of color, ambient lighting, and a great conversation piece to your patio with these beach-themed flameless candles.
Pros✓ Clear printing and crisp colors
✓ Multiple designs
✓ Six different size options
✓ Lightweight and durable
✓ Wall hangers included
✓ Durable
✓ Decorative and practical
✓ Looks like high-quality glass
✓ Built-in natural elements
✓ Several design options
✓ Can hang on doors or walls
✓ Nice size
✓ Very affordable
✓ Sturdy yet cute
✓ Bright and eye-catching colors
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Fits perfectly on a nightstand
✓ Durable
✓ Subtle nautical look
✓ Elegant raised pattern
✓ Multiple sea-themed design options
✓ Soft and relaxing glow
✓ Remote control included
✓ Timer helps save battery life
Cons✗ Possible breakage or issues with mounting hardware
✗ Color may not match the description
✗ Touchy soap dispenser✗ Writing may fade
✗ May scuff or rub paint on door/wall
✗ Visible staples
✗ Minor flaws in finish✗ Clicking noise when the candles are lit
✗ Blue color fades when the candles are lit
✗ Possible difficulties with remote
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The Best Beach Decor for your Home

Burning candles in candlesticks decorated in a nautical style with seashells, corals, stones and coconut bark.

Buying Guide for Beach Decor

Modern grey living room with nautical decorations and decorative wall finish.

Why buy beach decor for your home?

While many people lean toward more modern or farmhouse-style decor, these styles may come and go. But the simplicity and calming colors of a beach theme don’t go out of style. You can bring in some natural elements to bring serenity into your space, or you can bring in nautical elements for a touch of seaside whimsy. Beach decor often features soothing colors, natural textures, and imagery that evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquility. Many people are drawn to the coastal aesthetic as it brings a calming and refreshing atmosphere to their living spaces. And for those who took many beach trips as children or grew up near the coast, beach-style decor can serve as a nostalgic reminder of those memories and experiences.

What should you consider in beach decor for your home?

  • Theme: Beach-themed decor isn’t necessarily one-size-fits-all; there are several sub-themes you can choose from. Do you enjoy the sweet nostalgia of nautical decor? Do you want to focus on natural items found at the beach? Or are you creating a sophisticated spa retreat? Beach decor items generally fit one but not all of these categories, so it’s good to narrow down your theme to just one choice. That way, your space will look intentional and cohesive and not too cluttered.
  • Colors: Beach-themed decor generally comes in soft sandy tones, ivory and off-whites, and ocean blue/greens. Lighter pinks and oranges may also be somewhat prevalent if you opt for a more natural-based beach theme, namely from seashells, coral, and starfish. Finding a balance between softness and pops of color will make your beach theme come to life.
  • Natural Elements: Some of the most popular decorator-recommended pieces in beach-themed decor include natural elements. Whether you like the look of seashells, rocks, starfish, sand dollars, driftwood, or coral, adding a touch of nature to your space can make it “beach chic” without too much extra work.

Can you redecorate your home with a beach theme on a budget?

One of the best things about beach decor is that it can be budget-friendly. If you live near a beach or visit one often, you could collect seashells, rocks, or driftwood to wash and display at home. Off-white or sand-colored linens, pillowcases, and furniture can be found all over the market at competitive prices and add softness to a space. A coat of soft blue or blue-green paint can also turn your space into a beachy paradise for a low price. There are tons of DIY beach decor tutorials available online for creating masterpieces out of natural elements, so you can save even more. However, if you don’t have time to DIY your decor, don’t fret. Many pre-made decor items are beautifully made and still budget-friendly.

Our Picks for the Best Beach Decor

Best Wall Art

YOOOAHU Beach Canvas Wall Art

This four-pack of wall art featuring various sea critters will add a touch of oceanic whimsy to your decor.

Pros: Revitalize your bathroom, living room, or bedroom with these stunning sea life scene prints. With their muted colors and exquisite design, they are the perfect addition to your bathroom walls. You and your guests will appreciate the beauty of these pictures for years to come, namely the clear printing and crisp colors that bring the marine imagery to life. If the seahorse/sea turtle/whale/ octopus prints aren’t to your liking, there are several alternate marine critter designs to choose from, as well as a couple of seashell-only options instead. And there are six different sizes available, so there’s an option to fit just about any space. Regardless of which print and size you pick, these pictures are crafted from lightweight and durable canvas slung across a wooden frame. Thus they’re not only visually appealing but also built to last. Hanging them up is a breeze, thanks to the included wall hangers and tape measure for precise spacing.

Cons: The plastic mounting equipment provided, while handy, is prone to breaking during installation, so it’s worth keeping additional nails on hand as a backup. It’s also worth noting that the color of the prints in the product photos may not always accurately match the description or real-life appearance.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re revamping your bathroom, living room, or bedroom or seeking a unique gift, these wall prints offer exceptional value and are sure to impress. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your living space with these lovely, sea-based pieces of art.


Best for the Bathroom

Locco Decor 4 Piece Bathroom Vanity Accessory Set

Make your bathroom feel spa-like with these 3D floating ocean-themed vanity accessories.

Pros: This matching set of bathroom accessories is the perfect blend of pretty and practical. You receive a soap holder, a soap dispenser, a glass, and a toothbrush holder all in one, or you can buy just the dispenser itself if you prefer. The acrylic material ensures that they are not easily damaged or shattered, providing peace of mind, especially in households with children; you can even put them in a kids’ bathroom since they’re so durable and difficult to break. The unique feature of this set lies in its filled design, with tiny shells, blue beads, and water creating an eye-catching and dynamic visual effect. This combination of elements adds a sense of coastal charm and creates a refreshing ambiance in the bathroom. Or, if you prefer, there’s also a conch-specific design as well as a few more cartoon-like sea critter options that will perfectly suit a child’s bathroom.

Cons: While the set overall offers convenience and style, the performance of the soap dispenser pump isn’t the best. It doesn’t always dispense your hand soap as smoothly or efficiently as desired, requiring extra effort or multiple pumps to get the desired amount.

Bottom Line: If you want to add some cute seaside touches to your bathroom, these vanity pieces may be just right for you. You can order these in a four-piece or five-piece matching set. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean.


Best Sign

Juvale Wooden Beach Wall Hanging Sign

Any room in your home can feel beachy with this simple and adorable hanging sign.

Pros: Enhance your living space with this super cute and vibrant flip-flop wall decoration. Whether you’re an ocean enthusiast or simply love a beachy theme, this decor piece will seamlessly blend with your room decor. You can hang it on your front door or use it as a wall accent to brighten up your day and create a beachy ambiance. The adorable design and perfect size make it a delightful addition to any space. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s sturdy and well-made, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment. The colors of the flip-flops are bright and eye-catching, and the writing adds a charming touch. It’s an excellent value for the money and a fantastic way to infuse your home with beach vibes for very little extra time or cost.

Cons: The writing on the white and grey flip-flops can fade over time, likely due to the lack of a protective clear coat or finish. This may also lead to scuffing, which can leave marks on walls if the sign isn’t placed on a stable surface. The placement of the decoration is important to consider as well since hanging it on a door that frequently opens and closes can cause the paint to scratch or transfer. Also note that the rope is stapled onto the flip flops, so the staples are a bit visible from the front.

Bottom Line: No matter which room you want to add a touch of seaside whimsy to, this hanging flip-flop sign has you covered. You can hang it from any door or in any room you want. It also makes a cute gift for your beach-loving friends.


Best for the Bedroom

Decor Therapy TL15453 Table Lamp

This fun anchor-shaped lamp will brighten up your bedside in style.

Pros: This cute anchor-shaped lamp is a great option for bedrooms and living rooms alike. The lamp offers the perfect combination of style and convenience, especially for those who prefer hassle-free assembly. It’s simple to assemble, even if you’re not particularly skilled at DIY projects, and it’s nice and compact, fitting perfectly on a nightstand, providing soft and cozy lighting for nighttime reading or creating a relaxing ambiance. The lamp’s neutral colors are versatile and easily complement the decor of almost any room. Whether your space features a modern, coastal, or traditional theme, this lamp seamlessly blends in, adding a delightful touch of style and personality.

Cons: While the anchor-shaped lamp is generally praised for its adorable design, it’s worth noting that there may be minor flaws in the finish, such as small imperfections or inconsistencies in the paint or surface texture. While they won’t significantly affect the functionality or overall aesthetic appeal of this lamp, anyone seeking a flawless finish may want to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an adorable lamp to fit in with your beachy or nautical decor, look no further. This one is a great value and has soft colors that will match just about any space.


Best Candles

Silverstro Ocean Decor Flameless Candles

Add a pop of color, ambient lighting, and a great conversation piece to your patio with these beach-themed flameless candles.

Pros: Transform your space with these adorable and versatile AA battery-operated flameless candles with a beachy twist. The raised design adds a touch of oceanic elegance that perfectly complements pretty much any other beach-themed decor. There are several other sea-themed designs available too, including more glass-like candles or models decorated with twine that also look great in rustic or farmhouse-style homes. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of battery operation, which eliminates the need for messy wax or worrying about fire hazards. The candles are not only visually appealing but also emit a soft and relaxing glow that creates a cozy atmosphere. The remote control feature allows you to easily adjust the settings, including the flickering effect, brightness, and timer options. Set them to turn on and off at your preferred times, saving battery life while maintaining the perfect ambiance.

Cons: These candles tend to make a clicking noise when lit, which can be somewhat annoying when trying to relax. The subtle blue color of the candles during the day also fades away when they are lit at night, resulting in a white appearance. Some users also had issues with getting the remote control to work properly.

Bottom Line: Flameless candles are more popular than ever since they provide all of the light and ambiance of regular candles without the fire risk, and these ocean blue, seashell-patterned models are the perfect addition to any beach-themed home.

Final Thoughts

Beachy decor is a lovely way to bring natural and nautical elements into your home. These pieces of decor will help you create a calm, vacation-esque feeling in almost any room.

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