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The Best Beach Sarongs

🕚 Updated April 2023

A sarong is a piece of fabric loosely wrapped around the waist that has become a staple of pool and beachwear, namely for (but hardly exclusive to) women. Browse our list and find the right sarong to make your summer looks unforgettable.

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  Top Choice Most Variety Best Long Design Best Short Design Best Patterns Best Full-Body
Black Beach Sarong with Tassel Fringe
Chiffon Beach Wraps in Multiple Lengths
Semi-Sheer Full-Length Sarong Wrap for Women
Short Chiffon Side-Tying Sarongs and Cover-Ups
Vibrant Patterned Chiffon Beach Wraps
Beach Sarong Wrap
Our SummaryThis sarong can do more than just tie at the waist, and black tassels add lovely movement.Breathable, lightweight beach wraps available in mini, knee-length, and maxi options.Soft to the touch and lightweight fabric in beautiful, vibrant color options.Mini-length convertible sarongs available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles.Mid-length sarongs with animal, tropical, and floral prints to choose from.This extra-long sarong provides you with more coverage and sun protection without sacrificing style.
Pros✓ Chic and minimalist design
✓ Flirty tassels
✓ Linen-looking fabric
✓ Breathable
✓ Huge variety of designs and styles
✓ Can pull on instead of tie
✓ Soft material
✓ Great for tall and/or plus-sized women
✓ Great for day and night
✓ Flirty length
✓ Quick-drying
✓ Great color options
✓ Bold colors and patterns
✓ Can pair with plain suits
✓ Vibrant accessory
✓ More sun protection
✓ More coverage
✓ Fashionable patterns and solid colors
✓ Affordable
Cons✗ Can tear easily
✗ Difficult care instructions
✗ Elastic band can cause discomfort✗ Color may run when washed
✗ Wrinkles easily
✗ Insufficient fabric for knot-tying
✗ Can run tight around the waist
✗ Very sheer fabric
✗ Learning curve for sarong tying
✗ Dye can bleed
✗ Fabric can rip
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The Best Beach Sarongs

Woman in black bikini and sarong standing on beach.

Buying Guide for Beach Sarongs

Cheerful young woman in yellow sarong at beach.

Why buy a beach sarong? 

Sometimes you don’t want a whole wardrobe change before heading to the beachside bistro, and terry cloth robes are on the heavy side for beach days. Sarongs work as an elegant accessory and cover-up but are lightweight and effortlessly chic. They’re quite versatile garments; they can be tied around the waist as a skirt, wrapped around the body as a dress, draped across shoulders as a shawl, or even worn around the neck like a scarf. A sarong also provides an extra layer of sun protection for your skin when worn, and they come in many different colors and patterns, so you can choose one that complements your swimsuit or matches your personal style. A beautiful sarong adds a touch of elegance to your beachwear and makes you feel more confident and put-together.

What should you consider when buying a beach sarong?

  • Length: How much coverage do you want from your beach sarong? There are mini, knee-length, maxi, and midi options. Consider when and where you plan to wear your sarong and pick its length accordingly. For instance, if you only intend to wear it while walking from your car to the beach, a shorter one may suit your needs. A longer model is better suited if you plan to use it as a cover-up to go into a beachside bar or protect your legs from sunburn when you’re in the water. There are even full-length models that are basically strapless dresses, though they’re far less common.
  • Color and Design: As is the case with most garments, your color options are almost endless for beach sarongs. You should have no trouble finding one that matches your swimsuit or bikini top. You can also buy one in a different but contrasting or complementary color. There are solid, multicolored, ombré, and plenty of patterned options. Animal prints, florals, paisleys, polka dots, stripes, and more are all on the table. With so many options, keep your ultimate aesthetic in mind. Whether you’re going for a classic pin-up girl look or an ultra-chic minimalist look, there’s a sarong that’s right for you.
  • Fabric: You’ll want a beach sarong made from a textile that is lightweight and breathable so that it doesn’t make you hot and sweaty when you’re wearing it and is ideally capable of holding up under extended exposure to the sun and moisture. Cotton, rayon, chiffon, and linen are all good options: cotton for its softness and breathability, rayon for its lightweight silkiness and moisture-wicking properties, chiffon for its delicate, airy appearance and ability to dry quickly, and linen for durability, breathability, and more rustic style.

How does sizing work for sarongs? 

Sarongs typically forgo traditional sizing ranges and opt for either one size fits all (OSFA) or a general small/medium-large/extra-large. Many of the options for beach sarongs found in this list go up to a size 18. When in doubt, order a size up on self-tying wraps and sarongs so you can adjust to your desired look. Remember, sarongs are beautiful on all bodies, so don’t shy away from one because of a fear of sizing.

Our Picks for the Best Beach Sarongs

Top Choice

Eicolorte Black Beach Sarong with Tassel Fringe

This sarong can do more than just tie at the waist, and its black tassels add lovely movement.

Pros: The flirty length will look great tied around your waist or can be untied and used as a shoulder shawl. The tasseled fringe also adds lovely movement as you walk and just a little something extra compared to a plain black wrap. While many sarongs are made from chiffon, this wrap from Eicolorte is polyester and specially designed to look and feel like linen, making this piece look much more high-end.

Cons: Much like linen, this thin polyester material can be torn easily, so you may want to leave the bling at home when wearing this sarong.

Bottom Line: This classic sarong style is made even more darling with the addition of tassels along the fringe. Add this black beach wrap as a staple to your beachwear attire.


Most Variety

LIENRIDY Chiffon Beach Wraps in Multiple Lengths

Breathable, lightweight beach wraps available in mini, knee-length, and maxi options.

Pros: This sarong comes in multiple colors, patterns, sizes, and lengths, which offers a lot of customization for your preferences and style. There are 43 total sarongs in 30 different solid colors or multicolored patterns. Each sarong is made of 100% breathable, quick-drying, cool-to-the-touch chiffon that is silky smooth and semi-sheer. Though the elastic waistband offers some support and adjustability, these sarongs can be tied to the side. A few of the shorter models feature a layered, ruffled look, though each sarong features a front or side slit depending on how you tie and arrange it. The variety in colors and actual construction is unmatched, making this an excellent one-stop shop for your sarong needs.

Cons: Unlike many sarongs, this is not a self-tying or wrapping option. The elastic band can make it easier to slide on in a pinch but more restrictive on the tummy.

Bottom Line: Not in the mood to cruise listing after listing? No worries. LIENRIDY offers enough colors, patterns, styles, and lengths of beach sarongs to suit your taste.


Best Long Design

Shu-Shi Semi-Sheer Full-Length Sarong Wrap for Women

Soft to the touch and lightweight fabric in beautiful, vibrant color options.

Pros: We have another beautiful sarong option that deviates from chiffon material here—this full-length wrap is made from fast-drying, buttery soft rayon that is similar to the texture of cotton. We love this wrap for both day and night use when the bonfire is calling you. Because of its length, you can style this sarong as either a hip sarong or a dress with just a few careful knots. Thanks to its length, this is also a great option for plus-sized women. Plus, the color range of these semi-sheer fabrics is fantastic; each style is in an on-trend hue for any poolside fashionista.

Cons: Unfortunately, rayon can wrinkle very easily, so you’ll need to be careful when you lay this out to dry and when you pack it for vacations. The sarong’s colors may bleed out during washing, so be sure to test it out on its own during handwashing before mixing it in with any of your regular laundry.

Bottom Line: This is a truly versatile, elegant sarong suitable for most bodies and fashion sensibilities. It’s an especially great option for anyone who wants something with a little more coverage than the average sarong or those after added sun protection for their legs or arms.


Best Short Design

Ekouaer Short Chiffon Side-Tying Sarongs and Cover-Ups

Mini-length convertible sarongs available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles.

Pros: Show a little leg with this semi-sheer chiffon sarong. It dries quickly, is very breathable, and will feel nice and silky against your skin. It is also lightweight and will remain cool to the touch—a handy feature for a hot, sunny day at the beach. The ties are extra-long, which makes it easier for you to tie as needed and gives you some room to adjust the length to your liking. You can also adjust the wrap to work as a halter or tube top. It comes in 38 solid colors and patterned design options.

Cons: Because of its short length, some customers found that they didn’t have enough excess fabric to tie a good knot, and if they did, it was tight in the waist area.  Additionally, this wrap is very sheer, so not everyone may feel comfortable wearing it, and this doesn’t make it the best choice to wear to some beachside bars or restaurants.

Bottom Line: We love this sarong for its flirty length and, shall we say, alluring sheerness. If you’re after a sarong that’s nice and airy-looking or shorter in length (or both!), this just might be the model for you.


Best Patterns

Ayliss Vibrant Patterned Chiffon Beach Wraps

Mid-length sarongs with animal, tropical, and floral prints to choose from.

Pros: Say au revoir to minimalist beach fashion with these funky, vibrant sarongs from Ayliss. The variety of patterns helps you unleash your inner cheetah, mermaid, or tropical princess. We love going bold and dressing up even plain black and white swimsuits with these fun designs. Additionally, if you want to pack light and only bring along one swimsuit, these wraps are lightweight and compact, so you can have a new look every day without losing suitcase space.

Cons: This is a traditional wrap, so if you’re looking for a no-tie, pull-on coverup, this will not fit the bill. Unlike an elastic band option, you will have to shape the rectangle into a skirt or dress.

Bottom Line: If it’s color and patterns you crave, these patterned sarongs are where it’s at. Whether you prefer something more neutral-colored, bright and bold, or somewhere in between the two, there’s a design that should fit what you’re looking for.


Best Full-Body

Genesis Beach Sarong Wrap

This extra-long sarong provides you with more coverage and sun protection without sacrificing style.

Pros: If you’re after a longer sarong that offers more coverage and protection, this full-body model will be right up your alley. It’s made of super soft, quality rayon that comes in a range of beautiful, vibrant patterns and solid colors alike. Its extra-long length ensures that you will have plenty of fabric to wrap around yourself for maximum coverage; you can tie it into a full-length strapless dress if you want. The extra fabric also makes it an ideal sarong for plus-sized women. It’s also lightweight without being sheer, making it perfect for any summer outfit. It washes nicely, doesn’t wrinkle, and the material flows with your body for effortless movement.

Cons: Some customers experienced bleeding dye, so we recommend washing this sarong several times before wearing it. It’s also important to note that it’s hand-dyed and delicate, so be careful not to pull or yank it as it could rip. You may not want to wear this one around young children as an added precaution.

Bottom Line: This long sarong is a must-have for any summer wardrobe. Its vibrant colors, extra-long length, and soft, lightweight material make it perfect for any occasion—on or off the beach.

Final Thoughts

Beach sarongs are a quick, easy, and stylish way to up your beachwear game and keep you comfortable when you’re catching the rays. With various prints and designs, you are bound to find a sarong that matches your taste.

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