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The Best Bean Bag Chairs on the Market

Since its popularization in the plaid and psychedelic 70s, the bean bag chair has become a welcome oddity in households all across the globe. Doubling as a staple for kids and college dorm rooms everywhere, a bean bag chair isn’t just easier on the wallet, it dares you to take a seat. It’s informal, yet plush, relaxing, and durable. Whether it be for a child’s playroom or for the minimalist in your life, it’s important that your bean bag chair offers a comfortable place to sit. Here are some we recommend.

Choosing the Perfect Bean Bag

Here’s what you should consider when looking for a bean bag chair:

  • Comfort: Even if this purchase is the alternative, it shouldn’t feel like it. Find a chair that offers the ideal sitting experience when you’re that low to the floor. You don’t need to shell out the amount of money you would put into an office desk or sofa, but keep in mind that a better bag may warrant some extra beans.
  • Use: A bean bag that feels like a dream and a half is worth the investment for adults, but kids are more interested in exciting covers. Find a chair that specifically caters to those who will be using it (i.e. storage options for notepads vs storage options for plush toys).
  • Design: Don’t be a square when purchasing your bean bag. Find an intricate pattern and stray from those primary colors with a hue that is unabashedly you.

Best Design Options: Lukeight Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover

More so a means of storage that just so happens to function as a chair, Lukeight’s bean bag chair cover is a “snug home” for stuffed animals and a convenient seating choice for kiddos.

The chair cover can easily house a variety of plush occupants, from 95 small to 45 medium or 20 large stuffed animals. It’s a terrifically cute and ingenious idea that kids had likely been crafting long before with their pillowcases but comes in a larger scale and more professional option here.

Best for Schoolwork: Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

The Big Joe is as multifaceted as any bean bag may get. Emphasizing productivity while bringing serenity with it, this bean bag chair is filled with comforting UltimaX Beans that take the shape of its occupant. It has built-in pockets for storing books, small electronics, and a water bottle. As its name suggests, it’s geared toward students, which is why it was also constructed with water and stain-resistant SmartMax Fabric to accommodate coffee-loving, fast food-chomping undergraduates everywhere.

Note: The Big Joe is sealed with two safety locking zippers for child protection. To refill the chair, simply take any paper clip or safety pin and unlock the zippers.

Best for Schoolwork

Big Joe Dorm Smartmax, Sapphire Blue

This bean bag chair is easily transportable and ideal for learning environments.

Most Comfortable: The Sofa Sack

What’s the best indication that a bean bag was made with luxury in mind? Two words: memory foam. The Sofa Sack combines a microsuede cover with furniture grade memory foam—not beans—for quite possibly the best accidental nap you’ll have in your life. Whereas other products have taken to complicating the bean bag chair, the Sofa Sack would rather maintain the nostalgic appeal and toss in some welcome fluff for your rump.

Also Consider: Creative QT “Stuff ‘n Sit” Bean Bag Chair

Creative QT’s bean bag chair is the original developer of the stuffed animal storage bean bag known simply as the “Stuff ‘n Sit.” Not even the peskiest of kids will tear through the cover’s durable, double-stitched seams. It ensures an escape from the stuffed animal clutter but also makes it apparent that blankets, throw pillows and other plush items can be easily stored inside too.

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