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The Best Beard Brushes

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🕚 Updated October 2022

Having a thick and alluring beard is a goal for many men. If you want your facial hair to look its best, investing in a quality beard brush is a no-brainer. Here are some top-rated beard brushes that we recommend.

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  Best Kit Best for Long Beards Best for Short Beards Best Travel-Sized Also Great
  Viking Revolution
Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set
Tame The Wild
Pro Beard Straightener
Beard Brush
Boar Bristle Beard Brush
Grow Alpha Beard 
Grooming Kit
Our SummaryThis affordable kit comes with everything you'll need to tidy up an untamed beard.This heated beard brush can straighten and tame a long, wild beard in just a few strokes.This beard brush stands out for its stiff bristles and quality construction.This compact beard brush sports moderately stiff bristles that are great for sensitive skin.This budget-friendly beard brush kit is a solid option for long and short beards alike.
Pros✓ Includes brush and comb
✓ Moderate bristle stiffness
✓ Great for distributing balm/oil
✓ Fast and even heat distribution
✓ Great for long, wild beards
✓ Lightweight and portable
✓ Quality craftsmanship
✓ Stiff bristles
✓ Exfoliates and detangles
✓ Moderately stiff bristles
✓ Compact design
✓ Retains bristles well
✓ Versatile option for long and short beards
✓ Great at detangling
✓ Nice style options
Cons✗ Includes subpar scissors✗ Inconvenient to clean✗ Not ideal for long beards✗ Not ideal for extra-thick beards✗ Brush sheds
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The Best Beard Brushes

A man holding a beard brush against his beard.
Vadym Sh/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Beard Brushes

Two beard brushes with small bottle of beard oil

Why buy a beard brush?

A great beard brush gives men a quick and easy way to style their beards. Not only do beard brushes detangle your beard, but they’re also great for applying beard balm or beard oil since they help you evenly distribute the product throughout your entire beard. Also, unlike cheap plastic combs and hair brushes meant for your head, beard brushes are produced to protect your beard’s natural oils, preventing dried-out hair, split ends, and a damaged beard.

What should you look for in a beard brush?

  • Material: The material that comprises a beard brush will make a huge difference in determining how the brush feels in your hand and on your beard. Natural wood is by far the most popular and preferable choice for handles, with bamboo and maple being common selections. For bristles, many find natural fibers such as boar bristles or horsehair preferable to synthetic bristles.
  • Bristle Stiffness: The bristles on beard brushes are typically made from boar hair, horsehair, or synthetic materials. Boar hair is usually more firm than horsehair, although boar bristles tend to soften over time with use. Men with longer beards often prefer firm bristles.
  • Handle: The “feel” of a beard brush when it is being used is primarily determined by the size and shape of its handle. A longer handle can help with visibility while you are grooming your beard, although many prefer the feeling of holding the entire brush in the palm of their hand. Ultimately, handle size and shape will come down to personal preference.

Does a beard brush’s size matter?

Your beard travels everywhere you do, so it’s natural that you take your beard brush along for the ride. As such, selecting a beard brush that sports a compact design is a no-brainer. For this reason, many men prefer military-style beard brushes with a round, handle-free design. Conversely, men with long beards may need a larger beard brush and can get by in a pinch by using a compact beard comb when traveling.

Our Picks for the Best Beard Brushes

Best Kit

Viking Revolution Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set

This affordable kit comes with everything you'll need to tidy up an untamed beard.

Pros: The Viking Revolution Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set features a brush and comb made from quality bamboo and pear wood, giving both items an amazing feel in your hand and on your beard. The brush’s bristles are of a nice, moderate stiffness that will perform well on beards of all lengths. However, the bristles’ length is more suitable for short and medium-sized beards than ultralong beards. Additionally, both items can evenly apply your preferred balm or oil to your beard and provide a respectable degree of exfoliation for the underlying skin.

Cons: While this set’s brush and comb are bound to impress, the included scissors are another matter altogether. They’re incredibly small and will be hard to use for those with large hands. The scissors also feel pretty cheap and can likely be replaced with a superior product for fairly cheap.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to score a quality beard brush and comb for the lowest possible price, this set from Viking Revolution gives you the best bang for your buck. While this might not be the best product for men with massive beards, it’s a versatile set that works wonders for most men.


Best for Long Beards

Tame The Wild Pro Beard Straightener

This heated beard brush can straighten and tame a long, wild beard in just a few strokes.

Pros: Featuring fast and even heat distribution that won’t harm your beard (or burn your face off) if you follow the directions, the aptly-named Tame The Wild Pro Beard Straightener is perfect for taming and straightening long, wild beards. This product makes a huge difference in just a single stroke, and its lightweight design is easy to pack if you’re going on a trip. This product also offers plenty of temperature settings, which is good news since different beards types react to heat differently.

Cons: This product’s primary weakness is how difficult it is to clean. While regular use won’t require you to give it a deep cleaning very often, it will eventually get dirty, and its fragile bristles need to be treated with care. If you apply beard products to your beard with this brush, prepare for a lengthy cleaning process and have some Q-tips ready.

Bottom Line: Some men prefer the wild look, and that’s totally okay. However, if you’re a man that prefers a clean, refined look even when rocking a longer beard, then this product is an excellent option for your needs.


Best for Short Beards

ZilberHaar Beard Brush

This beard brush stands out for its stiff bristles and quality construction.

Pros: Featuring a solid pearwood body, stiff boar bristles of uneven length, and an angled tuft, the ZilberHaar Beard Brush is a great premium brush for men with short to medium-sized beards. This beard brush stands out for its excellent attention to detail and next-level exfoliation, although the stiff bristles will soften a bit over time for those who find the experience to be a bit rough. Nevertheless, this one’s a great choice if you’re seeking a brush that has no trouble getting to the skin and straightening out tangled beards.

Cons: One common critique is its small size. Perhaps it looks slightly larger in photos than it is in real life.

Bottom Line: This brush is a clear step up from most other products in terms of quality and craftsmanship, so paying a little extra is expected. However, if you tend to sport a long beard, you’ll likely need to seek out the longer version of this brush for a tailor-made experience for your face.


Best Travel-Sized

BFWood Boar Bristle Beard Brush

This compact beard brush sports moderately stiff bristles that are great for sensitive skin.

Pros: This beard brush from BFWood sports a compact design that’s easy to travel with and nice, moderately stiff bristles that provide a gentle massage without irritating your skin. Unlike some beard brushes, this one retains its bristles well and should last for quite a while since it’s extremely well-made. If you’re looking for a quality beard brush that’s small enough to keep in your pocket, this one’s an excellent choice.

Cons: This brush’s bristles aren’t quite as long or stiff as some other products on the market, so it might not be the best option for exceptionally-thick beards. Also, some men are bound to prefer a beard brush with a handle, although this will ultimately come down to personal preference.

Bottom Line: This nice, balanced beard brush should work nicely with most beard types. It also plays well with products like beard oil and beard balm, so you can evenly distribute your preferred product throughout your beard after getting out of a hot shower. At this price point, what more can you ask for?


Also Great

Pros: This grooming kit is a fantastic value for such a low price and makes a wonderful gift. The brush’s boar’s hair bristles are firm enough for longer beards without being too tight for a short-bearded man to use. The wooden comb is great at detangling beards, and its size is perfect for carrying in your pocket. The scissors are also impressive, sharp enough to trim a beard without risking split ends.

Cons: The beard brush included with this grooming kit loses bristles fairly easily, meaning it’s probably not the most rugged brush on the market.

Bottom Line: While this might not be the best beard brush kit you can buy, it’s a step above most competitor offerings at its budget-friendly price point. Also, unlike similar kits on the market, the scissors included here are far more than an afterthought.

Final Thoughts

Along with a reliable razor, a high-quality beard brush is the easiest way to elevate your appearance in a pinch if you’re a proud beard owner. However, assuming that all beard brushes are the same is a surefire way to end up with the wrong product. Just do some research, and you will end up with the perfect beard brush for your facial hair.

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