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The Best Bed Canopies

🕚 Updated April 2022

If your bedroom lacks a certain element of elegance, a flowing bed canopy might be the answer to your decoration problems. Here are some beautiful bed canopies that we recommend.

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  Best with Lights Elegant Design Best Four-Corner Great Mosquito Protection Best Floating
Bed Canopy with 100 LED String Lights
Royale Linens
Bed Canopy Scarf
Four Corners Post Canopy Bed Curtain
Hanging Sheer Bed Canopy
8 Corner Bed Canopy with 100 LED Star String Lights
Our SummarySleep peacefully under the soft glow of these LEDs that feature eight lighting modes and a timer.If you want a more understated but still stylish alternative to a traditional bed canopy, this scarf canopy will be right up your alley.This bed canopy adds elegance to a room with the three curtain openings and shiny ribbon ties.This ring-style canopy bed creates a picture-perfect bedroom without breaking the bank.This unique-shaped canopy and its included lights are designed to add the perfect touch of regalness to your room.
ProsLights with multiple settings included, protects against bugs, fits all bed sizes, quick and easy setup.Luxurious but understated look, one-size-fits-all, versatile, two colors, very long.Multiple sizing and color options, chemical-free, hardware included, keeps out bugs.Low priced, good protection against bugs, lightweight and breathable, height adjustable.More unique look, several color options, battery-powered star lights and installation hardware included.
ConsLights may weigh down netting.Pricey for its size, less privacy, requires canopy frame.No instructions included, more expensive.Flimsier fabric, less aesthetic hoop.No remote for lights, instructions not included.
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The Best Bed Canopies

A bed in a bedroom with modern decor and a bed canopy.

You may think of canopy beds as being made only for children, but adults can enjoy them too. As they were once only used by royalty, canopy beds are now associated with luxury and beauty. No matter what bed size or frame you sleep in, there is a canopy that can elevate your room decor.

Buying Guide for Bed Canopies

Luxurious modern bedroom interior with canopy bed
mirjana ristic damjanovic/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a bed canopy?

Bed canopies are an excellent way to add extra decadence and beauty to your bedroom. If you want to spruce it up or change the look without spending a bunch of money on redoing the entire room, try adding a bed canopy! It can instantly make your bedroom look luxurious, especially if you’re going for a romantic or vintage-style look.

Bed canopies have benefits beyond their looks, too. If you’re light-sensitive, adding a bed canopy can help to block or soften disruptive light. Some may even help muffle outside sounds as well. If you’re married or share a bed with your significant other, bed canopies can provide extra coziness and privacy, making your bed feel cocoon or nest-like. Bed canopies also offer protection against dust and insects, an advantage not to be sneezed at if you have allergies or like to sleep with the windows open. And if you run cold while you sleep, bed canopies will provide you with some extra warmth as well. There are plenty of practical as well as decorative and novelty reasons to invest in a nice bed canopy, even as an adult.

What should you look for in a bed canopy?

  • Size: There are bed canopies available for pretty much every bed size out there, from twins to California kings. Most bed canopy products come with a recommended size guide, but if yours comes up between sizes, opt for the larger size to ensure that your entire bed is covered. Some will be one-size-fits-all, but they may drape differently depending on the size of your bed. Ring and floating canopy designs are more flexible when it comes to sizing because they don’t have to fit a frame. So, if you already have a square bed frame, make sure to measure the length, width, and height to get the perfect fit.
  • Installation: If you already have a four-post bed, most square canopies will easily fit onto your frame. For those that don’t have a frame, look for canopies that come with wall hooks that can attach to the ceiling over your bed. A square canopy will require more hooks but has ample space for people sharing a bed. A ring canopy requires only a single wall hook, but the slant of the fabric caused by the center ring can reduce the amount of open space beneath the net.
  • Features: While bed canopies are great decor, they also help keep bugs away while you’re sleeping. If mosquitoes are a problem for you, look for canopies with a high hole-per-square-inch count, as the smaller holes won’t allow bugs to fly through the net. If you are more decor-minded, canopies that come with fairy lights, ribbons, and colorful fabric accents are great for adding extra emphasis to this dramatic look.

What are the best materials for bed canopies?

Traditionally, bed canopies were made of luxury fabrics like silk, velvet, and brocade. These are all still options, but in this day and age, there are plenty of bed canopies made from less expensive materials that will look equally elegant and are less heavyweight. Rayon has a similar ambiance and style to silk for a much more reasonable price, though it’s not the most durable option. Cotton and muslin are airy, lightweight, and easy to care for, and muslin tends to be slightly sheer to create an ethereal, romantic look. Polyester and polyester blends are available in a wide range of thicknesses, sheerness levels, colors, and designs and are durable and low maintenance. You may even be able to find some lace bed canopies, which are extremely elegant and vintage-looking, though it’s a fairly delicate fabric and won’t block light and sound or provide as much privacy as other materials.

Our Picks for the Best Bed Canopies for Adults

Best with Lights

Comtelek Bed Canopy with 100 LED String Lights

Sleep peacefully under the soft glow of these LEDs that feature eight lighting modes and a timer.

Pros: Completely cover your canopy in the 43.6 feet of globe lights that feature eight light settings. The lights are safe to use on indoor or outdoor canopies, as they operate at a low voltage, are designed not to grow too hot, and are waterproof. There are eight possible lighting settings, so you can enjoy flashing and steady lighting with a timer to help save energy. The 24-inch ring diameter and 98.5-inch length of this net allow it to fit almost every bed size, from a baby’s crib to a king-sized mattress. The gossamer semi-sheer fabric has 256 holes per square inch, which keeps out even the smallest gnats and bugs without restricting airflow. Not only does the hanging kit come included with your purchase, but the setup is quick and efficient; you won’t need an engineering degree or finely honed DIY skills to install this bed canopy.

Cons: Though the netting is much sturdier than its semi-sheer appearance might imply, you’ll want to be careful when attaching the lights to the canopy (as they don’t come pre-attached, so you can arrange them however you wish). Depending on where you place them and how carefully and securely you attach them, the lights may cause the canopy to sag or droop in some places.

Bottom Line: Create an ethereal mood every night with the help of this glowing bed canopy. Whether you want twinkling, flashing, or steady lights, this bed canopy, and its included lights have you covered, as does the included timer, so you can drift off to sleep enjoying the romantic lighting without worry.


Best Scarf Canopy

Royale Linens Bed Canopy Scarf

If you want a more understated but still stylish alternative to a traditional bed canopy, this scarf canopy will be right up your alley.

Pros: If you enjoy the drapery look of a bed canopy but think a full-sized one would be too overwhelming, or if you want a more understated look to your bedroom decor, this scarf-style bed canopy may be more your style. The material will drape over and around your bed in the same luxurious manner as a traditional bed canopy but doesn’t take up as much room or engulf the entire bed. The nice thing about this scarf-style bed canopy is that its smaller size makes it more versatile; you can drape it around the foot or head of the bed or off to either side and adjust it to a new spot whenever you want. It’s also nice and long, so you’ll get that draping, floor-length look even if you have a king-sized bed; no matter how big or small your mattress and frame, this bed canopy is a true one-size-fits-all model.

Cons: This scarf-style bed canopy costs around the same amount as some full-sized bed canopies do. It doesn’t shield the whole bed, so it offers far less light and bug protection and more limited privacy than a regular bed canopy. It also requires a bed frame with a canopy built-in to hang from.

Bottom Line: If you enjoy the old-school sophisticated look of bed canopies but don’t want or can’t fit a traditional full-sized one in your room, this scarf-style bed canopy is an excellent alternative. It creates a similar luxurious effect without swallowing up your entire mattress and bed frame.


Best Four-Corner

Joyreap Four Corners Post Canopy Bed Curtain

This bed canopy adds elegance to a room with the three curtain openings and shiny ribbon ties.

Pros: The polyester blended fabric of this semi-sheer, four-poster style bed canopy is chemical-free and keeps out pesky bugs at night to give you a restful night’s sleep. On a classic four-poster bed frame, this canopy is a breeze to install with the help of ties on the inner side of the fabric to secure the curtain. If you don’t have a tall bed frame but still want an elegant look, this canopy also comes with plastic wall anchors and screw hooks that can be attached to your ceiling. It also comes with four possible color options and three different dimensions to fit all the standard mattress sizes.

Cons: Though you should be able to figure out the installation process with relative ease, it should be noted that this bed canopy doesn’t come with written instructions or any kind of guidance. You’ll have to figure it out all on your own. And while not ridiculously pricey, this canopy is a bit more expensive than many similar models. Also note that the lights in the picture aren’t included with your purchase.

Bottom Line: The classically elegant look of billowy, ribbon-tied curtains of a canopy creates a regal aesthetic that will have you feeling special. With its sweeping semi-sheer fabric and with more color options than most, it’s easy to match it to pretty much any bedroom.


Great Mosquito Protection

Aifusi Hanging Sheer Bed Canopy

This ring-style canopy bed creates a picture-perfect bedroom without breaking the bank.

Pros: This sheer bed canopy is almost unmatched when it comes to pricing and its ability to keep out bugs, especially mosquitos. The price is well below average, and the single loop attachment, wall plug, and screw hook make this canopy easy to install on the ceiling. The 8.5-foot length allows you to fit the flowing fabric over most bed sizes to create beautiful bedroom decor. Thanks to the nylon mesh material, this bed canopy also protects sleepers from bugs as small as mosquitoes and gnats without restricting airflow. You have the choice between a bright white or black canopy to fit your bedroom’s style, and once installed, the height of the canopy can be adjusted to better fit your bed as well.

Cons: The lightweight aspect of this bed canopy does provide one disadvantage in that it’s a bit more fragile than a lot of similar models; attaching decorations to this canopy will likely rip holes in the material. The wire hoop at the top of the canopy will also show through the fabric, as it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the canopy.

Bottom Line: This bed canopy is here to help you to create a look that’s much more expensive than its actual price tag. And it’s completely suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use, so feel free to use it like a mosquito net for hammocks as well as in your bedroom.


Best Floating

Comtelek Eight Corner Bed Canopy with 100 LED Star String Lights

This unique-shaped canopy and its included lights are designed to add the perfect touch of regalness to your room.

Pros: If you want something with a slightly different look than the usual bed canopy, this is the model for you. Though suitable with classic four-poster beds, this eight-cornered bed canopy provides the usual privacy, protection, and drapery look in a unique fashion. An installation kit comes included with your purchase, so you can quickly and easily hang it from the ceiling above your bed. Also included is a set of 100 star-shaped fairy lights that you can drape around the canopy as desired. It has ties for gathering the fabric if you want. The lights have two different modes you can cycle between and are battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry if your bed isn’t near an outlet. If the light white color isn’t to your liking, there are several other neutral color options available for purchase.

Cons: The fairy lights don’t come with a remote control, so you’ll have to turn them on and off or switch between lighting modes manually. Also note that installation instructions don’t come included with your purchase either, nor does a reference picture. You should be able to figure out the process fairly easily on your own, but some may find the lack of guidance a bit frustrating.

Bottom Line: With this canopy’s unusual eight-corner design, you are sure to feel like you’re living a life of luxury. The neutral-colored mesh creates a dreamy look as it cascades down your bed, whether you opt to utilize the included ties or let the fabric flow freely.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to miss out on a bed canopy once you grow up. These beautiful, elegant bed canopies will look fabulous in almost any bedroom, no matter how young or old of a person it belongs to.

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