The Best Bedside Phone Holders for Your Device

woman with a bedside device holder holding her tablet so that she can watch something on it with her hands free

So you’re looking for a bed phone holder for your devices. Maybe you want to stream content on your phone while you work from the comfort of your bed, or perhaps you are looking for an easier way to keep the kids occupied while you catch a few more Z’s. Here are some great phone holder options to make your life easier.

Shopping for a Phone Holder

Here’s what we recommend you consider as you evaluate your purchase:

  • Mount: The mounting mechanism is a critical feature for an optimal hands-free experience. Whether it’s a clamp, a suction, or magnets, make sure to identify which mount would be best to secure the phone holder to your bed frame, desk, or wherever else you wish to use the holder. Some phone holders are even free-standing and can sit atop your table or even wrap around your neck.
  • Arm: When it comes to arms, you’ll want to consider the overall length and flexibility. Some arm materials, such as gooseneck, are more bendy and malleable than others. Other designs for arms simply pivot at a joint or offer a 360-degree rotation.
  • Cradle: Lastly, you’ll want to consider the cradle that clips your device into the holder. Will it hold your cell phone or tablet even while it’s in the case? Is there a grip on it that will keep your cell phone in place? Is it large enough to hold your iPad or tablet? While many bed phone holders are universally compatible, many still have limitations concerning how large or small of a device they can hold.

Top Choice: MAGIPEA Cell Phone Clip-on Stand Holder

Equipped with a solid core arm, this bedside phone holder can withstand more bends than most other products on the market, extending the life significantly. The 3-inch cradle combined with the anti-slip padding on the mount makes this bed phone holder a top choice amongst the competition.

Most Versatile: B-Land Cell Phone Holder

This phone holder sports a long gooseneck arm that offers added versatility and flexibility for a hands-free experience. The magnetically connected, removable mount connects to a holder made from sturdy 70% aluminum-magnesium alloy construction that can stand on its own or even hang around your neck to enjoy anywhere you are.

Most Versatile

B-Land Cell Phone Holder, Universal Mobile Phone Stand, Lazy Bracket, DIY Flexible Mount Stand with Multiple Function (Black)

This magnetic phone mount can be placed on a horizontal surface or hang around your neck.

Best Long-Length Option: Naham Phone/Tablet Stand Holder

Never miss a beat with this extended long arm bed phone holder, measuring in at 30 inches (75 cm). This product conveniently offers added earphones and charging plugs. The durable construction offers device stability given the hard-to-bend material that keeps your device in place exactly where you need it.

Also Great: HANGTIAN Foldable Phone Tablet Mount Holder

You can’t go wrong with this bed phone holder option sporting a folding design with an adjustable aluminum base that can be affixed to nearly any surface. Built to reduce shaking and sway, this well-constructed product contains a powerful, full metal chassis and replaceable enhanced spring that can support bulky devices too heavy for other products on the market.

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