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The Best Bee Houses for Your Yard

a bee going into its hive in wood

You may have heard about the worldwide bee colony collapse. Many factors play in, including pesticides, habitat destruction, global warming, and even nutrition deficiency. You can view the effort to get a bee house as a contribution to saving bees! You don’t need to be an activist; you may simply want a flourishing garden. When bees find a suitable home, they move in and stick around, pollinating flowers, beautifying the environment—your garden. Here are some great bee houses we recommend.

Ready to be a Bee Shelter Provider?

Contemplate the following:

  • Dedication: As with every hobby, you’ll find the dabblers and the enthusiasts. When it comes to bees, which are you? If you’d simply like to attract bees to your garden, you may want a low-maintenance, hanging bee house. Then again, if you like to dive into new hobbies, take a look into beehive boxes.
  • Interests: We all have our preferences. If you like all-natural, check out bamboo-based bee houses. Some bee houses are designed to be attractive as well as effective. Keep your eye out for those beauties. Some are even bee species-specific, too.
  • Skill Level: If you’re a beginner, then get a starter kit! Who wants to be overwhelmed with what could be a fun hobby? Then again, an individual with big bee dreams would benefit from a bee house kit that allows for room to advance. Let it bee fun!

Best Hanging Bee House: Kibaga Handmade Bamboo Bee Hive

Hexagon-shaped bee house hanging in orchard

Attract pollinating mason and carpenter bees to your garden with this handmade bamboo hanging bee house. You’ll be doing the bees a favor by providing a safe home and their favorite nesting tubes. And your garden will be happier, too. The hanging feature of this bee house allows you to welcome bees yet keep them at a safe distance in a tree or on a fence.

Best Hanging Bee House

Best Garden Bee House: SKOOLIX Outdoor Garden Bee House

Raindrop-shaped hangable bee house

If you’re in on the mission to save the bees, SKOOLIX has the perfect bee house for you. Their bamboo design comprises 70 nesting tubes, ideal dwellings for all kinds of bees—from mason and carpenter to honey and more. The bee house protects bees because they can nest and lay eggs undisturbed. Additionally, the structure’s raindrop shape is a pretty addition to a garden.

Best Handmade: JCs Wildlife Double-Wide Bee House

Bright yellow bee house installed high up in a tree
JCs Wildlife

This bee house has a lot to offer far beyond the superior quality of a one-of-a-kind product. The dwelling’s smart design was created to prioritize bee health over looks, though the bright yellow house with green trim does catch the eye. The recycled poly lumber house comprises 16 removable charred pine rows. Mason bees are particularly attracted to the scent of charred pine. It’s easy to clean and maintain. The house comes with an info sheet on everything you need to know about bees!

Best Handmade

JCs Wildlife Double-Wide Large Poly Lumber and Pine Mason Bee House - Attracts Bee Pollinators in Your Garden - Handmade in the USA

This bee house is brilliantly yellow, handmade, and intelligently designed to attract mason bees.

Best House for Honey: CO-Z Beehive Box Starter Kit

Wooden beehive box with metal roof, queen extruder shown in bottom right

Ready to become a bonafide beekeeper? Good. Getting this beehive starter kit going is easy, but you have to dedicate time and maintenance to have a thriving, honey-making hive. The durable cedar and pinewood structure features a protective metal roof. You get everything you need to put the house together: 10 deep frames, 10 medium frames, all foundations, and a queen extruder. So do a little research, get some bees, and wait for the magic!

Best House for Honey

Best Mason Bee House: Welliver Outdoors Bee House

Wooden box, nesting tubes fill the center

What’s the fuss over mason bees? Well, they’re 120 times more effective pollinators than honey or bumblebees! So, if you care about your garden or the vulnerable bee population, the Welliver mason bee house may be worth a look. The structure is attractive and practical. It’s made of sturdy wood and includes paper tubes for nesting, which are perfect for mason bees who build nests in gaps or stone cavities in nature.

Best Mason Bee House

Welliver Outdoors Standard Mason Bee House

A bee house with a smart design and quality materials made with mason bee needs in mind.

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