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The Best Beekeeping Suits for Comfortable Protection

A young female beekeeper in a professional beekeeping suit, inspects a wooden frame with honeycombs holding it in her hands.

It may sound suspect, but some beekeepers say the more stings, the better as the body grows increasingly more resilient to the venom. Of course, it’s not scientifically proven, but one thing is for certain. Honeybees can only sting once! So why not prevent stings whenever possible? There are numerous quality-made beekeeping suits made just for that purpose, suits that hinder bees from entering and the keeper from overheating. Here are some great beekeeping suits we recommend.

Selecting a Beekeeping Suit

Here are a few items to consider:

  • Features: Beekeeping suits are much more than just white jumpsuits. You need to think about which type of hood and veil would work best for you. There are variations on pockets, zippers, ventilation panels, and more.
  • Fabrics: Common fabrics used in beekeeping suits are 100% cotton and cotton/synthetic blends. No wool, though! Think about the fabrics you like best in athletic clothing or leisurewear. Do you sweat less in one or the other? Veils and ventilation panels are most often 100% synthetic.
  • Fit: Beekeeping suits come in various sizes and shouldn’t fit snugly. When you start browsing, check out how the brand sizes their suits. Oftentimes you’ll see a fitting chart that sizes according to height and chest circumference. It’s important that you take measurements before you order so that you get the right fit for you.

Best Overall: Humble Bee 410 Polycotton Suit with Round Veil

woman wearing beekeeping suit turned to show the back while a man wearing the same suit is turned to the front
Humble Bee

Unlike most beekeeper suits, this Humble Bee model features a 360-degree mesh veil for unobstructed viewing and ultimate ventilation. The medium polycotton blend and strong elastic waist, wrist, and ankle bands keep the bees out and protect you from stings. What else does this suit have to offer? You get several pockets for tools, durable zippers, and Humble Bee even throws in a canvas carrying case.

Best Overall

Humble Bee Unisex Regular Fit 410 Polycotton Beekeeping Suit With Round Veil

Thi is the best suit out there! It features all the amenities in a desirable suit, plus a hat with a 360-degree mesh veil.

Best Budget: VIVO Professional Large Cotton Suit with Veil Hood

a white beekeeping suit with a mesh hood rests on a white background

Easy on the wallet, tough on bees! This VIVO beekeeping suit is 100% cotton and has a self-supporting hood and collapsible veil. Both suit and hood can be hand washed. Heavy-duty zippers are important, too, as they stand up to wear and tear and keep bees out of your pockets. Strong elastic bands around the extremities add further protection.

Best Budget

VIVO Professional Large Cotton Full Body Beekeeping Suit with Veil Hood BEE-V106

This is a polycotton blend, high-quality suit with a 360-degree mesh veil for full visibility.

Best Ventilated: Humble Bee 430 Ventilated Suit with Round Veil

man wearing a beekeeping suit with a 360-degree veil facing the front and back
Humble Bee

No one wants to spend time in the sun trapped in a beekeeping suit that breaths as well as a waterproof poncho. Ventilation is made a priority in this Humble Bee model. The material is a polycotton blend, while the ventilation panels are 100% synthetic for outstanding ventilation! Other desirable features include double-stitched pockets, heavy-duty zippers, and thumb and footholds.

Best Ventilation

Humble Bee 430 Ventilated Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil, L, Arctic White

This suit has all you need---a sturdy and collapsable veil, rugged zippers, and great ventilation.

Best for Kids: Luwint Kids Cotton Suit with Ventilated Fencing Veil

a young boy in a yellow beekeeping suit with a veiled hood

Beekeeping is for kids, too! With this full-body suit by Luwint, you can relax knowing your child will be safe and cool as they help out. The suit has all the features an adult suit does: a detachable veil, strong zippers, tool pockets, and elastic bands for the wrists and ankles. And there’s no way they can get lost in a cloud of bees: the 100% cotton suit is BRIGHT yellow!

Best for Kids

Luwint Kids Beekeeping Suits - Children Full Body Cotton Beekeeper Suit with Ventilated Fencing Veil Hood (3.9ft Height)

This thick, 100% cotton suit will keep your child safe. It comes with all the features of an adult suit and is bright yellow!

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