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The Best Beer Fridges

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🕚 Updated November 2022

The desire for an ice-cold beer can strike at any time. If you need a place for your favorite beverage where no salad dressing or milk cartons are allowed, check out our favorite beer fridges.

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  Top Choice Best Stainless Steel Best for Beer and Wine Best Mini Choice Best Vintage Design
Glass Door Beer Refrigerator
Under-Counter Stainless-Steel Beer Fridge
Under-Counter Dual-Zone Wine and Beer Refrigerator
Antarctic Star
Mini Beer and Wine Fridge
Retro Beer Fridge with Side Bottle Opener
Our SummaryA glass door, stainless-steel fridge that looks smart and keeps beer cool.An under-the-counter beer fridge with a safety lock to protect minors and the beer.This dual-zone storage and temperature fridge keeps wine and beer drinkers happy.A visually appealing, compact, quiet-running beer and wine fridge.A retro-styled fridge for beer and a lot more---even a freezer.
Pros✓ Double-paned glass
✓ Holds 126 cans
✓ Adjustable shelves
✓ Seven custom temperature settings between 37 to 64° F
✓ Under-the-counter fit
✓ 104-can capacity
✓ Adjusts between 32 to 41° F
✓ Smart digital control
✓ Integrated safety lock
✓ LCD temperature display
✓ Dual-zone storage design
✓ Beech wood shelves for wine
✓ Wire racks for beer
✓ 40-66℉/38-50℉
✓ Temperature memory feature
✓ Compact
✓ Holds 60 cans or 17 bottles
✓ Adjusts between 40 to 61° F
✓ Reversible double-paned glass door
✓ Soft interior LED lighting
✓ Compressor runs at low 38 dB
Retro look and several color options
Two adjustable glass shelves
Wire shelving inside door
ConsMay not get cool enough.May be too noisy.May be too noisy.Coldest temperature is warmer than most beer fridges.Limited beer storage space.
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The Best Beer Fridges

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Buying Guide for Beer Fridges

Man choosing bottle of beer from a refrigerator.

Why buy a beer fridge?

Are you a regular beer drinker or wine drinker? Have you needed to pare down on your collection because food has crowded you out? Well, that’s one reason to buy a beer fridge. They’re designed especially for beer and, in many cases, wine, too. Some have a unique look, and others fit under the counter. If you find a beer fridge that meets your space, capacity, and look requirements, it can make things easier when grabbing your next drink. 

What should you look for in a beer fridge?

  • Capacity: For most people, the larger the capacity, the better. A decent beer fridge may hold as many as 125 beer cans. Of course, getting the greatest cubic feet doesn’t necessarily mean the fridge’s design should be a large cavity, like a beer cooler built to stand upright. Great capacity may mean space for both wine bottles and beer cans. If you want a beer fridge with the capacity for snacks, that’s another thing to keep in mind. 
  • Chill Factor: Beer fridges usually have compressor cooling systems and adjustable temperature features. Temperature levels vary, though. One beer fridge may keep your drinks between 37°F to 64°F, while another has a colder low temperature of 32℉ but only a high of 41℉. There is also a dual wine and beer fridge that keeps wine between 40°F to 66°F and beer 38°F to 50°F. It’s a matter of preference.
  • Features: Here’re a few to consider: adjustable shelves, interior LED lighting, french doors, temperature memory, dual wine and beer storage, dual temperature control, and safety locks. If you have kids, a safety lock may be of great benefit.

How much should you expect to spend on a beer fridge?

How much you spend depends on the quality, features, and capacity you’re looking for in a beer fridge. Prices vary widely, so be prepared for that. Most will not be less than $200. The most expensive runs around $1,100. Beer fridges are home appliances, like full-sized refrigerators, but they’re specialized in design, which partly explains the cost.

Our Picks for the Best Beer Fridges

Pros: This double-paned glass door stainless-steel beer fridge is so stylish and spacious that your house will soon become the favorite among your friends—and it will look great wherever you decide to put it. It comes in at 18.9 W x 18.4 D x 33.13 H inches, and thanks to its removable storage shelves, the stand-alone fridge holds no less than 126 cans, though it’s great for chilling wine. Adjust the interior as you wish to accommodate various bottle and can sizes, plus snacks. The powerful and quiet compressor cooling system keeps your beer at 37 degrees. Choose from seven custom temperature settings between 37 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit for soda, wine, and beer.

Cons: The cooler may not get cold enough.

Bottom Line: It’s good-looking, compact, and features adjustable shelves—great for stocking up on your favorite drinks.


Best Stainless Steel

Kalamera Under-Counter Stainless-Steel Beer Fridge

An under-the-counter beer fridge with a safety lock to protect minors and the beer.

Pros: Whereas some beer fridges are designed to stand out and look shiny, this stainless-steel under-the-counter model blends into most modern kitchens. It’s quite an organized marvel with storage for 104 cans at a compact 14.9 W x 22.4 D x 33.9 H inches. Rearrange the four wire shelves to fit bottles and cans horizontally or vertically. Keep your beverages cold anywhere between 32 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Two more appealing features: a smart digital control and an integrated safety lock. You’ll never have to worry that the beer’s cold enough with the LED temperature display. With the safety lock, you can keep minors away and create a tight seal that prevents temperature changes from frequent opening and closing of the door.

Cons: The fridge is a bit noisier than expected.

Bottom Line: This stainless-steel fridge makes a subtle presence, takes up little space under the counter, and operates at cold temperatures to keep beer cold and keep the kids out.


Best for Beer and Wine

Kalamera Under-Counter Dual-Zone Wine and Beer Refrigerator

This dual-zone storage and temperature fridge keeps wine and beer drinkers happy.

Pros: You could say this is the Cadillac of beer fridges with all its bells and whistles. For starters, the Kalamera features a dual-zone storage design. Open the double custom glass doors and store wine bottles horizontally on the seven beech wood shelves. On the right side, stack cans vertically on five wire racks. That’s 20 wine bottles and 78 cans! Set the temperature for each side as you wish— between 40 to 66 degrees on the left and 38 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit on the right. This beer fridge has a temperature memory feature as well. In a power outage, the fridge will automatically restore the set temperatures for both beer and wine. Build the 23.4 W x 33.9 H x 24.2 D-inch beer fridge under the counter or display it as freestanding furnishing.

Cons:  The fridge is a bit noisier than expected.

Bottom Line: This Kalamera model can hold your beer or wine, and with its built-in universal hexagon bolt lock, you can keep children out and cool temperature in.


Best Mini Choice

Antarctic Star Mini Beer and Wine Fridge

A visually appealing, compact, quiet-running beer and wine fridge.

Pros: There’s a lot to like about this mini beer fridge. It’s compact at 17.52 L × 18.31 W × 19.61 H inches, or 1.6 cubic feet, yet holds 60 beer cans or 17 wine bottles. Program the cooler between 40 to 61 degrees Fahrenheit simply by turning the temperature control knob. This beer fridge has a clear, reversible double-paned glass door for opening from the left or right. This setup gives you a clear view of the interior, which is elevated with soft LED lighting. The powerful compressor runs at just 38 dB, so you and your household can enjoy some peace.

Cons: The Antarctic Star’s coldest temperature setting is warmer than other models.

Bottom Line: This beer fridge happens to be quite good-looking too. Its black exterior, glass door, and soft-blue LED combine to add a touch of fun décor.


Best Vintage Design

Frigidaire Retro Beer Fridge with Side Bottle Opener

A retro-styled fridge for beer and a lot more---even a freezer.

Pros: The Frigidaire deserves a good look for you who like the retro look and need a mini beer fridge for more than just beer. The 18.5 x 21.5 x 32.5-inch, 3.2 cubic foot capacity appliance comes with two glass shelves which you can remove for storing more oversized items. There are also two detachable slide-out glass shelves to customize storage organization. You’ll find built-in shelving with wire holders to prevent bottles and cans from falling out inside the door. Last but not least, the freezer. Sure, it’s small at 0.93 cubic foot capacity, but there’s enough room for frozen meals plus an ice cube tray.

Cons: If you’re looking for a beer fridge with lots of room for your favorite brews, you may want to consider a different product.

Bottom Line: It comes in seven colors, from brilliant red to calming blue, and boasts a classic Frigidaire look from the past. This old-school fridge is a great find, decked with a silver door handle and a side bottle opener.

Final Thoughts

Buying a beer fridge just makes sense if you’re an enthusiast. It gives you more room than you have in the kitchen fridge and an attractive longer voyage to their refrigerator whenever you’re in the mood for a drink or snack. It can make your daily life much more convenient while it uses up minimal floor space and electricity.

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