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The Best Benches for Your Garden

A teal wooden bench in a garden.

A garden bench is an outdoor item that serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose. A wooden or metal bench tucked in amidst flowers and greenery makes for a lovely, charming picture in just about any garden. The image of a couple in love holding hands on a garden bench is a classic romantic image you may want to recreate. Depending on the placement of the bench, it may also enhance the garden’s look to twine vines or climbing flowers around it and make it a focal point in the garden. Garden benches also provide a comfortable place to rest after yard work and enjoy the outdoors at your leisure. Some types of garden benches also provide storage or workspace as well. Here are a few we recommend.

What to Consider in a Garden Bench

Here are a few things to think about before buying a garden bench:

  • Size: Garden benches are not one size fits all. Generally, you’ll want to size the bench in proportion to the size of your garden and the available space. Also keep in mind how many people it can fit. A bench should be large enough to fit at least two adults comfortably, though models with higher capacities are certainly available.
  • Material: Nearly every garden bench will be made out of metal or wood. Wooden benches are great for a natural, outdoorsy look, and they can be painted in any color you wish or sealed to hold their natural color. Cedar, pine, and teak are considered among the best options for garden benches since they hold up well against the elements. Natural wood is a good option, too, though not quite as durable. Metal benches can provide an intricate, delicately patterned bench that will look beautiful in any garden space. Aluminum and iron are the two main options. Consider the weather where you live if you want a metal bench since iron is much heavier and thus holds up better on windy days. Resin and plastic models aren’t unheard of too, though they may not be as durable. Whatever material you pick, keep an eye out for garden benches that are treated to be resistant to the elements, wear and tear, and rust.
  • Design: You may think that all garden benches are designed to be as simple as a typical park bench, nothing more. However, there are plenty of different design options out there. Metal garden benches often have intricate twisting and curlicue patterns that include flower and vine designs. Wooden benches can be painted or treated to appear more sleek or rustic. Some garden benches will have built-in boxes (that may or may not lock) between their legs to provide a place to store garden tools. Others will have a shelf or space in the legs to function as a space for potted plants or as a workbench for various outdoor chores. Consider which type of bench best suits your needs.

Top Choice: Keter Eden Storage Garden Bench

long dark brown garden bench with a built-in storage chest

Thanks to its built-in storage container, this garden bench is a two-in-one, extra-functional model that will be useful to any household. Made of weather-resistant resin with a natural wood-like look and texture, you don’t have to worry about this garden bench rusting, peeling, or becoming dented. It’s about 54 inches long and 23 inches high. The hidden storage bin underneath the seat brings 70 gallons of storage to the table, large enough to store cushions, toys, pool accessories, tools, towels, and more. The storage bin can be locked with any standard padlock (sold separately) if you want some extra security. The bench can comfortably seat two or three adults and can support up to 771 pounds of weight at a time.

Top Choice

Keter Eden

A two-for-one deal, this garden bench can seat two or three people while also providing 70 gallons of hidden storage space.

Most Decorative: VINGLI Outdoor Metal Rose Bench

cast iron garden bench with a pattern of roses

This gorgeous metal garden bench with a classic, antique design will bring beauty, style, and grace to any garden space and make you the envy of all your friends. The round, rose-like flower, leaf, and branch pattern decorates the back and legs of the bench with complementary circular designs on the seat and arms. For being made of metal, this bench is surprisingly comfortable as well as decorative. It’s made of tough, durable cast aluminum and iron painted to look like bronze and be resistant to sun, rain, and snow, so it won’t rust and is safe to sit outdoors at all times. This bench can support up to 500 pounds. Some assembly is required, though it’s a one-person job and shouldn’t take very long to set up. The required instructions, screws, nuts, and washers all come included.

Most Decorative

Most Versatile: Best Choice Products Outdoor Wooden Garden Potting Bench

light wood garden bench with a built-in lower shelf holding plants and gardening tools

If you’re searching for a super useful garden workbench, this model will be right up your alley. Compact and convenient, it comes equipped with a large lower storage shelf with a 100-pound weight capacity, an open front shelf along the top, a cabinet drawer, and two storage hooks. The lower shelf is ideal for potted plants or storing heavy items like fertilizer and mulch. The open front shelf along the top is great for seedlings and keeping smaller tools like garden trowels and watering cans right at hand. The cabinet drawer and hooks are also ideal for storing and hanging hand tools, additives, seeds, and other small but important gardening items. The top makes a great workstation table if desired. It’s made out of pre-sanded, golden brown fir wood that is weather-sealed to hold up to pests, rot, and wear and tear. It supports up to 150 pounds of weight and has a diamond lattice pattern to add a nice touch of style to your garden and workspace.

Most Versatile

Best Double-Seater: Best Choice Products Double Seat Steel Bench

extra long black metal garden bench with a built-in fold-up table holding a vase and two coffee cups

If your family spends a lot of time out in the yard or garden, or you like to do a lot of your entertaining outside, this simple yet sleek bench is an excellent choice. The 59-inch seat is nice and spacious to easily and comfortably accommodate two or three grown adults and has a weight capacity of 617 total pounds. The middle seat can be adjusted and raised up to form a small console table to hold drinks and snacks or a small decorative bouquet and vase. The bench itself has an understatedly elegant modern look and is a sleek black color. The frame is made of steel with a weather-resistant finish, and it is also anti-warping and anti-corrosion so that you get plenty of mileage out of this bench even in less-than-pleasant weather conditions.

Best Double-Seater

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