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The Best Bicycle Racks for Your Garage

A garage with blue cabinets, assorted tools, and a bike mounted on the wall.

After a long cycling session around the block or down the muddiest hills in town, the last thing you want to deal with is remembering where you previously stashed your bike in that overstuffed nightmare you call a garage.

Bike racks are the quick and premium solution to messy storage problems. If you are in the market for a new way to store your two-wheeler, here are a few rack options we think you should check out.

What to Look for in Your Next Bike Rack

Let these factors guide your purchase when you are ready to clear up some space:

  • Storage: First and foremost, your bicycle rack should always support the number of bikes on hand, and no more or no less. If you are expecting a few more bikes to move in, then go ahead and buy with maximum storage in mind. So long as you buy a product that properly stores every bike that you own, then it’s a job well done.
  • Storage Style: However, there are levels to how you can store your bicycle(s). The most popular type of bicycle storage is the floor rack. It sits on the floor and can include a variety of storage slots, from one to as many as five or more. Racks that are known for keeping your garage floor open include the wall or ceiling mount, though these typically support no more than one bike at a time.
  • Layout Considerations: And at the tail end of storage style, there are layout considerations because nobody wants to take up even more space. Buying a floor rack for your six bicycles can feel counterintuitive unless you have a large garage. On the other hand, a low roof can spell disaster for cyclists who are looking at a ceiling mount. Consider how much floor space you can afford to set aside when making your purchase.

Best Freestanding Rack: CyclingDeal Bicycle Rack Stand

On the left, an 47-inch long black steel bike rack with three storage slots. On the right, a close-up view of a bike tire wedged into one of the slots.

Featuring a three-bracket structure and quality steel construction throughout, this CyclingDeal Bicycle Rack Stand is perfect for households with a moderate amount of bikes. Proper use is as simple as sliding a bike in between its slots, but it does so with plenty of efficiency. The two holding plates built into the front and back bracket are optimized to prop up your bikes at a sturdy angle while maintaining an additional level of stability with its tire groove design.

Best Freestanding Rack

CyclingDeal Bicycle Rack Stand

This floor rack is ideal for households with a moderate number of bikes.

Best Wall Rack: Dirza Bike Wall Mount

On the left, two wall mountable bike hangers that feature red rubberized hooks at the end of a rod. On the right, a close-up view of the hanger holding up a bicycle while mounted to a brick wall.

Are you tired of taking up too much floor space in your garage? This two-pack of Dirza Bike Wall Mounts encourages bike riders to store their two-wheeler a few feet higher. Less a rack than it is a hanger, this bicycle mount is an easily installable choice that can support up to 38 pounds at a time when tacked into a stud or cement wall. The hanger itself is coated in an anti-scratch rubber, and when it’s not in use, it can be folded upward to save you even more space.

Best Wall Rack

Dirza Bike Wall Mount

A bike rack that saves you from cluttering the garage floor any further.

Best Ceiling Rack: RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift

On the left, a 30-inch ceiling rack that features a two-hook system. On the right, the ceiling rack suspends a mountain bike in the air.
RAD Cycle Products

Taking to the wall is a big step up from traditional floor racks, but if you are looking to make a leap in storage, then you have to take to the sky — err — the ceiling. This RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift features heavy-duty engineering that allows riders to hook up their street or mountain bike and suspend them from the ceiling. It raises and lowers with ease, as its brand-exclusive rope is guaranteed to provide a non-fray experience. This ceiling lift can also support up to 75 pounds, keeping even the heaviest bikes suspended due in large part to a safe locking mechanism that prevents accidental releases.

Best Ceiling Rack

RAD Cycle Products Bike Lift

A no-fuss ceiling mount that supports some of the heaviest mountain bikes you can hook up.

Best Rack with Storage: Mythinglogic Bike Rack

On the left, a steel rack that features three bike slots holds a bike in place, while multiple balls occupy the storage basket above the bike, and a skateboard clings to one of its four hooks. On the right, the fully occupied storage rack sits inside of a home.

A brilliantly multifunctional option, this Mythinglogic Bike Rack is not only great for your two-wheelers, but it works well for additional biking necessities and sports gear. The rack itself can hold up to three bikes between its four-inch wide slots. Up top is a built-in storage basket that’s perfect for helmets, pads, and gloves. Just below the basket are four moveable hooks that create additional space for the likes of more unique sporting gear, like a tennis racket or skateboard.

Best Rack with Storage

Mythinglogic Bike Rack

A three-slot floor rack that provides storage not only for your bicycles but other bike necessities and sporting gear.

Best Rack Capacity: Ultrawall Bike Storage Rack

On the left, six bikes are hooked up to a wall mount. On the left, a close-up view of the 48-inch rail, which features six steel hooks.

This Ultrawall Bike Storage Rack is another space-saving option that’s perfect for cyclists with more than a handful of bikes, as it is capable of accommodating up to six two-wheelers at any given time. Its demanding bike capacity ensures equally high durability, hoisting up 300 pounds across its 48-inch steel rail. The rack draws on its high-end support from the super industrial steel it’s constructed from, granting cyclists long-term storage without giving way to the weight.

Best Rack Capacity

Ultrawall Bike Storage Rack

This super industrial wall mount is capable of supporting six bicycles weighing up to 300 pounds.

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