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The Best Bike Helmets for Girls

a young girl wearing a pink and yellow helmet that is shaped like a unicorn's head

If your child, regardless of their age, is an avid bicycle rider, you as a parent will, of course, want to ensure they’re as safe and protected as possible every time they go out for a spin. This means buying them the best possible safety equipment. First and foremost, of course, is a good, protective bike helmet. Accidents and falls can happen at any moment, which may result in a serious brain or head injury. Even a small spill can jar or impact the head, causing damage. Wearing a bike helmet is a way to help prevent a simple fall from turning into a trip to the hospital. And as a bonus, a bike helmet can double for a range of other similar outdoor activities like rollerskating or riding a scooter. For the best possible bike helmet, look for a hard and sturdy but lightweight outer shell, cushioned, shock-absorbing interior, and aeration holes or some other sort of ventilation. Girls and boys of all ages should always wear a helmet whenever they take their bike out for a spin, even if they’re just going around the block. If you’re in the market for a girl’s bike helmet for a daughter or niece or goddaughter, here are a few we recommend.

What to Consider in a Girl’s Bike Helmet

Here are a few things to think about before buying a girl’s bike helmet:

  • Size: Size is the most crucial factor in picking a bike helmet. It’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t a piece of equipment your child should “grow into.” You want to ensure it fits snugly on their head right out of the box. You’ll want to measure your child’s head and be sure to check a helmet’s size and dimensions before you buy to ensure that it’s the right fit. The good news is that most girls’ helmets are adjustable to some degree. They will either have sizing pads that can be added and removed at will or some sort of ring or dial that allows you to modify the helmet’s size for the best possible fit. The helmet should sit low on your child’s forehead, a finger or two above the eyebrows, and not move side to side when sitting flat. Also keep in mind that some sizes are specifically designed for infants, toddlers, younger kids, preteens, and teenagers.
  • Features: Beyond sizing pads and adjustable dials, there are a few other handy features you can look for in a girl’s bike helmet. Some sort of cooling vents or aeration is ideal since it’ll not only be more comfortable for your child but also help reduce sweating. Some holes or vents can even be opened or closed at will, giving your child better temperature control. Other helmets are a bit longer in the back, offering superior protection should your child fall backward off their bike. They can also come with a built-in sun brim or visor to help shield your child’s eyes from the sun, so it doesn’t affect their vision as much. These may or may not be detachable. Adjustable side and chinstraps also ensure the helmet fits your child even more precisely.
  • Design: Kids of all ages love wearing their favorite color or colors whenever possible, and there are plenty of color options in girls’ bike helmets. Solid and multicolored choices are both readily available. There are also plenty of patterns and designs, from flowers to flames, hearts to dinosaurs, stars to splatter paint, and beyond. If your child has a favorite movie or cartoon, you can sometimes find models that feature its characters. Some helmets are even shaped to resemble animals like tigers or unicorns if your child is a big animal lover.

Top Choice: BeBeFun Multi-Sport Bike Helmet

a rounded white bicycle helmet decorated with tropical-style pink flowers

This bike helmet is perfect for young kids, whether they’re bike riding, rollerblading, rollerskating, or scootering. Lightweight (only around half a pound) and comfortable but plenty sturdy and protective, this helmet is safety certified. The exterior and interior sections work together to protect your child’s head; the outer PC shell is reinforced for extra strength, while the high-density EPS core is built to absorb shock and impact. This helmet will fit any child with a 20.5 to 22-inch head circumference. The adjustable knob in the back lets you tweak the sizing to better fit your child’s head and accommodate them as they grow. There are 12 individual air vents along the top of the helmet to keep your child feeling light and cool even as they’re riding around for hours on hot days. And with five bright, cheerful, and patterned prints to choose from, your child may never want to take this helmet off. If you’re in the market for protecting elbow and knee pads as well, four of the five design options can be purchased with pads.

Top Choice

Best for Teens: Schwinn Thrasher Microshell Bike Helmet

a white and purple patterned bicycle helmet with a pointed back end and black sun visor

Preteen and teenagers need to wear helmets to protect their heads the same as anyone else. But once they grow into that age range, finding the right helmet can sometimes be tricky. Child sizes are now too small, but adult sizes are still too large. Fortunately, this helmet was designed for kids aged 8 to 14. The suggested head circumference for this bike helmet is 21.25 to 22.88 inches. A built-in dial allows your child or teen to modify the size as needed for a snugger, more protective fit. This lightweight helmet is made out of a three-piece micro-shell to provide tough yet sleek-looking protection. The full-range padding provides extra protection while also increasing the helmet’s comfort, and the extended backend helps shield the back of your child’s head more thoroughly. There are 20 air vents along the top for better ventilation and airflow, while the side straps can be tightened or loosened for a superior fit. The visor attached to the front is removable for cloudy days where your child’s eyes won’t require shielding from the sun. And with 21 different color combinations to choose from, even the most stubborn of teenagers should be able to find something they like. It’s available in child and adult sizes as well.

Most Adjustable: Exclusky Kids Bike Helmet

a round white bicycle helmet decorated with small, multicolored shapes and a pointed pale turquoise sun visor

All parents know all too well how quickly their child outgrows their clothes, shoes, and other wearable items. This extends to helmets of all sorts as well—one item you want to ensure always fits them properly for their own protection. Therefore you’ll want to spring for the most adjustable helmet possible, both for your child’s safety and so that you’re not stuck buying them a new one every year. Not only is the bike helmet adjustable, but it offers a wider adjustment range than many other models. This bike helmet can be modified to fit a head circumference of 19.68 inches to 22.44 inches, thanks to the dial on the back. It’s lightweight, weighing less than half a pound, but still durable. The high-density EPS foam liner absorbs shocks and jolts, which reduces impact to your child’s head if they fall or crash. The lining and chin pad are soft and heat-sealed to better prevent abrasions, while the extended rear covers the back of the head more efficiently and thoroughly. The sun visor can be attached and re-attached as needed, as the 15 air vents along the top increase airflow to help with sweat and overheating. It’s available in seven bright, colorful, patterned designs.

Best for Toddlers: Schwinn Toddler and Infant Bike Helmet

a round pale pink bicycle helmet covered with magenta, dark purple, light purple, white, and turquoise polka dots

Even though toddlers can’t ride full-blown bicycles, there are still some circumstances where it’s a good idea to buy a bike helmet for them. If they like to ride a tricycle or scooter around, or you take them out on a tag-along or shuttle bike, you’ll want to make sure they’re wearing a helmet just in case. Helmets for younger children can be too big for toddlers’ heads. Fortunately, this bike helmet was made specifically with toddlers (3 years old and up) in mind and is also available in an infant size. It has all the classic features of a good quality bike helmet for older children: it’s ultra-lightweight, has a turning dial for 360-degree adjustability for a more custom fit, and it has vents along the top to keep air flowing in from all four corners. To tighten the helmet, you turn the dial to the left; turn it to the right to loosen its fit. The buckled chin strap is also adjustable just below the ears so that you can snugly secure the helmet both on their head and around the chin. The helmet’s lower molded shell not only makes it more durable but provides extra protection from the back should your toddler take a backward spill. There’s also a built-in sun brim to protect their eyes from sun and precipitation. It’s available in eight multicolored, patterned designs.

Best for Toddlers

Schwinn Classic Toddler Bike Helmet, Dial Fit Adjustment, Kids Age 3 - 5 Year Olds, Girls and Boys Suggested Fit 48 - 52 cm, Carnival

A bike helmet specifically built for the smaller heads of toddlers, perfect for when regular kid-sized helmets are too big.

Best Design: Raskullz Unicorn Helmets

a pink and orange ombre bike helmet in the shape of a unicorn's head

Lots of young kids love it when their belongings feature their favorite animals, cartoon characters, colors, and anything else that showcases their personality. This bike helmet, recommended for ages 5 to 8, is the perfect choice for the animal-loving child in your life. A one-size-fits-all model (suitable for heads between 19.7 and 21.25 inches), this helmet is designed to resemble a unicorn’s head. And the unicorn isn’t just painted on. The ears, snout, horn, and mane are all three-dimensional for an extra-unique look. Your little one will love feeling like or pretending to be their favorite animals. The helmet has adjustable straps to help keep it secure on your child’s head, with cooling aeration vents that also happen to be aerodynamic. It’s safety standard and compliant for not just bicycle riding but as a multi-impact skateboard helmet at well. Your child will be able to wear it for multiple outdoor sports, not just bike rides. It’s available in four different colors, including one with a light-up LED horn.

Best Design

Raskullz Kids' C-Preme Super Rainbow Corn Helmet, Pink, One Size

An adorable bike helmet that's shaped to resemble a unicorn's head for your child's enjoyment.

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