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The Best Bike Lights

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🕚 Updated December 2021

As the sun sets on your evening ride, you'll quickly realize it's no fun to bike down a road in the dark. Here's a list of the best bike lights to keep you safe as you take on the night.

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  Top Choice Great Front and Back Set Great for Mountain Bikes Best with Tracking Info Also Great
Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light
Front and Back Bike Lights
Metro Plus 800 Lumen Bike Light
Bike Lights Set
Super Bright Bike Front and Back Light
Our SummaryA USB-rechargeable bike light that has four light options to guide your ride.Get front and back lights with plenty of power to keep you safe in the dark.A bike light for riders who like to take on adventurous mountain routes.A bike light with fun features that let you know how fast you’re going and how many calories you’re burning.A pair of bike lights with the power to light up city roads or mountain trails.
ProsFour different light modes, rechargeable lithium battery, easy to install.Recharge in under two hours, extra bright, sturdy.Sleek design, nine lighting settings, extra-wide beam.Five different lighting modes, includes speedometer and calorie counter.A number of lighting settings, waterproof, extra-bright.
ConsMounting bracket is small, light can slide easily.Not water-resistant.Mounting function is small and doesn't fit tightly.Difficult to install, delicate.Not as bright, can fall off bike.
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The Best Bike Lights

A cyclist on a dark dirt path. The bike has a light shining the way.
Salvador Tali/Shutterstock.com

Without the sun or a reliable bike light, you won’t have good vision of the path ahead. This is especially true if you’re biking far from a city. You’re a danger to yourself and others on the road without a light source, and that’s why so many bikers buy a bike light for those late evening rides.

Buying Guide for the Best Bike Lights

A man on a mountain bike with a light shining on the handlebars outside.

Why buy a bike light?

Bike lights are almost as important to cycling safety as helmets. They help drivers and other cyclists see you in the dark, which is key to avoiding collisions, and they help you find your way home. If you’re in the market for a new bike light, there are plenty of great options.

What should you consider in a bike light?

  • Battery Efficiency: A good bike light should last the entire duration of your ride. Pick out a headlight that can give off at least a few hours of lighting on high or medium power and that doesn’t take too long to charge before it’s ready to go again.
  • Toughness: You’re going to want a light source that can manage everything you encounter. Through rain, snow, extreme heat, or rough and tumble falls, get a headlight that can withstand rough rides.
  • Lighting Field: Naturally, you’ll want your headlight to pack the power of the sun while riding at night. The power of a headlight is usually measured in lumens, and the higher, the better. However, while you’ll want to see as far down the trail as you can, also consider that you may also want a tail light for complete visibility of your bike.

Are there any special features you should consider?

Some lights come with a variety of lighting options. You can turn them on full blast, make them blink for extra attention, or dim them if you only need a little light. The freedom to use the light as needed is a great extra feature to look for!

Our Picks for the Best Bike Lights

Top Choice

Ascher Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike Light

A USB-rechargeable bike light that has four brightness options to guide your ride.

Pros: This Ascher Ultra Bright Bike Light offers four different light modes to choose how much brightness you need for the ride at hand. It also comes with a lithium battery that’s rechargeable with a USB cable, making it easy to charge on the go. Plus, it’s super easy to install: this light comes with a mounting bracket that you just place on your handlebar. You can even use this light for other outdoor activities, including camping and hiking.

Cons: The mounting bracket isn’t always large enough for some bikes’ handlebars. Also, the light can slide around or turn sideways if you’re on an extra-bumpy trail.

Bottom Line: Most people love the convenience and customization of this bike light. You can turn on blinking features or keep it shining bright and steady. For the price, this is a great option that you should consider.


Great Front and Back Set

BLITZU Front and Back Bike Lights

Get front and back lights with plenty of power to keep you safe in the dark.

Pros: The BLITZU Front and Back Bike Lights include a set of lights you can put on the front and back of your bike for extra safety. These lights recharge in under two hours and will last that same amount of time even on their highest brightness setting. And with 320 lumens, you can light up your ride even in the daytime. Since you may be taking them on trails, they are also designed to be super sturdy. You shouldn’t worry about them falling apart as you’re riding!

Cons: While they’re meant to handle tough conditions, they have some issues with water. They may stop working if they get wet.

Bottom Line: People love how bright these lights are! They’ll light up the trail or road more than just a few feet in front of you. While you may need to keep them out of the water, this pair of lights does a great job letting people know you’re there.


Great for Mountain Bikes

Cygolite Metro Plus 800 Lumen Bike Light

A bike light for riders who like to take on adventurous mountain routes.

Pros: The Cygolite Metro Plus 800 Lumen Bike Light features a sleek design that’s ideal for mountain biking. It features 800 lumens of brightness to really light up all these dark, shady trails. There are also nine settings that range from low and high to steady pulse and triple flash. And with the extra-wide beams this light emits, you’ll be able to see the whole trail in front of you.

Cons: The main problem with this bike light is the mounting function. It can be too small for some bikes. Plus, it doesn’t fit very tightly. You may find that the light falls down a bit if you’re going down a bumpier trail.

Bottom Line: Other than being super bright and easy to install, these lights have great battery life. You won’t have to worry about recharging them much, which is great if you’re often out on the trails! Overall, they’re an excellent option for mountain bikers.


Best with Tracking Info

UZOPI Bike Lights Set

A bike light with fun features that let you know how fast you're going and how many calories you're burning.

Pros: The UZOPI Bike Lights Set comes with a headlight and taillight, which each feature five different lighting modes, so you can pick what you prefer. The best part of this set is that it includes a speedometer that will count your calories as you ride. Also, it attaches in seconds and is waterproof! It’s a versatile bike light with some nifty features.

Cons: Because of its cool features, this bike light can be a little difficult to assemble. The parts are also more delicate than you might like.

Bottom Line: While it may take a little while to install, this bike light is a sweet option! It’s convenient to have a speedometer and calorie tracker built in.


Also Great

Wastou Super Bright Bike Front and Back Light

A pair of bike lights with the power to light up city roads or mountain trails.

Pros: The Wastou Super Bright Bike Front and Back Light comes with a number of light settings to let people know where you’re going. You can even reduce the glare to not interfere with pedestrians or cars as they go by. This light is also waterproof and bright, so you’ll be able to use it even when it’s raining and still be able to see clearly. It’s also designed to be easy to install.

Cons: Some people don’t find the lights to be bright as advertised and say that they can fall off the bike.

Bottom Line: For the price, this is a great option! These front and back lights are easy to install and can even be used in the rain.

Final Thoughts

Bike lights are an affordable and effective way to improve your safety wherever you prefer to bike. Let cars and pedestrians know you’re around and find your way with one of these trusty bike lights.

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