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The Best Bike Trailers for Towing Your Kids

Two happy kids with helmets buckled into a bike trailer

Biking is a popular activity for folks of all ages, but it can be difficult when you want to bike with a little one who isn’t able to keep up with you. That’s the beauty of bike trailers: they allow your little one(s) to come along for the ride while being protected from the sun or rain and without having to pedal to keep up. They can sit back and enjoy the ride with you!

Purchasing Bike Trailers

Bike trailers are a great investment if you love biking but have a little one. To pick the best one for you, consider these factors:

  • Trailer Type: Make sure the type of the trailer is compatible with the bike you want to use and that the installation isn’t too complex.
  • Capacity: How many kids are you planning on taking? Make sure there are enough seats! How much do you expect the load to weigh? Make sure that trailer is compatible with the weight of the kiddos.
  • Use: If you’re planning on using this trailer solely for behind the bike, then that’s all you need. However, some are equipped to be used as jogging strollers as well, if you like a more versatile model.
  • Covers and Venting: You want your kiddo to stay protected and safe, so make sure the covers are prepared for what you’re expecting (i.e., waterproof material for rain, UV protection from sun, mesh/screen panels for bugs, and proper venting for continuous air circulation).
  • Storage: If you’re taking kids, the odds are that there are other things you need to take as well. if so, make sure your trailer has ample storage to fit it all!
  • Straps: You want your little one(s) to be safe while you’re peddling around and unable to cause any harm to themselves (or you), so make sure there are straps to keep them safely in place while out for your ride.

Most Popular: Instep Bike Trailer

Blue towable bike trailer with double seats.

This tow-behind trailer comes in multiple colors and is suitable for toddlers and kids. It is equipped with two seats and straps so that you can safely bring along two little ones with a maximum weight of 80 pounds (or two 40-pound kids). There is an additional 12 pounds of storage in the rear for anything extra you need to bring, along with 16-inch pneumatic tires with molded rims for superior performance and safety. Each kid seat has a five-point harness to keep them in place, as well as a safety flag so that everyone can see you. The frame is designed to fold quickly and easily. There is a bug screen as well as a weather shield and rear vent window to keep your kids protected and comfortable.

Most Popular

InStep Sync Kids Bike Trailer, Tow Behind Child Carrier, Foldable and Compact, Easy Storage, Bug Screen and Weather Shield Canopy, Safety Flag, 16-Inch Wheels, Double Seat, Light Blue

Designed for two kids to be safely towed behind your bike, this trailer is easy to assemble and offers total protection from the elements.

Best Three-in-One: Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Bike Trailer

Blue and reflective silver bike trailer with red safety flag for extra protection.

This trailer is truly designed to be used any way you might like or need. There is a bike connecting bar if you want to hitch it up and take the kids for a ride. There are handlebars and a handle lock brake for pushing the kids around town for a jog. This trailer has a mesh window for protection from bugs and a weather cover, tinted windows, and two interior pockets for holding extra kid things. All four sides have reflectors, and there is a safety flag. The kid foot area has two holes (with grommets) to safely drain any spill or mess, and both seats have a five-point harness. Each wheel has suspension, and the front wheel offers a 360-degree swivel and easily folds to the side when being used as a trailer. The trailer folds flat for easy storage or travel.

Best Three-in-One

Clevr Deluxe 3-in-1 Double 2 Seat Bicycle Bike Trailer Jogger Stroller for Kids Children | Foldable w/Pivot Front Wheel, Blue

Designed to fold flat for easy storage, this trailer can be used behind the bike, as a jogger, or as a simple stroller with lots of added amenities.

Best Stroller: Burley Honey Bee Child Trailer

Red bike trailer with double seats and convenient handle bar.

This trailer is easy to use regardless of whether you want it behind the bike or as a stroller. When used as a stroller, the handle is completely adjustable with a single plastic lever. There is an ample amount of cargo space for just about anything you need to bring along for the adventure, and the trailer folds completely flat for easy transport and storage. It can seat one or two children and has a low center of gravity for added stability. There is a full roll cage (just in case), and the trailer can easily be attached to a bike without the hassle of removing the front wheel. There is a front mesh cover for bug protection and an all-weather cover for any inclement weather.

Best Stroller

Burley Honey Bee, 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller, Red

This stroller trailer combo is comfortable with lots of extra storage space.

Best With Pedals: Burley Trailer Bike

Blue trailercycle behind adult bike for easy new biker learning.

When your child is ready to try and keep up with you, this trailer is ideal for them! This “trailercycle” allows them to learn how to ride while keeping them safely behind you during the trip. The hitch easily and securely attaches to the included Burley Moose Rack and is double locking. The seat and handlebar are both adjustable and can be easily tuned while on the go if needed (although the handlebars require tools). There is also a convenient splash guard for added protection for your kiddo from any water spray from the adult rear tire in front of them. The rack is made of durable steel, is compatible with bicycles that use disks brakes, and the rack can even be convenient for carrying bags when the trailer is not in use.

Best With Pedals

Burley Trailer Bike

This bike trailer allows your child to learn how to bike while keeping them safe behind you.

Best Multi-Sport: Thule Chariot Multisport Trailer and Stroller

Four wheels and convenient handle with reflective sides and smooth gray color stroller/trailer.

This trailer stroller comes in various colors and is available as a single or a double seater. Strolling and biking kits are both included in the purchase, and jogging and skiing kits are also available as a separate purchase so that this multi-sport can be taken just about anywhere! There are five-point safety harnesses with a removable padded seat for easy cleaning in case of a mess and a convenient one-handed recline if your little one falls asleep while on the journey. The handle is also adjustable for your comfort, and the trailer folds flat for easy storage and transport. In addition to everything else, this trailer also has extra-large cargo space, adjustable suspension, added ventilation, and the wheels can be easily stored on the trailer without removal when changing activities.

Best Multi-Sport

Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller

This trailer and stroller combo is ready for just about everything from jogging to biking to even skiing.

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