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The Best Bike Wheel Lights

🕚 Updated May 2022

Without decent lights, cyclists may miss bumps or potholes in the road or debris, and drivers could have trouble seeing them. It doesn't have to be this way! Cover the basics with a headlight and rear light, and if you want to go all out, consider these colorful bike wheel lights.

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  Top Choice Best Valve Cap Brightest Color Best Spoke Lights Best Patterns
LED Bike Wheel Lights
LED Flash Tire Wheel Cap Lights
LED Bike Wheel Lights
Waterproof Bike Wheel Lights
Bike Tire Valve LED Light
Our SummaryA bike while light product that will make your friends envious and the drivers around you aware.These valve cap lights are simple but effective.A pack of two LED bike wheel lights that are so colorful and fun you'll want to start riding that bike of yours again.These LED bike lights simply snap to the spokes of your wheels. The faster you go, the brighter they grow.A bike wheel valve light that creates a stream of brilliant patterns as you move.
ProsWhirling kaleidoscope of color, LED, make great gift, switch modes, for two wheels, batteries and silicone rings included.Innovative and minimalist, waterproof, flash as you ride, stop when you stop, ultra-bright, batteries included, easy to install and both Presta and Schrader valves.14 feet of dazzlingly colorful tubing, micro-LED lights, many color options, battery-powered and can last up to 48 hours, can be cut down.High-strength plastics, fall resistance, waterproof, give you 320 feet of visibility, made for bike spokes, fit both kid and adult bikes, easy to install, runtime of more than 80 hours.15 stunning designs, patterns change, LED light, easy to install, compatible with both Presta and Shrader valves.
ConsTricky and tedious installation.Batteries don't last very long.Doesn't come with the necessary batteries.Not as bright as some might want.Aren't completely visible from all angles.
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The Best Bike Wheel Lights

a bicycle with its wheels lit up.

Buying Guide for Bike Wheel Lights

a bicycle in a dark street with its wheels lit up.

Why buy bike wheel lights?

Bike wheel lights come in a rainbow of colors and designs for kids, adults, bike messengers, professional cyclists—whoever wants them. Another reason to buy bike wheel lights is that they give you more visibility, from almost every angle, in fact. They don’t always make up for a front and rear light, though, so for maximum visibility, be sure you have all your bases covered.

What should you look for in bike wheel lights?

  • Design: Design is something to take seriously with bike wheel lights, as there are a number of variations, and not everyone will like every design. There are lights that install on the outer rims of the spokes. Then there are the LED valve lights which are a simpler approach to creating a colorful bike ride as you only need to install two lights total. There are also lights that come in tubing that can be cut to fit your bike’s wheel size.
  • Color Array: When it comes to bike wheel lights, color is one of the main points! Choose from multicolored, color-changing, and single-colored products. Some bike wheel lights will pulsate based on a motion sensor device.
  • Installation: Of the products we reviewed, all of them appear to be easy to install and require no tools. Many versions must be installed on spokes, some along the rim and others in various locations for you to choose from.

Which additional fun and safe bike accessories should you know about?

To complete the look, check out LED bike frame lights. They come as light strips or tubing to install along the top bar of your bike. You’ll also find LED illuminated bells and colorful front and backlights. All of these accessories with some nice bike wheel lights make for some well-deserved yet safe fun.

Our Picks for the Best Bike Wheel Lights

Top Choice

Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Lights

A bike wheel light that will make your friends envious and the drivers around you aware.

Pros: You’ll be a whirling kaleidoscope of color when you install these LED bike wheel lights and groove on through your neighborhood streets. You have some control over the light display, too. Switch from the “constant on” to the “flashing” mode. The light will help keep you safe. Each package comes with lights for two wheels, six AAA batteries, and the silicone rings you need for installation.

Cons: Installation can be a little tedious and tricky.

Bottom Line: Make biking with family and friends a colorful time with these well-reputed bike wheel lights.


Best Valve Cap

BlueSunshine LED Flash Tire Wheel Cap Lights

These valve cap lights keep the spinning light effect simple but equally effective. Use them on your car or motorcycle.

Pros: These LED-colored light wheel valve caps are truly innovative in design. Rather than bike spoke lights or stringed lights, these valve cap lights have a minimalist style. There’s only one valve per wheel, so that means you get two colored lights for your bike. The 100% waterproof lights don’t switch colors as you ride, but they do flash. When you stop, they stop, saving energy in the long run. It may sound underwhelming, but these ultra-bright lights are impressive and eye-catching. The setup requires three included batteries per light. They’re easy to install on both Presta and Schrader valves.

Cons: A number of users report that the batteries don’t last long. If this is an issue for you, you may want to consider a different product.

Bottom Line: These valve lights aren’t just for bikes, but cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles with inflatable wheels. Get plenty of lights for all of your vehicles: two red, two blue, two green.


Brightest Color

Brightz WheelBrightz LED Bike Wheel Lights

A pack of two LED bike wheel lights that are so colorful and fun you'll want to start riding that bike of yours again.

Pros: You get two 7-foot strands of dazzlingly colorful tubing, each with 20 micro-LED lights and so many color options. Each of your wheels will illuminate the area around you. The LED lights are battery-powered and can last up to 48 hours of colorful glow. Each 7-foot strand can but cut down to size for wheels between 20-29 inches or within the wheel. If you’re dealing with a wheel that’s less than 20 inches, you can weave the excess rope within the spokes.

Cons: This bike wheel light product does not come with batteries.

Bottom Line: These tube bike wheel lights stand out from the others because you get to create your own look by weaving them in and out of your spokes however you like.


Best Spoke Lights

MapleSeeker Waterproof Bike Wheel Lights

These LED bike lights snap onto the spokes of your wheels. The faster you go, the brighter they glow.

Pros: When you turn on these compact LED lights and your riding speed hits 18 miles per hour, they make a complete ring of color. The lights are made of high-strength plastics and can endure a 10-meter (32.8-foot) fall, not that you’d want to test them! They’re also waterproof and sufficiently bright to give you 320 feet of visibility. That’s pretty good! Made for bike spokes, the bike wheel lights fit both kid and adult bikes and are incredibly easy to install. The CR927 button battery required for this product comes with the purchase. Just twist to turn on the light and press to click it into place. A fresh battery gives you a runtime of more than 80 hours.

Cons: These lights aren’t as bright as some wanted them to be.

Bottom Line: Bike wheel lights give you visibility from all kinds of angles, but waterproof bike lights like this promise to protect you all the way home if you get caught in a rainstorm.


Best Patterns

DAWAY Bike Tire Valve LED Light

A bike wheel valve light that creates a stream of brilliant patterns as you move.

Pros: It’s insane how these simple bike wheel valve lights can create such stunning graphic designs with just two lights! As you gain speed, the patterns change and become more complete. Some resemble stars, others flower petals. The 15 graphics change every three seconds. The lights are illuminated by an LED light that runs on three AG13 cell batteries, which come included. The lights are easy to install and compatible with Presta and Shrader valves.

Cons: These bike wheel lights don’t make riders completely visible from all angles. Naturally, cyclists do need front and rear lights for ultimate safety.

Bottom Line: These waterproof bike wheel lights prove that a good design can go a long way. You get two lights with one purchase, batteries included.

Final Thoughts

Bike wheel lights are fun to look at and help keep cyclists safe. If you or your kids love riding your bike, consider getting some bike wheel lights for better safety and better times!

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