The Best Bill Counters for Small Business Owners

A bill counter processing a large stack of bills on a table
Royal Sovereign

When running a business, you must always be accurate in your bookkeeping. With large sums of money, you can easily lose track of all the revenue that you are earning. Bill counters can help simplify the process. They provide you with plenty of accuracy and efficiency when it comes to keeping track of your financials. Here are some we recommend.

What to Look for in a Bill Counter

Listed below are the key features:

  • Speed: You are purchasing a bill counter in the first place because it will help you save time. Most premium devices are incredibly fast in processing large amounts of paper money. This way, you can spend less time counting and more time focusing on essential business operations.
  • Intuitive Technology: Bill counters are now incredibly smart when it comes to detecting counterfeit money and foreign currency. Newer and more modern devices will now alert you when they detect an error.
  • Easy Interfacing: Not only are bill counters incredibly accurate, but they are also easy to use and operate. Many of the most modern units offer simple interfacing that allows you to avoid any potential mistakes or oversights.

Best Overall: Aneken Money Counter

A black and gray bill counter featuring dual LED displays

This is the best overall bill counter when it comes to counterfeit detection and accuracy. It features dual LED displays that provide accurate readings while the device is in use. It can process up to 1,000 bills per minute, with a capacity of 200 bills at a time. It also comes with multiple counting modes for better efficiency and financial accountability.

Best Overall

Aneken Money Counter

Simplify the way you count and organize paper money.

For Multiple Currencies: RIBAO Professional Bill Counter

A gray and white bill counter for processing multiple currencies

This bill counter can handle paper money of different denominations and currencies, including USD, EURO, CAD, and MXN. The device features six different counting modes, helping you sort and organize your paper money with ease. The device is also incredibly compact, allowing you to take it with you anywhere.

For Multiple Currencies

RIBAO Professional Bill Counter

The best bill counter for handling multiple currencies.

Best for Large Capacity: Royal Sovereign Bill Counter

a large bill counter counting bills
Royal Sovereign

This particular device allows you to undergo high-capacity counting with greater ease. It can hold up to 500 bills in the loading hopper, and it features digital controls with a simple interface. This ensures that you can operate the device with incredible efficiency. The counter also includes a three-phase system in place to detect counterfeit bills.

Best for Large Capacity

Royal Sovereign Bill Counter

This particular device can hold up to 500 bills at a time.

Best Budget: DETECK Portable Money Counter

a smaller bill counter with some bills in it

This money counter provides you with a viable alternative to some of the more expensive options. It’s fast, accurate, lightweight, and it features an intuitive detection system for checking the authenticity of your paper bills. It’s easy to move around or take with you as needed. For the amount of money you will spend on this device, you are also receiving a lot of value.

Best Budget

DETECK Portable Money Counter

You don't have to break the bank to obtain a reliable bill counter.

Also Consider: Money Counter Elite by Teraputics

a large and sleek black and gray bill counter

This device is also incredibly effective in accurately counting paper money and detecting counterfeits. It features ultraviolet and infrared sensors for better accuracy when it comes to establishing authenticity. It can count up to 1,200 bills per minute, and it has a user-friendly interface with an LED display.

Also Consider

Money Counter Elite by Teraputics

This bill counter features multiple sensors for better accuracy in counterfeit detection.

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