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The Best Bill Counters

Royal Sovereign
🕚 Updated March 2022

When running a business, you must be accurate in your bookkeeping. With large sums of money, bill counters can simplify the process so you do not lose track of the revenue you earn. Below you will find our top bill counters.

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  Premium Choice Fastest Counter Best Bang for Your Buck Best Design
USA Money Counter with ValuCount
Money Counter Machine With Counterfeit Detection
Business Grade Portable Bill Counter Money Counter with Counterfeit Detection USA/EUR with LED Display
Portable Money Counter Machine
Our SummaryA premium bill counter with the latest counterfeit detection feature.
This impressively fast machine counts more bills per minute than its competitors. An all-around great USA and Euro bill counter that’s affordable and compact.A professional, portable bill counter with two screens for easy viewing.
ProsCounts bills up to 1300 a minute, large LCD screen and buttons, multiple counting modes, ValuCount to select the denomination you want, counterfeit detection using ultraviolet and magnetic sensors, infrared detector catches errors.Counts 1500 bills per minute, features automatic, manual and other modes, large LED display with intuitive control panel for ease of use, UV/MG/IR detection systems can be used at once or separately. Affordable quality bill counter, excellent counterfeit detection device, dual LED displays to provide more accurate readings, processes up to 1000 bills per minute/200 bills at a time, nine different modes, portable and compact.Nine counterfeiting detection methods, 200 hopper capacity, counts 1300 bills per minute, six operation modes, large impeller, front stacker to prevent jamming, two large LCD displays.
ConsMay jam occasionally. Does not have a denomination selection feature. Does not have a denomination selection feature. Comes in a gold tint which may not suit your taste.
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The Best Bill Counters

A bill counter processing a large stack of bills on a table
Royal Sovereign

Buying Guide for Bill Counters

Electronic money counter machine is counting bills.

Why buy a bill counter?

Although many businesses now offer electronic payment to their customers, most brick-and-mortar retail shops accept cash. If you own such a business, you know cash transactions save you money, as there’s no credit card transaction fee. A bill counter can also save money in the long run, as they reduce the risk that you’ll overlook counterfeit notes. Bill counters save you time and hassle, especially when you need to keep track of two payment types.

What should you look for in a bill counter?

  • Speed: You are purchasing a bill counter in the first place because it will help you save time. Most premium devices are incredibly fast in processing large amounts of paper money. This way, you can spend less time counting and more time focusing on essential business operations.
  • Intuitive Technology: Bill counters are now incredibly smart when detecting counterfeit money and foreign currency. Look for models that use UV, MG, and IR for tracking damaged and false notes. Newer and more modern devices will alert you and stop counting when they detect an error.
  • Easy Interfacing: Not only are bill counters incredibly accurate, but they are also easy to use and operate. Many of the most modern units offer simple interfacing to avoid any potential mistakes or oversights. Some have both a fixed and external LCD to increase readability.

How much money should you plan to spend on a bill counter?

The bill counters we reviewed here all tend to run around $100. With speedier bill per minute counting, multi-currency sorting, and superior counterfeit sensors, prices increase. When buying a bill counter, you can expect that more expensive models have more numerous and higher quality features. If you’re a small business that deals with a steady, average amount of cash daily, cheaper models may be just what you need.

Our Picks for the Best Bill Counters

Premium Choice

Cassida 5520 USA Money Counter with ValuCount

A premium bill counter with the latest counterfeit detection feature.

Pros: This business-grade bill counter is one you can rely on for speed and counterfeit detection. It counts up to 1300 bills a minute and is easy to operate with a large LCD screen and large buttons to select, count easily, add, batch, add + batch, or ValuCount modes. Just press the ‘Value’ key and select the denomination you want to count.  Our favorite feature is counterfeit detection. The bill counter uses UV and MG sensors to scan and detect counterfeit bills; when it detects one, the machine stops counting and alerts you about the problems. The IR detector makes counting precise and prevents errors like double-bills and half notes.

Cons: The bill counter jams occasionally.

Bottom Line: The Cassida 5520 is fast, accurate, and easy to move, thanks to its compact size.


Fastest Counter

Kolibri Money Counter Machine With Counterfeit Detection

This impressively fast machine counts more bills per minute than its competitors.

Pros: Well-regarded for its 1500 bills per minute counting capability, this bill counter machine is a time-saver. It offers all the counting modes you need in a quality machine: automatic, manual, count, add, batch, and add + batch. The large LED display and intuitive control panel make changing modes, and tracking bills count easy. Another attractive quality of this bill counter is its multiple detection methods for suspect counterfeit or damaged notes by utilizing UV, MG, and IR detection systems. You can use all three at once or separately.

Cons: Unfortunately, this money counter does not have a denomination selection feature.

Bottom Line: This speedy bill counter comes with incredible counting ability and accessories, on top of that. You get a dust cover and soft-bristled brush to protect the screen and keep it clean.


Best Bang for Your Buck

Aneken Business Grade Portable Bill Counter Money Counter with Counterfeit Detection USA/EUR with LED Display

An all-around great USA and Euro bill counter that's affordable and compact.

Pros: This is one of the best economical bill counters — high-quality for less. It’s a high performer when it comes to counterfeit detection and accuracy. It uses several counterfeiting detection methods to verify thickness, dimension, paper quality, fluorescence analysis, and color-changing ink. The machine features dual LED displays that provide accurate readings while the device is in use. It can process up to 1,000 bills for USA or EUR bills per minute, with a capacity of 200 bills at a time. With nine different modes, you can’t help but increase your financial accountability. The Anekan bill counter is also quite portable with its handy hidden handle, which serves dually to protect the inside of the LED display. It’s common to use the inside edge of a bill counter screen to carry it.

Cons:  It lacks a denomination selection feature, which can be a deal-breaker for some.

Bottom Line: It does so much for so little. This bill counter is smartly designed, user-friendly, speedy, and accurate.


Best Design

XUNHON Portable Money Counter Machine

A professional, portable bill counter with two screens for easy viewing.

Pros: It’s the color gold for a reason. This bill counter offers all the desirable qualities of its competitors, such as nine counterfeiting detection methods, 200 hopper capacity maximum, and high-speed, 1300 bills per minute counting. Additionally, it has six different operation modes, including add and batch count. The XUNHON is built with a bigger impeller and front stacker, which prevent jamming. Unlike other bill counters, the bill counter has two large LCDs, one that rotates 270 degrees and has an external display. Both screens are easy to read, making bill counting even more accurate and less stressful.

Cons: If you’re not a fan of gold-tinted equipment, you may not like the appearance of this bill counter.

Bottom Line: This bill counter is impressive on multiple levels. It comes with a power cord, banknote tester pen, and a cleaning brush.

Final Thoughts

You may be familiar with the phrase, “Time is money.” If you own your business, you may believe this to be true. Using a bill counter can cut down on time, help you be more productive, and provide you with plenty of accuracy and efficiency when keeping track of your financials.

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