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The Best Binder Clips

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When you need to hold a stack of papers together securely, reach for a binder clip. They're sturdier and hold more than typical paper clips or staples, so turn to these binder clips for your school papers or work documents.

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  Amazon Basics
Binder Paper Clip
Binder Clips
Mearun Solar
Binder Clips
Officemate Assorted Size Binder Clips
48 Pieces Colorful Binder Clips
Our SummaryGet 144 reliable clips with this set of 12 boxes of 12 binder clips.Durable and sturdy with a tempered steel and iron design, these are great for a range of uses.Use these bright clips to color-code documents for easy organization.These eye-catching gold binder clips offer a secure hold in assorted sizes.Bring a bit of personal style to your paperwork with these durable and reusable clamps.
ProsTempered steel, incredibly firm grip, fast and simple to attach and remove, good value.Pack of 100, six different sizes, rust-resistant, secures various paper thicknesses, reusable, extra-strong hold.Pack of 100 pastel-colored binder clips, strong frame, rust-proof, made of robust tempered steel, good for color-coding.Elegant variety of 30 gold clips in three sizes, superior holding strength, pretty display for hanging documents.Adorable binder clips, made of durable metal, eight whimsical patterns, 48 total clips in two sizes.
ConsGrip may be too strong for some users.Few large-size clips are included.Color may chip.Most are very small.May not receive pictured designs.
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The Best Binder Clips

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Buying Guide for Binder Clips

Teacher holding pen by hand for checking student homework assignments on desk in school office.

Why buy binder clips?

Due to their varied uses, it’s good to have an adequate supply of binder clips on hand in the classroom, office, and at home. The ability to firmly hold several sheets of paper together is one of the benefits that binder clips have over paper clips. In addition, unlike staples, they keep your papers free from punctures or tears and can be easily removed. To offer extra stability and capacity, the arms can be positioned down against the paper, or one or both arms can be left up to hang the packet on a hook or thumb tack.

What should you look for in binder clips?

  • Size: If there are a lot of papers to keep together or thicker papers, then it’s best to choose a larger binder clip. Think about the paper stacks you’ll need to keep together and pick the size of clips accordingly.
  • Variety: If you typically have items of different sizes to keep together, then a variety pack with different-sized clips to choose from can be a great idea.
  • Design: Some binder clips have cool prints and designs. It doesn’t make them any better, but it might make them more fun to use.
  • Clamp: The clamp should be durable and strong with good elasticity.
  • Handles: Part of what makes binder clips great is that the handle easily folds back to open them or to use them to hang things. A clip doesn’t need to have this, but it is convenient.

What are some other uses for binder clips?

Aside from organizing papers, binder clips have various uses around the home, school, and workplace. For example, you can use them at your desk or workstation to separate and organize power cords and wires. They also can be used to prop up your smartphone or tablet for easy, hands-free viewing. Use them in your pantry in place of plastic chip clips to keep food bags closed and keep the contents safe and fresh. These are just a few clever alternative uses for binder clips. With a little research and imagination, you’re sure to find many more.

Our Picks for the Best Binder Clips

[buyurl=”https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Basics-Binder-Paper-Clip/dp/B074XTRX7K/” award=”Best Value” summary=”Get 96 reliable clips with this set of eight boxes of 12 binder clips. ” title=”Amazon Basics Binder Paper Clip” headline=”More for Less” rank=”1″]Buy on Amazon[/buy]

Pros: These dependable clips have tempered steel construction for an incredibly firm grip. They have a simple black triangle form with silver arms, making them fast and simple to attach and remove. These binder clips are strong and reusable, ready to be used time and again. These eight boxes of 12 clips are perfect for use at home, in the classroom, and in the office.

Cons: Since these are strong binder clips, some users may have difficulty squeezing them open. They may not be the best clips for those with severe carpal tunnel syndrome or similar conditions.

Bottom Line: These Amazon Basics clips are high-quality tools at a good value. In addition to this package option of 96 medium binder clips, three more size and count selections are available.


Best Multi-Size Pack

DSTELIN Binder Clips

Durable and sturdy with a tempered steel and iron design, these are great for a range of uses.

Pros: Coming in a pack of 100 with multiple sizes, these clips are designed not to rust on paper and are great for use around offices, homes, schools, restaurants, or even just for crafts. They can secure a variety of paper thicknesses and are reusable with strong metal clamps and an opaque black finish for an extra-strong hold.

Cons: Almost half of the clips in this package are the smallest size (45 of the 0.6-inch binder clips). There are only two of the largest (2-inch) clips. So this assortment may not be ideal for users who need several large clips.

Bottom Line: Consider these binder clips if you want to stock up on standard clips in various sizes. However, if you need a lot of larger clips, you may want to purchase them separately.


Best Colorful Pick

Mearun Solar Binder Clips

Use these bright clips to color-code documents for easy organization.

Pros: This pack of 100 pastel-colored binder clips includes various sizes and features a strong, classic spring frame. The colors can help make organization easier if you create a color-coding system. These clips are rustproof and made of robust tempered steel.

Cons: The colors on the clips can chip with repeated use, which can be disappointing for users who are concerned with the aesthetic appeal.

Bottom Line: This collection of binder clips is a great option for those who want to organize their documents or other materials by color or want to add a colorful pick-me-up to their work.


Best Golden Clips

OIC Officemate Assorted Size Binder Clips

These eye-catching gold binder clips offer a secure hold in assorted sizes.

Pros: Elegant and efficient, these gold binder clips are great for making a visual statement as well as keeping your paperwork organized and secure. This assortment of 30 clips includes 12 mini, 12 small, and 6 medium clips. These binder clips boast superior holding strength and make a pretty display for any documents you may want to hang on the wall.

Cons: This pack is mostly mini and small sizes, and they’re pretty tiny. Users should think about how they plan to use the clips and decide whether these small ones would suit their needs.

Bottom Line: If you’d like to add a sophisticated, upscale look to your office, school, or artwork, you may like these gold binder clips. While there are medium clips in this package, keep in mind that there are more of the smaller sizes.


Best Patterns

Outus 48 Pieces Colorful Binder Clips

Bring a bit of personal style to your paperwork with these durable and reusable clamps.

Pros: These adorable reusable binder clips are perfect for students, teachers, and those who want to add a little something to smile about to their paperwork. They are constructed of durable metal and designed with eight different whimsical patterns. The package comes with 48 total clips in two sizes.

Cons: The pictured designs may not be exactly what buyers receive.

Bottom Line: These clips are great for those who’d like to bring a bit of personality and cheer to their work and maybe even to their day. These cute clips get the job done with strong metal and a secure hold.

Final Thoughts

Using binder clips can seem to be a mundane part of your day, but choosing the right ones to have on hand is important. You need secure, reliable, easy-to-use clips in a size that meets your needs. And having them in an attractive color or design may be just what you need to brighten your day. We’re sure that one of our recommended binder clip packages will make a useful addition to your work area.

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