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The Best Binder Dividers for Better Organization

Three different views of bind dividers with various colors and tabs.

Being organized is an important trait, and you can start practicing in school by dividing your schoolwork into sections. Binder dividers protect your pages and are a great way to distinguish your classes while keeping your homework secure.

Binder dividers come in different colors, various tabs sizes, and the number of tabs varies as well. Regardless of your preference, we have come up with the best dividers that will suit your needs and keep you organized for the whole school year.

Choosing the Right Binder Dividers

Consider these factors when choosing the right binder dividers:

  • Tabs & Style Preference: If you like a simple and minimalistic divider, then an all-white, five-tab divider should do the trick. Others are super colorful and usually come with tabs to help you better distinguish each section. Some tabs are numbered, others can be written on, erased, and reused, and there are others that can be inserted with labels.
  • Other Features: Pockets help students who want to keep their homework close to their assigned divider, but not all binder dividers have pockets. The size of the tabs is important as well. We have mentioned that tabs come in various styles, but if you have a large binder, consider larger tabs for better clarity.

Best Overall: AVERY 8-Tab Plastic Pocket Dividers

A binder with green dividers sitting on a desk.

The people at AVERY make more than labels, but their organizational products are so well known it’s no wonder why we chose their eight-tab plastic pocket dividers as the best overall. Their big tabs can be purchased in sets of eight or five and feature plenty of style options. The sturdy pockets provide extra storage, and the reinforced holes are tear-resistant, so the dividers will stand up to everyday use.

Best Overall

AVERY 8-Tab Plastic Pocket Dividers

These binder dividers come with double pockets so you can keep your documents close by.

Best Bang for Your Buck: AVERY 12-Tab Binder Dividers

A pack of dividers with colorful tabs that are labeled 1 through 12.

These tabs are preprinted on vibrant multicolor tabs with numbers 1 through 12, so you can organize your documents quickly and easily. It’s an affordable option that features heavyweight paper with double-sided reinforced holes and extended tab reinforcements that provide extra durability. It also comes with a table of contents section that you can print your own section titles on so you will never forget where everything goes.

Best Bang for Your Buck

AVERY 12-Tab Binder Dividers

You can use these dividers in a portrait orientation or turn them over for landscape use.

Most Durable: WOT I 5-Tab Plastic Dividers

Three different colored binder dividers.

If you are looking for durable binder dividers that you can use year after year, then we recommend these five-tab plastic dividers. Each tab divider comes with one front transparent pocket that provides storage for loose papers. The large tabs make it easy to organize and allow twice as much writing space as standard divider tabs. It also comes in a variety of multicolor options, and they can be bought in different sets.

Most Durable

WOT I 5-Tab Plastic Dividers

These colorful tabs are super robust and come in a variety of color styles.

Best with Large Tabs: Five Star Binder Dividers

An open divider showcasing red dividers with labeled tabs.
Five Star

For the best large tabs, we like this five-tab binder divider from Five Star. The pack features five dividers with colored tabs to easily color-code by subject, a sturdy construction that ensures you will have these dividers all year, and dividers with three hole punches to easily insert in your binder. You can write on the tabs on the wipe-off surface, allowing you to reuse the dividers for next year and the year after that.

Best with Large Tabs

Five Star Binder Dividers

These large tabs can be washed and reused, so they will get you through many years of school.

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