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The Best Bindings for Your Snowboard

Snowboard bindings are a crucial aspect of the snowboarding experience. The bindings not only keep your feet locked in place as you ride but actually help you to steer. The bindings essentially translate your shifts in muscle movement to the board, which allows you to turn and brake as needed. More often than not, snowboards will come with bindings already installed. However, if you’ve bought a snowboard that doesn’t include bindings, has bindings that aren’t compatible with your snowboarding boots, or you need to replace the ones you already have, you’ll have to purchase your snowboard bindings separately. Here are a few we recommend.

What Should You Consider in Snowboard Bindings?

Here are a few things to think about before buying snowboard bindings:

  • Board Type: Since there are several different types of snowboards based on the terrain and place you ride it, there are also several different kinds of bindings to match. These include park, freestyle, all-mountain, and freeride bindings. Park and freestyle bindings are for people who ride in terrain parks and perform tricks. They’re flexible, easier to turn and land, and allow more room for errors. All-mountain bindings work on any terrain. Freeride bindings are for steep hills and powdery snow, are very responsive, and energy transferable for more speed. You’ll want to pick the type of bindings that match your snowboard type (all-mountain bindings for an all-mountain snowboard, etc.).
  • Compatibility: You’ll want to make sure your bindings are compatible with your snowboard boots so that they move together properly. As such, you’ll want to make sure that your bindings and your boots have similar if not identical levels of flexibility, aka flex. If you have soft flex snowboard boots, which will have a lower flex rating, you’ll want soft flex bindings. Stiffer bindings will be for more rigid boots with a higher flex rating. Generally, park or freestyle bindings will have a softer flex, freeride bindings will be the stiffest, and all-mountain bindings are medium flex for all-purpose use. Beginners will want to opt for a soft flex option. Almost all bindings will come in small, medium, and large sizes, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s chart and see which will best fit your respective shoe size, too.
  • Type: There are three main types of snowboard bindings: strap-ins, rear-entry, and Burton step-ons. Straps-ins are more or less the standard, as they’re easy to use, responsive, and very secure. All you have to do is slide your foot in, tighten the straps, and you’re ready to ride. Rear-entry bindings have a pop-open highback, which allows you to slide your foot into the strap, and then close the highback onto your boot. These bindings are recognizable by the single strap at the toe and their reinforced highback. Burton step-ons require Burton Step-On boots to use, but they’re the quickest of the three models. Simply slide your boot on and click the heel into place.

Top Choice: Chamonix Macon Snowboard Bindings

This set of bindings is secure, comfortable, and adjustable all in one. The 3D-profile ankle strap and toe cap will have your feet feeling snug and secure as you’re riding down the mountain or hitting the park. Both straps can be adjusted in size to better fit your feet and ensure you stay fastened in place. The toe and heel base plate padding help add to your feeling of comfort, especially on landings, while the traditional metal ratchets increase the bindings’ security. They have a medium flex, ideal for beginner, intermediate, and expert snowboarders alike, and suitable for just about any terrain. These are compatible with 2 x 4 and 4 x 4 mounting patterns.

Top Choice

Chamonix Macon Snowboard Bindings Mens Sz M Black

Secure and comfortable snowboarding bindings suitable for all experience levels and terrains.

Best for Kids: 5th Element Kids’ Snowboard Bindings

If you have a child wanting to start snowboarding and you’re not sure where to begin with buying their equipment, these bindings have all the features any kid needs to start learning, plus they’ll keep up with them as they become more advanced. They’re safe and secure for your peace of mind, thanks to the toe strap and easily adjustable, tool-less ankle strap. The convertible toe strap can also be adjusted to fit any boot. EVA foam padding on the base plate and highback keeps your child’s feet cushioned and comfortable and reduces vibrations and jolts to keep them more stable as they ride. The highback padding also makes it easier for your child to make heelside turns. The bindings are soft flex, perfect for beginners, and accommodating to any errors. The oversized ratchets are designed for your convenience, so you can get your child’s boots in and out quickly without wasting time and effort.

Most Color Options: Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings

If you want snowboard bindings that match your snowboard and the rest of your gear or simply want a little pop of color, these bindings are an excellent choice. There are four different color options, three of which are multicolored. The canted highback design is deliberately constructed to follow the natural contours of the ankles and calves to provide a better fit and offer better control and comfort. The highback also has a zero-degree forward vertical lean that gives you a more relaxed feel for additional comfort. The base plate is a single component to provide a more consistent response and feeling as you ride, regardless of the terrain. The mid-range flex is also suitable for just about any terrain. The FullBed EVA cushioning helps to reduce your fatigue, while the B3 gel cushioning won’t harden in cold temperatures, built to withstand constant impact without breaking. The flex mounting system increases the board’s flex and reduces its weight, and it’s universally compatible with all current snowboard mounting systems. These are available in four sizes.

Most Color Options

BURTON Malavita Snowboard Bindings Mens Sz L (10+) Frost

Colorful snowboard bindings that are compatible with all current mounting systems.

Best for Freestyle Boards: Burton Freestyle Snowboard Bindings

If you’re a snowboarder who prefers a freestyle board over any other kind, these bindings will be the perfect choice for you. The smooth flexing is ideal for freestyle boards, improves your board’s flex and feel without weighing it down, and is compatible with all current snowboard mounting systems. Available in five different sizes and three color options, these bindings have a fully equipped underfoot cushioning system to give you the most comfort possible and reduce your risk of foot fatigue. There’s also a trapdoor function along the bottom for quick and easy access to the mounting hardware. The single-component base plate construction is made of one material instead of several, which gives you a more consistent feeling and response, regardless of the terrain you’re riding on. The highback construction is also a single component, providing a more immediate response and letting you manipulate your snowboard’s flex profile.

Best for Freestyle Boards

Burton Freestyle Mens Snowboard Bindings Sz M (8-11) Pink/Black

Highly compatible bindings designed for freestyle boards with a trapdoor along the bottom for easy access to the mounting hardware.

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