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The Best Bird Boxes You Can Buy

Interested in bird watching from your backyard or kitchen window? Many species of birds would love to call your space their new home. Adding a bird box to your garden is a lovely way to add birds to your ecosystem. Here are some options we recommend.

What to Look for in a Bird Box

Certain elements make bird boxes ideal for a bird to nest in:

  • Construction: The best bird boxes are made of untreated wood (preferably cedar, cypress, or pine). Screws will offer the best seal.
  • Weather-Safe: Sloped roofs that hang over the edge allow for rain to slide right off. Recessed floors keep nests from getting wet, and drainage holes allow any rain that gets in to drain right out.
  • Temperature Regulation: Thick walls keep nests insulated, while ventilation holes are necessary for airflow.
  • Protection Against Predators: Perches, though common in birdhouses, are unnecessary and can sometimes be a welcome mat for predators. For good protection against predators that might be in your area, choose bird boxes with good coverage, small entrance holes, and sturdy construction.

Best Overall: Wild Wings Cedar Blue Bird Box House

This bird box is made from insect-resistant and rot-resistant premium cedarwood. It has air vents to allow for proper air ventilation through the walls and floor. This ventilation is essential for birds to make this box their home. With easy access through the opening door, it is easy to clean out between broods. The entrance hole has a predator guard to keep nesting birds safe from potential threats.

Best Overall

Wild Wings WWCH3 Cedar Blue Bird Box House

This well-made cedar bird box is ready for safe bird nesting.

Best Observation Box: ColorfulLaVie Window Bird House

This bird box is perfect for watching nesting birds from your house. It comes with two powerful suction cups to easily attach to any window, so you can have an up-close-and-personal look at your new flying neighbor. The single-sided design makes for easy observation from your living room or kitchen window. The plain wooden design is weatherproof and easy to jazz up with paint. This bird box is perfect for kids, families, and anyone who wants a daily look into a bird’s nest.

Best Eco-Friendly Option: Chuanglian-Bird Hut Handwoven Bird Huts

This set of three bird boxes are hand-woven from natural materials. They are environmentally friendly and durable. The rough surface makes entering and exiting easy for the birds and provides a natural drainage system and ventilation so that birds can live easily in their new, beautiful home. This package comes in three fun shapes: two teardrops and one three-story option. Each is simple yet elegant with a rustic style that will feel like it always belonged when added to your backyard garden.

Best for Owls: Uncle Dunkel’s Premium Screech Owl House

This bird box’s exterior is designed to look like a weathered barn to be welcoming to screech owls. Made by hand from solid pine tongue and groove boards assembled with rustproof screws and waterproof glue, this bird box can withstand all intense weather. The outer stain is wildlife-friendly. Coming with extra pine shavings for nesting, this bird box will make a perfect home for a screech owl. It even comes with screws and washers for easy installation.

Best for Owls

Uncle Dunkels Premium Screech Owl House; Rustic Handmade Owl Nesting Box

This handmade screech owl box is durable, easy to install, and beautiful.

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